Venum Impact Boxing Gloves Review

Venum Impact Gloves Review

In this review I’ll be looking at Venum Impact Boxing Gloves. I will give you my own experience of using the gloves along with my thoughts on the Venum brand, design, features and the pros/cons.

About Venum

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Firstly here is some background on the brand. Venum are one of the top mixed martial arts companies in the world. They are notably known for their fighter accessories including; headgear, apparel, punch bags.  but mainly their impressive range of boxing glove options.

For me Venum are creating some of the best boxing gloves on the market in recent years. They are quickly becoming one of the go to brands for those training in boxing or mixed martial arts. With the likes of boxing ambassadors Vasyl Lomachenko and Jorge Linares now wearing Venum gloves and gear. Venum has established itself as a go to for fight equipment and gear. 

Glove Design 

Venum Impact Gloves Review

The Venum Impact Gloves have been around for a few years now and are one of the most popular choices to go for. These gloves have been created with a triple density foam which makes them an ideal choice for protecting your hands. 

Like with most of the Venum Gloves, the Impact’s wrist has a long cuff to improve protection, but can be loose for some. 

In terms of the palm of the hand, Venum actually has two versions of glove. One with a mesh panel near the grip bar and one with ventilation holes. My Impact gloves have the holes (see further below). Either way I recommend you check out my tips on how to clean your gloves here.

These are an all purpose glove with the padding on the open hand of gloves, making it suitable for those that parry punches and practice Muay Thai or kickboxing too. This is also used to help shock absorption to give you maximum protection and provide reinforcement for the overall glove.

My Experience

venum impact glove review

From using them I’ve found they are perfect all round gloves for using on most equipment such as punch bags, pads and  even for sparring. 

I personally think these gloves are more suited for boxers or those wanting to just focus on striking. In comparison with the Venum Elite Gloves I have also used, these definitely feel slightly more comfortable in the impact zone. Which makes sense with the name now! 

The wrist / cuff area is also a bit tighter with the Impact in my opinion and has a strong Velcro strap. While the thumb thumb area of the glove is also comfortable which feels slightly bigger and less tighter than the Elite Gloves.

I would say the newer version  Impacts have been created with slightly more quality with seams and stitching looking a lot better than previous models. It’s not stated if the gloves they have been made in Thailand like most of their other gloves. However, going by my Impact gloves recent upgrades I’d like to think Venum have wanted to improve this. 

I’m also impressed with my version of the glove where the print of the leather almost looks like velvet snakeskin – pretty cool! 

Personally I think they look a lot better than the similar Venum Elite gloves – but each to their own!  


The Impact Gloves have been created Premium PU synthetic leather, which I actually think feel ok compared to some other brands out there. 

As mentioned earlier above, it has been created with triple density foam which is focussed around the impact absorption while you strike the heavy bag etc. 

The inside of the glove has a thick nylon type fabric to help the gloves last and to not deteriorate too quickly. 


I have to admit, this has to be one of my favourite glove designs by Venum. Generally, I think it looks a lot better than some of their other glove design choices.

The impact comes in a whole range of different colour designs and styles which give you plenty of options to choose from. 

I personally went for the khaki and black option of the glove which I really like. Here are some visuals below of my own gloves or check out on Amazon here to see more versions of the Impact gloves.

Feature Overview

  • Premium PU. 
  • Triple density foam for a better absorption. 
  • Reinforced palm.
  • Full attached thumbs to provide a better protection. 
  • Reinforced seams.
  • Large Velcro enclosure with strap. 
  • Longer cuffs. 

Pros and Cons of the Venum Impact Gloves

Better suited glove for boxersCould deteriorate quickly on the inside of the glove if not looked after proper
Your hands feel very comfortable and protected Better glove options for paying a little more (Venum Giants)
Cool design and lots different options to choose from 
Secure wrist strap system
Slightly cheaper than the Venum Elites

Final Thoughts

Overall I personally think the impact is a great option for a beginner who plans on just doing boxing training or striking. I’d recommend you check out my review on the Elite Gloves if you are also training for kickboxing / Muay thai etc. 

Overall I’m big fan of how this glove has been constructed by Venum, and it ticks a lot of boxes for me in terms of overall design. 

I have slightly bigger hands than most for example and can be tight fit with some gloves. With the Impacts it feels comfortable for both my thumbs and hands. 

Boxing Life’s Rating:

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Thanks for reading!

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