Top 5 Target Punch Bags For Boxing Beginners

Top Target Punch Bags

Target Punch bags can be very useful pieces of equipment for beginners or those who have no boxing experience at all.

By having specific targets on your punch bag it can really help you to become more accurate with your punching and know where to throw them.

The other way it helps, is by improving your overall combination punching, which can be quite a tricky method to learn at first. For example, having a target can really help you to hone in the fundamental combinations.

In this article I have come up with 5 target freestanding bags along with potential alternative for you!

1. Gallant Freestanding Punch Bag

The Gallant Sports punch bag is one of the best options to go with if you are beginner or someone not looking to make a massive investment in a punch bag. As you can see from above there are multiple designs to choose from, but in the case of this blog you will see there is two target based artwork bags – Black/Red and Red/Black (6 targets points)

This punch bag is a fantastic training aid, helping you to build up your fitness and improve your technique. Whether you are boxing, kick-boxing, practicing a martial art, or simply want another tool in your home cardio studio, this bag will become an essential component in your training.

My only negative about this punch stand is that it on the shorter side, so if you are taller this might not be the best option for you. Features include:

  • Size: it stands at 5.5ft
  • Simple to set up with option to fill base with sand or water.
  • Lined with soft 5cm-thick EPE foam
  • Shock Absorption Micro-Fiber highly padded filling

Learn more on Amazon here

2. Mytra Fusion Free Standing Target Bag

The Mytra Fusion is perfect option for any mixed martial artist as the bag has 12 target points for you to either punch or kick.

Mytra Fusion Strike Bag offers good value for the price and is considered to be a top choice by many looking for a target bag. Unlike the traditional punching bags it requires no sturdy mounting service and no additional space for the genuine workout.

With smooth and non-abrasive surface this strike bag proves to be one of the most durable bags among them all. Other features note:

  • Stitched using a RAW Triple-needle fleece Pico-thread – extremely durable
  • Base holds up to 270 pounds of water or sand for the stability
  • Measures at 6ft tall making it solid option for most people

Learn more on Amazon here.

3. Everlast Target Freestanding Punch Bag

Everlast Free Standing Punch Bag

The Everlast Freestanding Target Punchbag helps to build endurance and agility for boxing and overall fitness training. The high density plastic fills with water or sand for stability and the durable spring neck creates quick bag rebound.

This bag comes with 5 numbered targets which gives you something clear to aim at and you can build a workout routine around them. This is a brilliant bag for someone who plans on both boxing and kicking due to the positioning of them. Other features include:

  • Weighs 70 pounds when filled with water;
  • Measures 60 inches tall at highest setting.
  • Easy assembly – stable and secure stand which can be filled with water or sand.
  • Size H153, W48, D48cm.

Learn more on EBay here

4. Max Strength Pedestal Free Standing boxing

Max Strength 182cm (6ft) Free Standing Punch Bag is brilliant premium quality target bag to consider with durable materials to help it last for you at home or in a gym.

This bag comes with 12 targets which makes it brilliant option for beginners that wish to punch and kick while training.

This target punch bag is easy assemble or disassemble, once assembled it stands 180 cm and give you ample punching and kicking area.

Learn more on Amazon here or check out on eBay

5. Core Home Fitness FightMaster

The Fight Master Target Punch Bag

The FightMaster is definitely on of the best target punch bags you can get as it entirely designed to give you target to punch.

These punch target rods have been set up in way to replicate punching a mitt, by offering a slight “give” in the pads on impact that has that lovely ‘pop’ when you connect. They are also all numbered to make it easier for you to improve your combinations punching.

This is also attached to a stand with wheels which gives you the ability to move out the way after using – a pretty handy feature.

I highly recommend you check out my FightMaster vs BoxMaster Comparison review here for more information.


Dojo SKINZ – Double Zone

Century freestanding punch bags are brilliant options to consider, however they do not have any specific stands with targets on them. They have created their own target Dojo SKINZ for you to put over your freestanding bag. This might be a cheaper option for you if your budget is limited – you can even get this as an extra with you Century Punch Bag!

Check out my top Century freestanding bag options review here or learn more about the target Dojo SKINZ on Century’s website here.

Let us know in the comments below which target punch stand you might go for!

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Thanks for reading!

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