Weekend Fight Preview: Spence Jr Vs Garcia

Spence Jr vs Garcia

Spence Jr VS Garcia - ITV

This week I’ve seen a lot of interesting views and predictions on the outcome of Errol Spence Jr vs Mikey Garcia. The two undefeated fighters will go head-to-head this weekend at the A&T stadium in Texas and is shaping to be one of the most interesting fights so far this year.

To start off, I want to focus on Garcia and the challenge that he has set himself up for this weekend. Mikey is moving up from lightweight to welterweight for first time, this is a big jump in weight from 135 Ibs to 147lbs. Not only that, Mikey will have to face a much bigger opponent in Spence Jr who is more natural at that weight group and has fought at this weight for most of his career. It makes me questions why Mikey has taken this fight when you see the size difference. (see below)

Spence Jr & Garcia size difference

But to get one thing straight here, Mikey is a world-class and elite fighter. I have a massive amount of respect for him jumping up and challenging the bigger man – He is daring to be great. In terms of his advantages over the Texan, I feel he will be a lot quicker overall than Spence Jr. He will need to use his intelligent footwork movement around the ring to try to counter him from angles. However, whether Mikey Garcia can hurt or even make Spence respect his punching power is something we will have to wait and see on the night.

Tom Gray from The Ring Magazine makes some good points below on why he thinks Garcia will do a job on Saturday night:

The following prediction is my own. These are not the views of @ringmagazine. Balls to the wall, I’m picking Mikey Garcia with confidence. Bring it on! ???????? #SpenceGarcia #boxing pic.twitter.com/VUmmQy5aMW

— Tom Gray (@Tom_Gray_Boxing) 11 March 2019

For Errol Spence Jr this is by no doubt his biggest and most talented opponent to date. He will be fighting in his home city of Texas and the pressure will be on him to perform on the night. I personally don’t think this will affect him as he seems a very confident and collected individual who thrives off the pressure (in and outside the ring). It will be more interesting to see if he gets easily frustrated by Garcia’s tactics or if his own intelligent pressure and physical presence will be enough to get a straight forward win.

I think Spence Jr’s ring IQ has also been played down a lot for this fight because of who he is facing and the Garcia camp can’t take this granted or they will be in for a big wake up call. The other potential advantage (or disadvantage) could be his southpaw stance which may also cause Mikey some issues throughout the bout.

Errol Spence against Lamont Peterson

My prediction – Unfortunately I just can’t see Mikey Garcia pulling off a win here, some are envisaging a possible Duran vs Leonard 1 outcome where the smaller and arguably more talented man will do a job. Another prediction comparison I’ve seen on social media is something closer to the Golovkin vs Brook outcome. The bigger man proving too much for a smaller man who shows glimmers of competitiveness. I’m not trying to compare Garcia to Brook at all, but more pointing to the jump up in weight/size being the issue for him into the later rounds. Spence Jr intelligent pressure and punching power should be enough to defend his belt and undefeated record. Spence Jr. TKO

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Enjoy the fight!

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