Top Boxing Shoe Brands Review And Guide

With so many boxing brands out there now, it can be hard to decide which boxing shoes/boots are right for you. To help you out I have complied a list of shoe features you should consider along with some of the best boxing shoe brands in my opinion along with some awesome options for you to check out and decide if they are the best shoes for you.

Before I get into the list of boots further below, I think it’s important to address what are the main things you should want in boxing shoes and why they are important.

Benefits of boxing shoes

When you first start boxing training, one of the first things that is overlooked by many beginners is a pair of good quality boxing shoes.

The reason why they are important is that most are designed in a way to help with the unique types of movements you will be making in your training.

Not only that, they are usually a lot lighter than your traditional training shoes to give you more speed and mobility.

Boxing shoes are also great at giving you better balance and grip as you move around the ring or in training. They will also give great stability to you ankle to make sure you stay on balls of your feet as you develop your footwork.

Overall most people will see a big difference in your movements with a pair of boxing shoes.

Boxing shoe features to consider

1. Price

Before you even decide on buying, you need to set yourself a budget, there is no point spending all your money on the most expensive boxing shoes if you have never bought a pair before.

There is absolutely no shame in buying a cheaper option as you can still get a quality pair of boxing shoes. Unfortunately, we all don’t have money like Floyd Mayweather and can’t be purchasing the most expensive shoes everytime.

For this reason above, a lot of the brands you will see further below will offer cheaper versions or slightly older models which are just as good as the most expensive. Sometimes it’s also good to go with your gut on these things.

However, It’s always worth spending that little bit more to get a quality product if you can afford it.

2. Comfort

This is one of the most important things for you to consider about your boxing boots, as they need to be suitable for your feet. Yes it does sound obvious, but if you’re going to buy boxing shoes that don’t fit properly, you will definitely have problems as you train or move around in the ring.

It’s important that you save time and money by not taking a risk and picking a boot too small or too big. Make sure to have a quick look at the comments or reviews on the shoe before you commit to it.

Boxing shoes can also vary in type, but generally a lot of them are made to keep your foot tight and secure. So do keep that in mind when considering buying a pair.

Once you have ordered your boxing shoes, make sure you try them on when they arrive. Walk, pivot and bend in the shoes around your home to be sure they are comfortable and fit properly – you can always return them if they don’t. A lot of the top brands don’t need a big break in period so you will be comfortable wearing these straight away.

3. Material

Boxing boots can come in a whole range of materials, but usually have some sort synthetic material with breathable mesh and a rubber sole.

Generally I find most boxing shoes I have every used to be quite light, but you can get thicker bulkier shoes if that is what you are looking for.

The material can make a difference in terms of lightness, but also how long the boot will last you. If it’s made out more fabric material you will need to make sure to wash them every now and again. The synthetic/plastic material boots may require you to give them a wipe down/spray – just a little thing to keep in mind.

4. Sole and Grip

The sole can vary in boxing shoes, but usually you will get a flat sole or slightly curved sole depending on the style of the shoe. This is when it may come down to personal preference and it will depend on the arch of your foot and what is most comfortable.

Another thing to keep in mind for the sole is what surface you will be training on. If you are going to be training on solid thicker ground you may want flatter sole, but if it is softer I would potentially get a bigger sole. Overall it won’t make a massive difference.

The grip has always been an important factor as most boxing shoes are designed with a gum rubber material on the sole. This is to provide you with that extra grip while you move or pivot around the ring. Non-boxing shoes don’t usually have the correct amount of grip at front so it can be harder to do boxing footwork manoeuvres.

Once again it’s a matter of preference if you want a thicker or lighter grip.

5. Style and Look

There are two main types of boxing shoes you will find out there and that includes high-tops and mid-tops. See below:

High-top boxing boot


mid-top boxing shoes


The main difference between these two are the mid-top boots are primarily wrestling shoes (still perfect for boxing) and give you a bit more mobility for your foot and provide less support for the ankle as it sit’s just above or below the ankle. The high-top shoes I find provide much more overall stability and security for your ankle and foot.

In terms of the actual look of the boxing shoes (color etc), it can and will help you feel confident when you step into the ring. There are so many options out there to choose from, but sometimes you have to pick something that suits your style. If your into flashy colored boxing shoes this will no doubt catch some attention or if you prefer the more traditional black and white shoes you will find plenty good options here too.

Just remember it won’t make you a better fighter!

Top Boxing Shoe Brands

1. Adidas

Adidas Boxing Shoes

Adidas have created a very popular range of boxing shoes, which come in various different style. I personally find Adidas to be of a very decent quality and affordable. Not only that it helps that they are one of the top sporting brands in the world which means you are going to be getting a quality product. You can can check out my top 7 Adidas picks here or look at the option below.

Photos, reviews and prices available on Amazon below:

Adidas Box Hog – 2, 3, X and Plus:

Adidas Speedex 16.1 and 18:

Adidas Wrestling Boot Options:

2. Nike

Nike Boxing Shoes

Like the above, Nike are obviously a renowned sporting brand which means you are going to get a good product. Nike boots also have a select range, but can be harder to come as they don’t really tend to promote this as much for some reason. Their boots I find do tend to be a lot more expensive than other brands out there, but I guess you are paying for a high quality product. My personal favorite are the Nike Takedown boots or Mercurial shoes. See their options below:

Images, reviews and prices available on Amazon:

Nike Machomai Boxing Shoes:

Nike Takedown Boots (Read my full review here):

Nike Inflict Wrestling Shoes

Nike Speedsweep Boots (Read my full review here)

3. Reebok

Reebok Boxing shoes

Reebok have arguably created a perfect boxing boot in my opinion and it’s no wonder the likes of Floyd Mayweather was wearing these towards the end of his career. These boxing shoes are one of the best in the market for providing excellent ankle support and foot comfort. Reebok have created some various versions of the above, but it has primarily been the same design for the last few years. If it ain’t broke, don’t try fix it!

Now the only negative once again is that they can be more expensive than you typical boxing shoes, however you will have these for a good few years.

Images, reviews and prices available on Amazon:

4. Everlast

Everlast Boxing Shoes

Everlast I feel sometime don’t get the credit they deserve, I will sometimes admit they create some products that are simply not good enough. However, when it comes to their boxing shoes, I feel they have been left a bit underrated.

One of their most successful boxing shoes that have caught on with popularity are the Everlast Elite High Top Boxing Boots which have been designed to provide extra grip, support and foot comfort. The likes of welterweight world champion Terrance Crawford been seen to be wearing these in his most fights. It will be interesting to see if Everlast will try expand their range after this success.

See options below

Images, reviews and prices available on Amazon or you check out on Everlast’s website here.

Elite Everlast Boxing Boots

Other Everlast Boxing Shoes:

5. Venum

Venum Boxing Shoes

Similar to what Reebok have done, Venum have created and invested in one quality designed product which they hope will probably kick off over the next couple of years. The Venum Elite Boxing Boots are designed as a high-top boot to provide you with that extra grip, light weightness, with a traditional look and feel.

Images, reviews and prices available on Amazon:

Other brands to check out

There many are other brands that also produce boxing shoes, that can continue to make your decision harder to pick. You can get rare brands that create handmade quality shoe but cost a fortune, but you also find some real gems in the more obscure brands. Make sure to check out some of these options below.

Images, reviews and prices available on Amazon:

Rival – This Canadian boxing brand is one of the best in terms of creating boxing gloves, unfortunately the style and look of their boxing shoes just isn’t for me. They do have mid and high top versions which might pick you fancy and are aimed to provide grip and comfort specifically for boxers.

Asics – aimed and created for comfort and mobility.

Mizuno – Are a Japanese brand which a lot more expensive than typical boot due to being handcrafted and made in Japan. These usually have a very flat sole which is good for a soft surface. Recommend for experienced boxers.

Cleto Reyes – They are known for their handmade Mexican traditional lace high top boots if this is your style.


Personally I would avoid the likes of Lonsdale, Ringside and Title boots – they may be a lot cheaper, but they might be perfect if you have a limited budget or even if you like their look and style.

Images, reviews and prices available on Amazon:

Lonsdale boxing shoes:

Ringside boxing shoes:

Tilte Boxing Shoes:


Picking boxing shoes can be a tough decision with so many options to choose from, always make sure to consider your budget, as you will get what you usually pay for and I would always recommend going a bit higher to make sure you get a quality pair.

When you are looking online at boxing shoes be sure to check out the sole in the images and the materials. It also needs to look like it will be comfortably for you – if you have any doubts over a certain pair – don’t go for it.

In terms of picking, I would highly recommend you pick one of the five top boxing shoe brands I reommended above.

I hope you enjoyed this review of my top boxing shoes brands review and guide, hopefully this helped you decide an option to go with.

Check out more of my boxing review content here or check out my other boxing shoe reviews here.

Make sure to let us know in the comments below which option you might like to go for or if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading!

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