Why Women Should Take Up Boxing

Why every woman should ry boxing

The sport of boxing is combative, aggressive in nature and is very much considered a masculine sport, not suitable for women. 

Now, you may ask this question, “is boxing good for women?” Well, diminishing these stereotypes of keeping boxing exclusive to men. An increasing number of women are now putting on boxing gloves every day. All with good reasons behind it! 

From burning calories for weight reduction to gaining muscle strength, stamina, agility and even learning self-defense. 

If you are a woman, joining a boxing gym or taking part in class, it can truly benefit you. Read on below and find out how boxing helps women? 

It’s not always about fighting with opponents   

Why women should take up boxing

There’s a big misconception when women ask about taking up boxing training to me, and that relates to having to fight someone in a ring. 

If women think this is what you have to do, the vast majority write it off. The fact is you don’t have to fight/spar anyone unless you don’t want to. You can just partake in the boxing training of the sport. (You won’t get punched in the face…unless you want to!)

A big part of the sport is the art of movement, helping the muscles in you to move in great syncnicity. I always find women to have tremendous footwork and coordination. As let’s face it, women are much better dancers than men!

Boxing teaches you to use the mind and body together, while both factors remain in coordination. This is a primary focus for many boxing gyms’ training sessions and is used as a tool for sculpting your body and focussing at the same time. E.g. throwing a punch combination while moving. 

It also helps with one’s emotional wellbeing too. Let’s go over some mentionable perks of joining a boxing gym or class.

Benefits That Boxing Offers to Women

1. Boxing Means Fat Burning and Increase in Endurance

Jogging on a treadmill for an hour and achieving your workout goals is nothing but a myth. But, if you can include anaerobic (jumping, weight lifting, or sprinting) and aerobic exercises (jogging, walking, or biking) in your workout routine, visible results are achievable much quicker!

Aerobic exercises will improve your blood flow and develop endurance. Your muscle mass will be maintained by anaerobic exercises while it’s also effective in burning fat as well. Hopefully now you can understand how effective the combination of these two will be for your health. By doing both of them together, you will develop your cardiovascular endurance while preserving your muscles and losing unnecessary body fat.  

While practicing boxing means you are committing 20 to 30 percent aerobic and 70 to 80 percent anaerobic exercises; it can give you positivity on both sides, stopping the requirements of doing too many different activities in your workout schedule. 

2. Boxing Will Tone Your Muscles

Many women often feel reluctant to do strength training because of a fear that it will make them look more muscular and bulkier. 

Well, you don’t have to have that problem from boxing training as it does build up your strength. While not turning you into the incredible hulk!

As boxing training is repetitive, you will gain a natural strength, which will tone your muscles over time. Thus making them look a lot slimmer and leaner. 

Just look at top professional boxers, men and women for examples of this. It’s no wonder so many celebrities and models participate in boxing training for their training. 

3. Your Entire Body will be Working Out

You have probably seen a boxing fight on TV before and only seen them throw punches and assume the idea that boxing is just about upper body workouts. Well this is only the tip of the iceberg.  

Once you start training you will be doing moves like bobbing, weaving and rolling under  punches. These are highly beneficial for your glutes and thighs, while during the training. Your core muscles will always be engaged when making these movements too.

Building up a strong core is yet another aspect that often gets neglected by most women. Boxing however, will help you build a strong core foundation of every physical punch and movement you perform in training. 

When boxing encompasses most of the necessary workouts like high-intensity training, cardiovascular training, and strength training. It becomes an all-inclusive fitness solution for all women inclined to stay fit and in shape. 

Even many renowned celebrities regularly practice boxing to maintain their bodies. Watch this YouTube video to be acquainted with famous Canadian actress Shay Mitchell’s boxing workout routine.   

4. Very Valuable for Mental Health          

Open your internet browser and read about women professional boxers like Lucia Rijker, Lila Ali, or Amanda Serrano. Apart from their professional success, the common thing they all share is confidence. Practicing boxing can really build up your confidence, enabling you to have a victorious mindset both inside and outside the ring.

Women are blessed with the natural ability of caregiving. Sometimes, keeping others’ interests before themselves, they forget that they need care as well. Boxing can be an exquisite tool for self-care. Regardless of the kind of physical activity you are going through, they all bring emotional and psychological satisfaction.

When you practice boxing, you are lowering your stress level, promoting a good mood by releasing endorphins. You will also no doubt be setting yourself up towards a good night’s sleep. 

Like everyone we all have our own sets of anger and frustrations, which we want to wipe out from our minds. But we can’t just take it out on anyone and everyone. 

As soon as you have a punch bag in front of you ready to get pummelled, believe me; it can really do wonders!

Boxing Gear Required for Training and Fighting  

Why women should take up boxing

Boxing is considered a combat sport, and a lot of the gear that is required can cost a bit of money particularly if you want to fight.

For standard training sessions, you will need

If you plan on training at home or by yourself I highly recommend you get a heavy bag or free standing punch bag to practice with. It also might be worth participating in an online boxing course so you can learn the fundamentals properly. FightCamp online boxing training course in particular is a very good training program from home. 

If you plan on training for a fight against someone, you will need extra protective boxing gear, like mouth guards, headgear and a groin guard.  

Check out my articles on gear you need for boxing here and what to wear for boxing training.

Difference between Men and Women Boxing 

The majority boxing rules are the same for both male and female boxers. The main difference resides in how long the rounds are. 3 minutes a round for men and 2 minutes a round for women.

In terms of getting into boxing  most women (almost 80% of them) get into boxing, having an educational approach in mind. It would be more precise to say that most women tend to focus on aspects like fitness, weight loss, and self-defense.

However, with more women taking up the sport, big boxing promotional outfits like Matchroom, are putting more female fighters as headliners as co main events with men more than ever before! With many boxing fans more interested in top female fights than men’s fights in some cases. It’s great to see women’s boxing growing and getting more popular.

Other combat sports women can opt for

It can be challenging to choose if boxing is the right fit for you, but personally I think it is a great starting option in any combat sports.  

Fitness boxing aims to enhance your overall health and well-being.  As boxing is a combat-centric sport, it also encompasses mastering and learning different techniques and skills which can be a fun process.  

Currently, many women are taking up combat sports in other mixed martial arts first, including French savate style boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Karate or Jiu jitsu first. Which might pick your fancy more. 

Boxing Training best For Women

Why women should take up boxing

If the fighting part does not interest you in the slightest. There are alternative boxing classes that are specially designed for female participants.

All of them are currently used by a galore of women from all across the world to keep fit and active. They are mostly designed to improve your endurance and strength by increasing your heart rate through repetitiveness full on training sessions – similar to a HIT class which is high interval training. 

Many of these are flexible in terms of what you will learn and can include extra footwork drills as well. 

  • Cardio Boxing – builds up endurance and physical stamina using boxing techniques 
  • Boxfit and Boxercise – an amalgamation of traditional interval training and boxing
  • Self-Defense boxing classes – where along with self-defense, learners learn physical and mental conditioning of how to throw punches. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall I can’t recommend starting boxing enough! Once you start and it can be hard to walk away from it. Even from a fitness point of view as you start to see results quickly it can keep you fit and healthy! 

I highly recommend you check out my 10 steps on how to start a boxing article for more inspiration. 

Let me know in the comments below if you will consider taking up boxing? 

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