Top 12 Best Punching Bags For Apartments Or Small Spaces

Top Best Punch Bags For Apartments and Small Spaces

Unfortunately for many of us, we don’t have the luxury of living in large homes with big open spaces. The only way for many of us that live in a city to get a workout is by going to a gym or outside.

However, sometimes we might not have the time or willpower after work to head straight to a packed gym. It would be much easier if some evenings you could just head home and do a workout in the comfort of your own home.  

If you participate or do any type of boxing training, you will know that some space for equipment is required. This article should give you some useful punch bag solutions for your apartment that will even work in small spaces. Plus some cost-effective options which mean you won’t have to break the bank. 

Doorway / Wall Punch Bags

1. Quiet Punch 

Quiet Punch - Doorway Bag - Boxing Life

As far as I’ve found, Quiet Punch seems to be the only one of its kind in the current market. Unless you make your own one! 

In the case of the Quiet Punch Bag, this is a fantastic option for your apartment if you are extremely limited in space. The reason for this is that you can actually set up in your doorway and once you have finished you can quickly pack it away until your next workout session. 

The downside is you will only have so much space to move around, but it does give you access to a punch tracking system with their app which can monitor your punch stats to help you improve.

Even if you travel a lot, this also might be a good option for you to do workouts from your hotel room.

Read my review here or visit Quiet Punch’s website here.

2. Title Boxing Doorway Bag

Title Boxing Doorway Bag - Boxing Life

This is very similar to the above Quiet punch, in the sense that TITLE has created a doorway set punch bag. The main difference is the strike area being smaller and rounder. 

The TITLE Doorway Bag is the best way to take advantage of limited training space, training at home or apartment, or virtually anywhere there’s a doorway to set up the training bag.

There is more of a reflex element to this as you can adjust the bungee cord to make help make the target move more.

3. Wall Mount Bag

Wall mounted bag

You will often see wall-mounted bags in the boxing gyms as a way to help fighters work on throwing punch combinations from different angles, while also using footwork 

They’re also great in terms of where you should throw your punches. E.g. body or head, due to the angle of the bag sticking out of the wall.

This bag a great for an apartment as you hang it up on your wall and use it as you wish. The only issue is setting up might require drilling into a wall to install So make sure to ask the landlord if you’re renting!  

4. Wall-Mounted Uppercut Bag (Everlast & Ringside)

Wall-Mounted Uppercut Bag (Everlast & Ringside) - Boxing Life

Torpedo bags are very similar to the above wall-mounted bags, but this is a much larger surface area for you to punch! The great thing about these is that you can throw uppercuts and angled hooks. 

The best two products I found to date are Everlast and Ringside. (links below.) These have straps that make it possible for you to hang from the wall. A thing to keep in mind is you might have to drill into the wall to hang the strap.

5. TITLE Boxing Wrap Around Stationary Punch Shield

TITLE Boxing Wrap Around Stationary Punch Shield - Boxing life

This comes as two in one product and can be used with a training partner as a punching target. TITLE however has also added a handy strap for you to attach to objects like poles, trees etc.

Maybe you might have an object like this in your home for you to attach this to? Just make it is sturdy enough to withstand your punches!

Free Standing Bags 

6. Century Original Wavemaster

Century Wavemaster punch bag stand apartment

Century is well known for creating the best free-standing punch bags on the market. The go-to option for many is the original Wavemaster (above) which many top combat sports companies are trying to replicate to this day

This can be used for striking and kicking training making it an optimal option for those looking for a full martial art experience. However, I would say this bag is probably better suited for punching. 

The Wavemaster is also adjustable from 4ft – to 5.8ft making it a reasonable size for most to use for your training. This will take up a little bit of space in your apartment, but it’s not so big that it will take up a room. The other good feature is that you won’t have to worry about drilling into a wall! You can check out my top Century bag options for more ideas.

7. Everlast Powercore 

Everlast Powercore Free Standing Punch Bag - Boxing Life

Everlast has also come up with their own high-quality free-standing punch bag that is a slightly cheaper option than the above Wavemaster. This high-density foam bag is designed to be flexible and extremely durable with a slight recoil spring on the neck of the bag to help with power punches so it doesn’t move off balance at the base. the bag to have some movement as you punch it.

There are two models of Everlast’s free-standing punch bags which are pretty much the same if I’m being honest. The Powercore and FIT. The FIT version comes with some additional fitness kits and is only available in the UK from what I can see.

In terms of the features for this, it comes with a very large base that can be filled with sand or water to keep steady. 

One thing to note is that this bag is probably best for those that just want to work boxing/punching workouts.

8. FightCamp Freestanding Punch Bag

Fight Camp - Punching Bag - Boxing Life

FightCamp is a workout subscription that brings authentic, trainer-led boxing workouts to any home. Thousands of people are loving this interactive, intense, and empowering workout, led by experienced trainers including former professional fighters.

The FightCamp’s free-standing bags is one of the best you can get with a large strike area for punching and kicking. It makes it an ideal all-around option to use in your apartment.

The only thing to keep in mind to keep this free-standing bag you will need to buy all the other packages including their workout subscription, gloves, hand wraps, and punch trackers. This could be the best option if you are a complete beginner that wants to learn boxing from home. As I mentioned above, you will need a little space to move this. You read my review here or find out more on their website.

Reflex Bags 

9. Double-end bag 

Double end Bag - boxing life - apartment

The double end bag is a punching bag that is attached with adjustable bungee cords from the floor to the ceiling, (Hence the name) with the ball usually hanging in the middle around the chest to head height. Due to the stretched cords, this allows for increased movement when hit, as it bobs in and outwards. 

Double-end bags are also usually small air-filled bags made with real or synthetic leather coverings. These are best for training your reflexes, speed, and timing.

As mentioned above most double-end bags will require you to have a hook attached to the ceiling for you to use alongside an anchor. You can get versions that use sucker hook, but the real thing is always better in my opinion. Here are some options and accessories you should consider below if you plan on buying your apartment.

10. Ringside Cobra Bag

Ringside cobra bag - boxing life

First off if you don’t know what a cobra bag is, it’s basically a reflex punch bag that mimics the movement of an actual opponent, via the specifically-placed spring and punches bag target at the top. This helps to work on your reflexes and timing and is a brilliant piece of equipment to help this area. 

In terms of Ringside eversion, they have arguably created the most popular of them all with a very standard, but effective reflex bag! 

They have made this with a strong industrial quality steel alloy spring which makes it very durable to last. The bag is also adjustable from 5ft to 7ft and comes with the black leather inflatable target ball with the Ringside logo on it. Additionally, they also have a foam base protector just underneath the ball in case you miss-hit your punch. 

The base also has to be filled with either sand or water to keep the base in place so it doesn’t slide about. So you will need to slide into a corner after you are done in your apartment. 

11. Wodeside Reflex Bag   

Wodesid cobra bag - boxing life

If you’re on a tighter budget the Wodesid version of the cobra bag is probably a better option. 

This is still a quality product due to the large spring they have used which moves a lot more fluidly and is not too stiff like some other cobra bags,

The overall setup of this bag has also received positive reviews with it being fairly straightforward to set up. The design includes an adjustable frame from 4.5ft to 6ft making it a good size range for most. The speed bag is inflatable and uses tough synthetic leather for durability.

However, as mentioned in the last recommendation above, this will probably require you to slide to a corner or room you’re not using in the apartment. (If you can’t decide between a double end bag and a cobra bag – I recommend you read my article which compares the two bags)

Reaction Bar 

12. Sparbar PRO 4.0 

Sparbar Pro 4.0 - boxing life

The Sparbar had been around for a few years now and is very much a piece of equipment to help develop your defense due to the foundation of its design. This includes a bar that can spin round at 360 degrees and also includes a padded punch bag at the top for you to throw punches at (to simulate punching to the head and great for practicing counters). 

This has been a very popular tool for professional boxers and even celebrities. The only issue like some of the other options on this list is of course the base. You will need to slide this into a corner in your apartment or room after you’re done using it.


Overall, working out in a small space or your apartment might not be the most ideal situation. But if you’re working from home or don’t have the time to head to the gym after work. All the above punching bag options will help you have a solid boxing session in your apartment.

Personally, I think the Quiet Punch is your best option (number 1 on the list). It gives you the ability to have a fun boxing workout, while also not taking up too much space due to its use in the doorframe. You also don’t need to worry about drilling into any walls and is easy to dismantle and pack away when not in use. 

Why not check out my other helpful related articles that are similar to this topic.  

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