What To Wear For Boxing Training

what to wear for boxing

Now this is a question I get a lot from boxing beginners or those taking part in their first class or training session – “What should I wear for boxing?” To help you out I’ve come up with a list of key clothing you should consider wearing and also some additional extras gear tips to help you feel prepared and confident.

What to wear

First off, what you wear in my opinion is not the most important thing when boxing, however you do need to wear something that is practical and comfortable for you as you train. Another factor is whatever you do wear can make you feel more confident as you train – so make sure to wear something you like!


When deciding what top to wear to a boxing class, it important that you wear something that will stay in place and is not too loose. This is because you will be wearing boxing gloves and trust me it will be hard to tuck in clothes once you have them on or you feel they are bothering you. There will be a lot of moving around and also a lot of sweating!

For men, ideally you should wear a tighter sports tech t-shirt or tank top in my opinion, you can even wear a compression top to help with the extra sweat you will be producing.

For women, a sports bra is vital as you will be doing a lot of upper body movement and even a sports tech top is fine to wear if that’s what makes you feel comfortable. (I was advised by my girlfriend!)


You won’t just be throwing punches as you practice boxing – you will be doing burpees, jumping rope, squatting so you don’t want your shorts to fall down and have yourself in an embarrassing situation!

For men, you’ll want to wear comfortable sport shorts, along with compression shorts or leggings to help with sweat or if you are worried your shorts will fall loose

For women, workout shorts or leggings are acceptable for most sports and you will have no problem wearing these for boxing training.

Shoes and Socks

In terms of the footwear, you can purchase boxing shoes for your first session, but regular sports shoes will be fine to use for your first few boxing sessions.

If you find yourself enjoying boxing and are planning on taking it up for the long term, I would recommend you get yourself pair of decent boxing shoes. This is because they will help provide the proper support for the type of movements and footwork you will be doing. I also recommend you get yourself a few good sets of sport or compression socks as you will be doing a lot or repetitive movements this will provide comfort and reduce chance of blisters.


Boxraw boxing handwrap

This is something a lot of beginners forget about getting! If you don’t want sore hands or knuckles after your boxing session make sure to get yourself a pair of decent hand wraps and learn how to wrap them up properly!

Check out this great video by Expert Boxing on how to wrap you hands properly

You can also get hand wrist gel wraps which are a lot easier to put on for beginners, but would always recommend traditional wrap to give your wrist and hands the proper support.

My Personal Favorites


BOXRAW makes some of the finest boxing clothing and accessories for passionate boxers around the world. Collaborating with the greatest champions and athletes, they accompany any boxing journey, whether it’s to strengthen your fitness, grow your confidence, or become a world champion. They have great range of training clothes for men and women.

Get $/£15 off BOXRAW when you spend $/£55 or more – use the link here to apply at checkout.


FGHTR is a brand made by fighters, for fighters. They design apparel and training tools for fighters who live their passion and want to show the world who they truly are! Whatever the martial art you are practicing (muay thai, mma, boxing, kickboxing etc.), they will have something that will suit your fighter lifestyle.

Get 10% off FGHTR gear when you use the link here – discount will be applied at checkout

Extra Boxing Gear for you to consider

Boxing Gloves – now most boxing clubs or studios will usually have their own boxing gloves you can borrow, however I’m not going to lie, a lot of these gloves have a horrible dry sweat smell as they been used by many people. I would definitely consider getting your own pair of gloves and learn how to look after them. You can see all my boxing glove reviews here or you might want to look at my recommend gloves for beginners here.

Boxing Shoes – as mentioned further above, if you are planning on taking up boxing for a while you may want to consider getting yourself a pair of boxing shoes, generally these are better for the type of pivot movements you make compared to traditional training shoes that can have too much grip. Check out my ultimate boxing shoes article here for some great options.

Mouth Guard – if you plan on eventually sparring you will need to get yourself a mouth guard to protect you teeth. I highly recommend you check out SafeJawz here who have some awesome mouth guard options.

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Let us know in the comments below what you wear to boxing training or if you have any recommended sporting brands.

Thanks for reading!

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