Top 10 Everlast Punch Bags To Improve Your Boxing and Fitness

Top Everlast Punch bags

Have been looking for your next punch bag for your home gym or to improve your fitness regime? I have created just that list for you with the very best of what boxing brand Everlast has to offer. 

In this punch bag list I’ve provided you with useful information on each punch bag along with video examples for all of them.

Without a doubt at least one of these amazing punch bags by Everlast will be able to get you into fighting shape. 

Who are Everlast

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Before I get into punch bags here is a little bit of information on Everlast.

Everlast is the world’s leading manufacturer, marketer and licensor of boxing, MMA and fitness Equipment. 

From legendary champions Jack Dempsey and Sugar Ray Robinson to current boxing and MMA superstars Tyson Fury, Errol Spence Jr, Dustin Poirier and Canelo Alvarez. Everlast is the brand of choice for generations of world champion professional athletes.

With so many top athletes using Everlast products, you can be confident with whatever option you pick. 

Top 10 Everlast Punch Bags

Here is a list of the top 10 Everlast Punch bags for you to consider below :

1. Powercore Nevatear Heavy Bag

If you are looking for a just a traditional standard heavy bag, the Powercore Nevatear is the perfect option to start with.  

This punch bag is filled with a specially blended filler mix and natural fibers which give you brilliant shock absorption whilst striking. It also has a strong outer layer of synthetic leather helping to increase durability to last you. 

I recommend you get this bag at 100lbs and you can also get this with a bag stand or wall stand depending on your home gym situation. 

Check out this great review by Country Boy Boxing to see it up close along with the Everlast Pro 2 Stand:

2. OmniFlex Freestanding Heavy Bag

The Omniflex freestanding bag by Everlast is a spring action punch bag. To sum it up, it is a bag that will move with the spring as you hit it. 

This bag has a smaller target surface than other bags on this list and I would primarily say it is best for those that are just looking for a quick simple punching or kicking workout.

It will require some thought as the bag will move as you strike it.

Check out this video by below to get an idea of how it moves – it can definitely take a power shot!

3. Everlast Hydro Strike Heavy Bag, 100-150lbs Black

Everlast have created their own interpretation of the popular water based filled punch bag that provides a life-like feel when punching.

In the case of these bags being different, the Everlast Hydro Strike punch bag is slightly longer than the original circular Aqua punch bag, so it gives you more even punching area to throw different combinations.

The Hydro Strike weighs in around 100-150lbs once filled, make sure when purchasing the bag you buy a heavy duty chain to hang it with. The bag comes in Everlast’s brand colors black and yellow and there is 2-year warranty with it

I also recommend you watch Everlast’s set up video here before you decide to purchase.

4. 1910 Headhunter Bag

The Everlast 1910 Headhunter wrecking ball punch bag, is ideal for those looking to focus on using uppercuts, hooks and angled shots. The bag’s rounded shape accommodates punches of all kinds from all angles while you can also practice slipping and rolling as the bag swings.

This bag has been made with a strong genuine full grain leather for unmatched durability ideal for absorbing every punch.

5. Everlast Hyperflex Strike Reflex Bag 

This is an adaptation of the very popular Reflex ‘Corba’ bag by Everlast, coming in the form as the Hyperflex Strike bag. 

The cobra bag is unique in the sense that it is a reflex punch bag that mimics the movement of an actual opponent via the specifically-placed spring – arguably creating even more movement than some double-end bags!

In terms of the Hyperflex bag, it comes with a lower and higher spring depending what option you would like to go with and the punch bag is a foam based material which is quite unusual to most corba bags. 

I highly recommend watching, CSquared Boxing video review for a better idea for this. 

6. Everlast Powercore Freestanding Bag

everlast powercore

Everlast have also come up with high quality product which is on the expensive end. It is however probably one of the best quality traditional free standing punch bags out there.

This high density foam bag is designed to be flexible and extremely durable with a ‘spring action response’ for the bag to have some movement as you punch it.

Everlast have also included a resistance band and wrap around sit up strap for you to train other areas or your body which could help break up your exercise routine.

Check out this great video by A Team, assembling and trying out the Everlast Powercore to get a better idea.

Everlast Leather Double-End Bag

Everlast has a couple of options for Double-End Bags which are attached from the floor to the ceiling with an elasticated rope which moves the ball as you punch it. This makes the double end bag one of the most essential pieces of equipment for boxers as it helps to improve your reflexes, speed and hand-eye coordination.

This tool is especially good if you plan on competing or sparring as it will keep your concentration levels very high to hit the punch bag or even get out the way of it. If you are getting a double end bag make sure to consider Double End Anchor for the base to give you the ability to attach the rope. 

The likes of Boxing star Canelo uses the double-end bag as part of his training. Check him out using the Everlast version action below: 

Everlast Adjustable Speed Bag Platform + Speed Bag

The speed bag is all about rhythm, timing and speed as you hit the bag. 

With some repetition and getting used to the way you hit the bag along with the timing you can really improve the speed at which you hit this. 

In the case of Everlast they have a few speed bags available for you to choose from! I have give an explanation along each one below to give you 

  • Leather Speed Bag (Standard and best for beginners – see above)
  • MX speed bag (Handmade in Mexico and constructed with premium leather. Best for those that want durability and to last a long time)
  • Everhide Speed Bag (Smaller surface area to hit with this one and better suited for advanced boxers) 
  • Kangaroo leather Speed bag (Made with premium Kangaroo leather which also has a larger surface area to hit) 

If you do plan on purchasing a speed bag you will also have to purchase a Speed bag platform to go alongside it which Everlast have handley have options for here. I always recommend going for a speed bag platform with a two metal panel  “V” brace to keep it in place on your wall securely. You will also need consider the pin swivel so you can actually hit speed bag itself

Check out this great review video below by fitness reviews:

9. Everlast Uppercut / Torpedo Bag

everlast torpedo bag

Now in the case of practising straight punches and uppercuts. Everlast has two bags which will help out in this case. 

This is a brilliant tool if you are limited in terms of having a hanging heavy bag or a free standing punch bag for that matter. However you will be limited in terms of your actual training with this. 

Check out this great video of UBW using the uppercut bag to show you what you can do with this. 

10. MX Peanut Double End Bag

Now this is a very unique bag as it is a cross between a double-end and hanging heavy bag. As you can see from above it comes in the form of a unique peanut shape. It also gives you the ability to aim for two target areas with the head and body while it moves around like a Double-end bag. 

Everlast’s adaptation of this is handcrafted in Mexico with premium leather known as Piel Planchada that increases durability and functionality. 

I wouldn’t recommend this as your first option, but it could be a great additional bag to install if you are wanting to try something different. 

Check out Lomachenko using this peanut double end bag in action below: 

Additional Everlast Equipment to consider 

If you are setting up anyone of the above equipment in your home gym remember you will also need to purchase the likes of a swivel and chain, anchor, swivel etc.

If you have the space it might be worth considering an actual stand  or hanger so you can use some of this equipment without drilling into walls and causing too much damage. 

Everlast has a range of boxing stands that are brilliant for home gyms or commercial gyms for you to consider. 

If you are wanting an all in one package stand it might be worth checking out either the Everlast Pro 2 or 4 Station Boxing stand. This means you can use a heavy bag, speed bag and double -end bag all in the one place. A brilliant option to consider if you have the space for it! 

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Let me know in comment below what Everlast bag you would like to get for your gym.

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