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Twins Boxing Gloves Review

In this review, I will be looking at the highly rated Muay Thai Twins Special Boxing Gloves. I will give you my own experience of using these brilliant all-round use gloves along with my thoughts on the Twins brand, design, features and the pros/cons.

I will be giving examples of the BGVLA2 AirFlow version of the gloves which I have used. However I will discuss the BGVL3 version as they are pretty much identical with some very slight design differences. 

About Twins Special 

Twins Special are one of biggest Muay Thai boxing equipment retailers and manufacturer based in Thailand who are globally renowned. They consider themselves to be “Thailand’s Boxing equipment specialists”, with their famous boxing gloves being a go to option for many mixed martial artists.

As they are Muay Thai brand originally, they understand there are many other brands out there looking to create new ideas and developments. They are a fight brand that have preserved the roots and traditions of Muay Thai for all their equipment. Thus making them a very unique brand compared to others out there.

What’s the difference between muay thai gloves and boxing gloves?

Muay Thai boxing gloves are more rounded at top and have the padding more evenly distributed to add extra protection from kicks. Usually the hands have more flexibility to move within the glove so you have the ability to grab and clinch your opponent.

The thumb is also usually in a slightly different position to boxing gloves and has a lot more flexibility in terms of movement. 

Traditional boxing gloves on the other have more focussed padding on the impact zone of the glove, with a much tighter feel and wrist strap

Overall they are very similar in appearance, but with some slight difference in terms of design and padding distribution. Check out my types of boxing gloves guide for more on this.

Muay Thai and Kickboxing gloves can be used for boxing training, so don’t worry if you are concerned over using these. If you practice a range of different martial arts Twins Special’s boxing gloves are a brilliant all-round option

Glove Design 

Twins Boxing Gloves Review

As mentioned above, the Twins BGVL3 and BGVLA2 AirFlow gloves are traditionally a Muay Thai glove and have certainly been designed that way. 

They are created to give maximum hand and wrist protection while you train on the bag, pads or for sparring. The padding in the strike zone makes your hand feel very protected and snug. I have quite big hands and these fit perfectly for me at 14oz!

The padding is also distributed quite evenly around the glove as it spreads out to the top. A really cool design feature I like is the side padding panel, which is there to offer protection when parrying punches.

They have an attached thumb design to protect yourself and others from injuries. However, as it is a Muay Thai glove it does have more flexibility in terms of movement than traditional boxing gloves thumbs. 

It also has a fantastic wrist strap which is easy to quickly strap up if you are training by yourself. The cuff is a bit loose compared to some, but if you have your hands wrapped up you will be absolutely fine! 

What is the difference between the Twins BGVL3 and BGVLA2 Gloves?

The main difference between BGVL3 and BGVLA2 gloves is the BGVLA2’s have an ‘Air Flow’ a mesh panel on the palm of the glove at the grip bar area. (see further below) This is to help with minimizing moisture building up and improving ventilation for your hand. The BGVL3 Gloves don’t have this and are stitched with leather instead. 

My Experience 

Twins Boxing Gloves Review

Twins Special Muay Thai gloves are arguably one of the best glove options to consider. Having used them personally I have to highlight how comfortable they feel for my overall hand, thanks to the evenly distributed padding.

As I mentioned further above these gloves are definitely an all-round use training glove. I also found them to be crafted with precise detail with the double stitching throughout the key structure of the gloves. 

The fact I spent $50 more over the average gloves for these, I’m very happy with the end product and will be using them a lot more often in my training.

I guess if I had to have one criticism about the gloves, it is probably the wrist strap which does feel a bit loose. As someone who focuses on boxing training I do like a tighter wrist strap. 

But despite this, as long as you have your hand wrap secure enough it won’t affect you too much. 


The Twins Special gloves have been created with real first quality genuine 100% Cowhide leather, while also being handmade in Thailand which is big a bonus for most. 

If you decide to go for the BGVLA2 Air Flow version of the gloves, there is a mesh like material on the grip bar area of the glove to help with ventilation. 

The padding has not explicitly been confirmed by Twins, but it is definitely used a very good multi-layer foam which feels very comfortable to strike with. 

The inside of the gloves has a nice nylon fabric to help protect them from the inside so they don’t deteriorate too quickly. 


I personally went for a black and yellow version of the glove which I thought looked really quite cool. They have their famous Twins Special logo print on top of the glove, while they have another version of the log glove stitched onto the wrist strap. 

The Twins Special BGVL3 and BGVLA2 gloves come in a whole range of color options to choose from which won’t leave you disappointed in terms of choice! Check out in the links at the bottom of this page.

It’s a nice simple visual glove that can stand out if you want it to.  

Feature Overview

  • 100% Real genuine Leather 
  • Handmade in Thailand
  • multi-layer foams padding inside the gloves
  • Attached thumb to provide better protection
  • Secure velco wrist strap 
  • Ventilation holes 
  • Mesh panel (BGVLA2 Gloves)

Pros And Cons of Twins Special Gloves

Very comfortable and snug to wearMight be out of some people’s budget 
Lots of design options to choose fromBetter suited for those that practice Muay Thai or Kickboxing.
Great ventilation (BGVLA2 Gloves)Wrist strap might feel too loose for some people
Use of real genuine leather 
Can be used for boxing, muay thai and kickboxing training
Handmade and crafted beautifully 

Final Thoughts 

I’m extremely happy with the overall quality of these gloves and extremely impressed with the craftsmanship and fine detail given to them. 

As someone who has big hands, its sometimes difficult for me to find a glove with a nice snug feel which also feels comfortable when striking. The Twins Special Gloves give me that while I’m training, which makes me not have to worry about getting injured and just concentrate on my technique and training. 

I am some who mainly only trains in boxing, but these gloves will still do a great job for your conventional boxing training. Some more traditional boxing gyms might be cautions with you using them for sparring. But if you are just going to be using the bags and pads this will absolutely be fine.

These are a perfect all round glove in my opinion and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality boxing glove. 

Boxing Life Rating

five star

Twins Special BGVL3 Gloves

Twins Special BGVLA2 Air Flow Gloves

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Make sure to let us know in the comments below which Twins boxing glove option you would go for?

Thanks for reading!

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