Top 10 Nike Boxing Shoes | Reviewed & Rated

Nike Boxing Shoes Review

For this review I wanted to give you 10 amazing Nike boxing shoes options to consider. Nike in my opinion have created some of the best boxing shoes you can get and have plenty of options to consider depending on your comfort and style preferences. 

Many of top boxers have worn Nike boxing shoes over the years and you will often see the famous swoosh logo being worn in some of the biggest boxing fights.

In this review I’ll provided you with information on each Nike boxing / wrestling shoe, along with features and my rating for each product.

1. Nike Machomai Boxing Shoes

Nike Machomai Boxing Shoe

The Nike Machomai boxing shoes are definitely the classic boxing shoe which makes it ideal for all levels of boxers.

Over the years we have seen so many of the greatest boxers wear these including Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya, Julio Caesar Chavez, Jr and many more. The Machomai is also very popular among many Olympic boxing teams including Ukraine, China, South Korea.

The shoe itself has a very classic design which will help you in terms of speed, maneuverability and agility.  In terms of the material, the base of the shoe has gum rubber out sole made to help with your grip control and foot pivots. The boot material is actually made of nylon and mesh material, this allows shoes to breathe and eliminate moisture absorption.

The boot also has an easy on-off interlocking lacing system, comfortable tongue to make it nice and secure as you train.

The other great thing about this boot is that there is a lot of color options to choose from. I personally prefer the classic black with white famous Nike swoosh!



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2. Nike Machomai Hi Top Boxing Boots

Nike Machomai Hi To boxing shoe

I won’t go into too much detail for this one as this literally same as the above apart from it being a high top boxing shoes.

Some people prefer the high top boxing shoes as they feel it gives your foot and ankle that that bit more security when moving around the ring or in training.

The high top is much rarer than original Nike Machomai, so you may actually struggle to find to this.

In terms of the style it reminds me of fighters of 70s and 80s but with a very modern twist with the Nike swoosh and design.



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3. Nike Machomai 2 Boxing Boots

Nike Machomai 2 Boxing Shoes

The new upgraded Machomai 2 boxing shoes came into play in 2019, where Nike re-modeled and improved the original Machomai Boxing Boots.

Very much of the same essence of the original this boxing shoe is designed to help maximize quickness, maneuverability, agility and speed to suit any boxing style or fighter in that matter.

Just like it’s predecessor, the boots are lightweight with a breathable mesh upper to help minimize moisture absorption. These are also extremely nimble and have a better gum rubber sole for great traction control when pivoting.

The main differences with the original is they have rousted the material within the design itself, where they have used less mesh material and instead gone with a synthetic leather which will also no doubt help prolong the boot structure.


five star

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4. Nike Hyper KO boxing shoes

Nike HyperKO shoes

Nike Hyper KO Boxing Boot have probably been one of the the most popular Nike Boxing shoes among the top fighter over the years.

Nike has combined lightweight strength with a flywire technology to produce a fantastic boxing boot. The lockdown strap on the forefoot area, has been placed to increase support, which in turn will improve your agility, power and speed.

The design of Nike’s flywire support system allows for a substantial amount of the boot to be constructed from mesh, while also being robust with synthetic leather, this all helps to minimize weight and with ventilation to prolong its quality.

The Hyper KO could be seen to be out of a lot of peoples budgets, however if you are looking to make an investment which will last you a long time – this could be the perfect pair of boxing shoes that won’t fail to disappoint you.


five star

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5. Nike KO Boxing Boots

Nike KO Boxing Shoes

The Nike KO Boxing boots are another of the newer boxing shoes that have come into the market over the last few years.

Personally I feel they have created this boot with combination of the Machomai and Hyper KO to come up with the following design.

This is a very lightweight boxing boot (just like them all), but is made possible thanks to the combined upper foam mesh combined with lightweight sole.

Nike re engineered gum rubber sole is a lot thinner giving just as much grip than ever before. Due to this, the boxing boot allows the boxer to feel more planted, which improves agility, power and speed.

This boot also comes in whole host colour options which gives you plenty of variety to choose from.



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6. Nike Takedown Boots

Nike Takedown Boots

The Nike Takedown 4 is a shoe you won’t find that often in boxing circles as it is primarily a wrestling boot. That being said, I absolutely love these boots for my boxing training! They do tend to be quite an expensive purchase which made me quite nervous if they were the right boots for me at first.

This boot is all round fantastic due to its design to help with your movement and control. If you like to pivot a lot while moving around the ring or in training and this shoe will give you the grip to help you move around with ease.

There is also a big amount of lacing for you to make sure your foot is securely strapped in, along with a velcro strap to lock in the laces and your foot as you train.

The Takedown 4 is made from a breathable mesh like material to help ventilation along with a secured stitching to a synthetic material on the bottom to improve the grip. I recommend you read my full review here for more information.


five star

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7. Nike Inflict 3 Wrestling Shoes

Nike Inflict 3

The Nike Inflict 3 is another wrestling shoe which is just as ideal for boxing training! For me the design of the boot is one of my favourites from Nike and they have done a really fantastic job in my opinion!

The shoe is made with a breathable mesh to help with freedom of movement and improved ventilation. There is also a secure Velcro lace strap which helps to secure the laces and add support to the boot.

The Nike Inflict 3 Boots are made to support even the most powerful athletes and has substantial use of mesh and is reinforced with leather and synthetics.

These boots also come in a whole range of color options which makes it popular option to consider.


five star

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8. Nike Speedsweep VII Boots

Nike Speedsweep Shoes

The Nike Speedsweep VII has to be one of my favourite boots I have ever used since I started boxing many years ago. The Speedsweep VII is actually not officially a boxing boot, but is in fact for wrestling, which could come in handy if you partake in that sport too.

It is a very durable boot that will last you quite a long time with a strong rubber sole which has proven to be very reliable in that time that I have used these boots.

The boot itself if made out of breathable mesh and a firm suede to give the boot stability when you are pivoting or moving your feet. The top of the boot has a lace cover that stops your laces falling out or getting in the way as you move around, it also adds a cool style to the boot itself with the Nike branding. I recommend you read my full review here for more information.



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9. Nike Hypersweep Shoes

Nike Hypersweep shoes

The Nike Hypersweep is designed for the boxers or wrestlers who desire the ultimate in speed and flexibility. Nike Hyperfuse upper featuring 2 ply large hole mesh to aid in regulating temperature inside the shoe and to aid in drying after sweat workouts.

These shoes have a asymmetrical lacing system designed to facilitate easy foot entry and exit. It also features a dynamic Flywire technology that keeps your foot locked down and stabilized during quick moves.

There is also a unique internal ankle support strapping and protection skeleton to help reduce injuries.



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10. Nike Freek boots

Nike Freek Boots

Tee Nike Freek shoes are one of the most popular wrestling shoes in Nike’s history. The flexible grooves in the outsole were the predecessor of the Nike Free articulated outsole.

They have a unique Velcro lace management system which helps to secure the laces and add support to the boot. Ventilation is also built into the outsole to help manage temperature and aid in the drying of the shoes after sweat workouts.

The Nike Freek has substantial use of mesh and is reinforced with leather and synthetics to help it’s overall durability.



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If I had to choose personally for one of the above, I would definitely consider the original or new Nike Machomai 2, Hyper KO or Inflict 3 shoes. 

I hope you enjoyed this review of my top 10 Nike boxing shoes and hopefully this helped you decide an option to go with.

Make sure to let us know in the comments below which option you might like to go for.

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  1. Wow! Quite a big list here and I must say that I really appreciate what you have written here. I am a big time supporter of boxing though I don’t engage in it. However, my youngest one practices boxing and as a way of supporting him, I wanted to get him a pair of new nike boxing shoes. This is really nice here and I must say that the list has the very bests of Nike here. I like this Nike Machomai Boxing Shoes. It is really cool

    1. Thanks Phillip! The Nike Machomai Boxing Shoes will be a brilliant options for your youngest! 


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