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Venum Elite boxing Gloves review | boxing life

In this review I’ll be looking at very popular Venum Elite Boxing Gloves. I will give you my own experience of using the gloves along with my thoughts on the Venum brand, design, features and the pros/cons.

The Venum Brand 

First up here is some background on the brand. Venum are one of the top mixed martial arts brands in the world and are specifically known for their fighter accessories including headgear, apparel, punch bags, but mainly their impressive range boxing glove options.

For me Venum are creating some of the best boxing gloves on the market in recent years and are quickly becoming one of the go to brands for those training  in boxing or mixed martial arts. With the likes of boxing ambassadors Vasyl Lomachenko and Jorge Linares now wearing Venum gloves and gear, the brand has established itself as a go to for fight equipment and gear. 

Glove Design

The Elite gloves by Venum have quickly become one the first gloves considered by many newcomers. due to the popular and high amount of positive reviews you will see across the web – and I don’t blame them for their choice!

Handmade and assembled in Thailand, the Elites have been made for those looking for a set of gloves you can use regularly without them deteriorating in short period.

This can happen all too often to most cheaper gloves if used too often and not looked after. Venum countered this by using a synthetic premium semi leather which makes them easy wipe down after training and last a long time. (Check out my blog tips on how to clean your gloves here).  

These gloves are definitely an all purpose glove with the padding on the open hand of gloves, making it suitable for those that parry punches and practice Muay Thai or kickboxing too. This is also used to help create more reinforcement for the overall glove so it gives you maximum protection. 

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves review

My Experience

When using the Elites, the impact zone has been created with a robust three layer multi-density foam which makes you feel very comfortable and protected whilst striking. This is ideal if you are training on the heavy bag or even sparring to help reduce the risk of injury occurring.

Finally their hook-and-loop velcro strap does feel very secure around the wrist despite it being looser than traditional boxing gloves due to being an all purpose glove. The thumb is also attached to the main body of the glove which does have slight flexibility to move it. I felt these gloves to be quite compact and short (stubby), with the majority of the weight of the glove around the striking zone. 

I would have to say Elites have been created with a quality finish and this glove will suit anyone looking to get started in boxing with a solid ergonomic all round design.

A couple of criticisms for me personally is that as someone with big hands. The thumb area of the glove is a bit small for me and I probably prefer the Venum Impact feel instead.

Nonetheless, you won’t be disappointed if you are looking for a glove that will offer you very good protection.


The Elites have been created with a flexible and resistant PU envelope synthetic leather made in Japan (some models), a blend of natural multi-density foams and reinforced seams, which helps each impact be optimally absorbed by the Elite gloves.


For me personally they are not visually the most pleasant glove by Venum as they have printed the Venum brand text instead of their snake logo for the main part of the glove. 

They have instead given buyers lots of color options to choose from, making it ideal if you were wanting it match with your training gear or just have your favourite color. I personally went with a 14oz Khaki green and black version of the glove. 

Here are some visuals below of my own gloves or check out on Amazon to see more versions of the Elites.

Feature Overview 

  • Japanese PU
  • 3 layers of natural foam
  • Attached thumb: better protection against injuries
  • Anatomical shape / Grip
  • Optimized metacarpal protection
  • Reinforced seams: durability
  • Wide Velcro closure: precise hold and fit
  • Long cuff: protection and stability of the wrist 
  • Embossed Venum 3D logo
  • Fully assembled and hand-stitched in Thailand

Pros and Cons of the Venum Elite Gloves

A great starting glove for beginnersSynthetic leather might feel to plasticy for some
Brilliant protection for your hands Thumb area is quite small (Should be fine for those with small/medium hands) 
Very comfortable to wear when striking Simple design
Lots of color options to choose 
Secure wrist strap system

Final Thoughts

The Venum Elite definitely do the job in terms of protecting your hand on impact  are really good boxing gloves for beginners as they can be used for all types of training including the heavy bag or for more advanced boxers for sparring.

I found the shock resistance to be fantastic with the Elites and definitely make you feel you can smash the heavy bag harder without the fear of injury. 

For me personally with quite big hands, I feel the thumb area was too small compared to Venum Giants or Impact gloves, so would maybe go for 16oz if you are planning on purchasing these. 

Boxing Life’s Rating


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Thanks for reading!

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