Top 12 Best Groin Guard Protectors For Boxing Review | 2023

Top 10 Best Groin Guard Protector For Boxing | Reviewed & Rated

Whether you’re male or female, if you are going to be sparring in your boxing gym or even competing in competition. You will have to invest in a quality groin guard protector. This is to protect yourself from low blows that may come your way, intentional or not. 

As a man! I can’t stress how important this is, especially if you want to protect your down below! By wearing a groin guard, it will make you feel much more confident while sparring or competing in the ring. 

Types of groin guards

Now before I get onto the list of top 10 options for you, it’s important to share the differences in what types of groin guard there are. Now generally there are few options to consider. 

Basic Single Cup and Elastic

Protects your main crouch area and usually only has an elastic band. It is the easiest to move around in, but will protect you the least in other areas.

Full Front Cup And Abdominal Protector

These are probably the most common you will see, as they cover the full front while also offering some abdominal protection. The sides are usually elastic band making them more lightweight than what’s next. 

Full Kidney And Foul Protector

This groin guard offers the maximum protection by offering additional padding on the sides to protect you from kidney shots. Some of them can be quite bulky and uncomfortable to move around. But it’s worth protecting your kidneys over it. (Recommend)

Groin guard features to consider 

Now when it comes to sparring or competition, It’s vital that you take every precaution to protect yourself and others properly during sparring. I have put together 4 features below you need to look out for to get the maximum protection before you decide on a groin guard option below.

Protection – first off is decide how much protection you need with your groin guard. Personally I think it’s important to pick between the lightweight and full protector groin guards. Sometimes it comes down to preference, but I think it’s always best to choose more padding and protection  

Comfort – As you will be trading punches in the ring, usually the last thing you are thinking is, ‘this groin guard is so uncomfortable.’ However, you want to be able to move around freely while still having the protection. Being comfortable for that matter is an important aspect if you are going to be using it a lot.

Adjustability – Another aspect is of course the strapping, you will often see in fights some boxers having to adjust their groin guard in heat battle in the ring! Not really an ideal situation when someone is throwing punches at you. So it’s important to purchase a groin guard which has good elastic/lacing and secure strapping. 

Material – Now the material can vary, most use a reinforced plastic cup with foam or gel padding for extra protection. This can make a difference in some cases in softening up the shots, slightly. 

Do groin guards protect you?

Yes, they will protect you to extent in terms of reducing the damage directly below and your lower abdominal or kidneys. However, that’s not to say it will hurt if someone wacks you with a low blow, it doesn’t stop from hurting, but will reduce the chance of permanent damage. 

On that not here is my top 12 groin guard protectors to consider below: 

1. Everlast MX Cup 

Everlast’s Mexican handcrafted groin guard is constructed of Piel Planchada, a premium leather that provides long-lasting durability and functionality. This groin guard also has durable elastic straps for leg adjustment with hook and loop rear closure. 

Padded-edge protective cup for ultimate comfort and boxing protection. Layered foam padding protects against low blows. This can be used for competition and sparring boxing.



2. Everlast C3 Pro Competition Groin Guard

Another top quality groin guard by Everlast is their C3 Pro addition. This flexible design offers increased mobility during competition. It includes a dense, shock-absorbing C3 foam padding and cup that provides maximum protection for the groin, hips, and kidneys.

Everlast have also created this with premium leather for lasting durability and functionality. They have also used their ‘EverDri’ technology which includes a wicking lining that repels excessive moisture during training for comfortable wear. It comes with either hook and loop strap or lacing. 


3. Everlast C3 Pro Lightweight Groin Protector

everlast groin guard

This version by Everlast is the same model as the above but with a lightweight, flexible design that allows for increased mobility. 

The main difference between the two is that this groin guard doesn’t have the side kidney protection. You maybe prefer this instead if you don’t like too much padding on your groin guard. 



4. RDX APEX Abdo Groin Guard

RDX’s Apex Pro Training Groin Guard uses their latest LumeXTM technology, features highly resilient Super Skin engineered leather outside and suede leather inside to give you a comfortable grip and provides safety against painful hits below the belt. 

RDX have engineered this groin guard to have their exclusive EVA-LutionTM sheet to absorb and dissipate impact equally across the surface. Along with Lamination of  a Spongy Blacktop Foam on both sides ensure added protection and comfort.  The crotch guard comes with an integrated hard plastic cup covered with tailor-made combination of EVA-LUTIONTM SHEET and Sponge X PADDING for ultimate protection and resistance against high-intensity force. 


5. RDX T17 Aura Groin Guard

T17 is a similar version to the APEX above but slightly different design: This groin guard is part of their RDX Aura brand line. It does what it does best by using the same EVA-lution technology to protect and absorb the impact of low blows. This is a great option to with by RDX to Avoid game-changing injury and train with confidence knowing you’re fully protected against stray shots. 



6. RDX T15 Noir Abdo Guard

RDX’s T15 Noir is a part of one of their other brand lines, but this one is a lot more popular due to it being more lightweight or for the occasional sparring. It is crafted using high-quality Convex Skin – these groin guards are designed to handle any unnecessary damage so you can step in the ring worry free. 

RDX have also padded these using Supremo-Shock foam throughout the product, this efficiently designed groin guard comes fitted with a hard-plastic shell that meets and dramatically decreases shock-impact from travelling. 


7. Ringside No Foul Boxing Groin Protector

The Ringside No Foul Boxing Groin Protector is very lightweight for excellent mobility. It has durable synthetic leather construction with a comfortable tricot lining. Hook and loop closure makes simple work of getting in and out of your protector and also provides easier adjustability. This is very similar to the Cleto Reyes edition on this list who own or are associated with Ringside. 



8. Fighting Deluxe Groin & Ab Protector 2.0

Fighting Sports by TITLE, have created an all new and improved with increased abdominal and wrap around coverage for stellar protection below the waist. I used to use the original version of this product which has lasted me many years of using.

They have extended padding and the anatomical cup runs deeper for superior coverage during training and competition.  Fighting Sports have also reinforced an extra-wide elastic waistband with adjustable double hook-and-loop reverse closure that guarantees a secure, custom fit that won’t slip or move during action.  Complete with elastic leg straps for additional security.  This is also designed to meet amateur and professional regulations making it a fantastic and protective option. 



9. TITLE Classic Ultra Light Protective Cup 2.0

The TITLE Classic Ultra-Light Protective Cup is an improved and updated version. The 2.0 version has extended coverage of the groin, kidneys, liver, abdomen and hips. TITLE has used excellent, high quality, engineered leather protector with full wrap around no-foul protection.

The other great thing is that although there is a lot more padding it is still super lightweight and flexible to move around. TITLE has also added a sponge rubber protective protector that offers restriction-free action during training and competition. This groin guard is also designed to meet amateur and professional regulations.



10. Adidas Adistar Groin Guard

This is probably one of the top  range groin guards by Adidas and you will often see many of the pro wearing this in sparring or competition. The Adidas Adistar groin guard designed in the USA and made from a high quality, genuine metallic cowhide leather with a moulded shape for optimal fit. They have also used various layers of foam for ideal shock absorption and have a lace system for firm and secure closure when worn. 


11. Cleto Reyes Groin Guard

The famous boxing brand of Cleto Reyes have also created a high quality groin guard made entirely of leather with latex foam padding. CL have also used a double velcro closure for precise and comfortable fit with elastic straps for legs and contoured design for maximum comfort and freedom. Cushion rimmed protective shell for extra shock absorption. 

You will often see a lot of professional fighters sparring or fighting wearing Cleto Reyes groin guard along with the head guard. They are also highly recommended for professional fights due to durable quality. 


12. Winning Groin Guard

The high end Japanese boxing equipment company is known for their top quality boxing training gloves. However they do create some protective equipment which includes their own groin guard.

Winning hasn’t provided much detail in terms of how they have made their groin guard bag, but they do usually use high quality leather and padding on their products. Definitely one of the most expensive on this list, but maybe due the brand associated with it.


Final Thoughts

As you can see there are a whole variety of groin protectors to choose from in the list above. If you are planning on sparring or competing a lot, I recommend investing in a quality groin protector to give you the best possible protection from any type of low blow. Also it will probably last you a good few years so another good reason to invest. 

If I had to choose one for you, the Everlast, Fighting Sports or Cleto Reyes are brilliant options to consider in my opinion. 

If you need more protective equipment. Check out my protective options and reviews below:

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