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Before getting onto the top 12 double-end bags, I wanted to help give advice on how a double-end bag can actually benefit you. In terms of improving things like reflexes and reaction time, the double end bag is probably the most used piece of equipment after heavy bags in the gym. Many of the great champions have used this over boxing history to improve their boxing skill set. 

My aim in this blog is to also show you how double end bags can help you, the types and pros and cons. This should hopefully help you in making the best decision on which bag to go for towards the end of this article. 

What is a Double End Bag? 

The double end bag is a punching bag that is attached with adjustable bungee cords from the floor to the ceiling, (Hence the name) with the ball usually hanging in the middle around the chest to head height. Due to the stretched cords, this allows for increased movement when hit, as it bobs in and outwards. 

Double-end bags are also usually small air-filled bags made with real or synthetic leather coverings. They can also come as foam-based, but I recommend using the air-filled versions for the optimum experience. 

How does a double-end bag help you? 

Canelo Double end bag

The double end bag helps those looking to practice technique, alongside an array of different striking options and patterns. For instance, depending on your boxing ability and level, you can adjust the bag to best suit you. If you’re a complete beginner, you can tighten the bag so it doesn’t move quite so much, allowing you to practice your initial jabs before adding blocking and hooks into the mix. 

If you are more advanced you can add uppercuts and hooks into your training routine, which are often common punches you will throw when competing in the ring. 

Two types of Double-end bag 

There are in fact also two common double end bags you will see which I will show below:

Traditional Single Ball Double End Bag 

This is the most common double-end bag you will see online and in the gym in most cases. These are a single ball that helps you focus on a circular single target area. 

mexican style cleto reyes double end bag

Mexican style or ‘Peanut’ Double End Bag 

The Mexican or ‘peanut’ styles are slightly different in the sense that they have an additional attached striking area to help with body punching. I’ve always found these a bit easier to hit, due to the bigger strike area, but also helps you add in better strike combinations in my opinion. 

Double End Bag pros and cons 

what is double end bag | Pacquiao
Photo Credit: Chris Farina – Top Rank



If you are on a tighter budget, double-end bags are usually a lot cheaper than a cobra bag for example. If you are looking to improve your reflex and timings this can save you a lot more money. 


The speed and position can easily be adjusted on a double-end bag, this is usually done by adjusting the cord. Once adjusted, you can practice blocking and striking from different angles, allowing you to work on your technique in different ways compared to a reflex bag.

Punch Variation

The great thing about double end bags compared to other reflex bags, is that you probably get better punch variation – specifically angled hooks and uppercuts.  

Improve greater skillset 

Many opt for just a heavy bag or free standing bag for their home gym. However using a double end bag will in fact improve many qualities that are required for being a good boxer or striker, this is due to the quick recoil movements it makes. 

  • Speed
  • Hand-eye coordination 
  • Timing 
  • Reflexes 



Depending on where you live or your home gym, the double end might prove difficult to set up as you need to attach it from the floor to the ceiling. Make sure to check you can drill or attach to the ceiling before buying. 


If you are a beginner, this is a hard tool to master at first, but just like with everything, consistency and time are everything to get better. It’s important to get used to the boxing fundamentals and technique using a standard punch bag first. 

Once you start to feel comfortable, you can then challenge yourself with this piece of equipment to improve your reflexes and timing. Check out heavy bag workout for beginners here for some ideas

What size double end bag should I get? 

Double End Bags come in a whole variety of sizes. The rule of the thumb is, the bigger the double end bag, the better for beginners, while smaller double end bags are for more advanced strikers. Personally, I would always go for a medium to a larger size, however, you might want to practice on the smaller double end to test yourself eventually. These are the sizes I would recommend below:

  • Beginner to Intermediate: (8 – 11 Inches Diameter)
  • Intermediate to Advanced: (5 – 7 Inches Diameter)

What are the best double end bags 

Now that I’ve given you all these details you need to know about how double end bags help you and what to consider. Here are my top 12 double-end bags for you to check out below, make sure to look after the table to see my individual insights on each bag. 

Double End BagMaterialSize – Diameter
1. Title Boxing Double End BagAll-leather shell with triple nylon stitched6, 7, 9 Inches 
2. RDX Double End Bag Maya hide Leather (synthetic)One size
3. Pro Impact Double End Bag 100% top-grade genuine leather7 and 9 inches 
4. Ringside double end bag Real Leather5, 7, 9 inches 
5. Everlast Double End BagHigh-grade leather6, 7, 9 inches 
6. Everlast ‘Mexican Style’ Double End Bag Premium leather is known as Piel PlanchadaOne size
7. Cleto Reyes Double End Bag premium leatherOne size 
8. Cleto Reyes Double-Double End BagPremium leatherOne Size 
9. Pro-Mex Double End Bag Top grade goatskin leather9, 10 and 11 inches
10. Rival Next generation Double End BagTop-Grade Synthetic Leather8 and 9 inches 
11. Winning Double End BagArtificial Leather6 inches
12. Nexersys Cross Body Trainer Synthetic leather 8 inches

1. Title boxing Double End Bag 

TITLE has created a brilliant all-leather shell double end bag, that has been superbly stitched to last. This bag comes in three sizes S, M, and L which makes it an ideal option for all levels. It is also available in the following colors red, yellow or black depending on your preferences. 

This bag also comes with two industrial rubber double end bag cables with S-hooks for hanging. Assures quick rebounds and movement for all boxing skill levels.



2. RDX Double End Bag 

RDX double end ball is made of original Maya hide leather (synthetic) to ensure great durability. The bag itself is available in 37cm and 43 c 

The ball comes with a strong Nylostrap™ with ease of adjustability and a robust Flexstring™ for strength and rapid movement. The package includes two metallic S-Rings, PVC buckle, and other fixings to fix the balls. You will need a pump to inflate the bag before using it. 



3. Pro Impact Double End Bag 

Pro Impact double end bag is a traditional round ball, making it ideal for connecting your strikes as it recoils in and out. It is also made using 100% top-grade genuine leather so it is made to last. 

It does require a pump to fill with air and also comes with a pair of bungee cords and S-hooks. This allows you to easily suspend the bag at both ends to the ceiling and floor of your home gym.



4. Ringside Double End Bag 

The ability to slip a punch and land an effective counterpunch is an essential skill for a boxer to possess. The Double End Bag will help you focus on these techniques and sharpen your reflexes to become a more fundamentally solid boxer.

Ringside has created a top-quality all-leather construction with this bag. They have added new longer, triple reinforced top, and bottom loops. You have the option of different sizes with this one as larger Double End Bags are great for teaching the fundamentals and the smaller ones for developing your quickness and eye/hand coordination.



5. Everlast Double End Bag 

everlast double end bag

Everlast has created and used High-grade leather for their traditional double end bag. The design is to help focus strikes. Being a very round and concise shape will help to develop accuracy. 

Everlast has also included two rubber bungee cords and two ceiling/floor plate attachments making it a good option for those looking to install in the gym or at home. 


five star

6. Everlast ‘Peanut’ Mexican Style Double End Bag 

Everlast has created their own ‘Mexican Style’ double end bag with their peanut version. Constructed with a premium leather known as Piel Planchada, it helps to  increase durability and functionality

Unique peanut design for head-body combinations. The fact it is carefully handcrafted in Mexico for superior quality makes it an option you have to consider. 


five star

7. Cleto Reyes Double End Bag 

The well-known Mexican boxing brand Cleto Reyes may be known for its quality boxing gloves. However, they also create top-notch handmade boxing training equipment with premium leather. 

In terms of their double end bag, it has a well-defined detail and quality with its materials to help with durability. Designed to focus on coordination and precision with the jab and hook punches you will get good use of this bag. These double-end bags require two swivels and an elastic band for the floor and ceiling mounting, which are sold separately.


8. Cleto Reyes Double Floor to Ceiling bag 

Now if you are going to pick a Mexican-style Double End bag you have to consider Clete Reyes or Everlast’s versions. As mentioned above Cleto Reyes use quality material to help with durability and provided a superior product. 

In terms of this version, they have used precisely stitched and soft premium goat leather with a nylon lining. The bag also comes in a few different color options Black, White/Red/Green & Red. This double end bag requires two swivels and an elastic band for the floor and ceiling mounting, which are sold separately.


9. Pro-Mex Double End Bag 

Pro-Mex is another popular Mexican-enthused brand that is well known for its quality and is associated with the brand Title. In terms of their double end bag, they have created top-grade goat leather, nylon stitching, and leather welted seams. 

This bag has a slightly different shape to some of the others on this list but does have a big enough striking area for you to hit cleanly. This bag comes complete with two industrial rubber double end bag cables with S-hooks for hanging. 



10. Rival Next Generation Double End Bag

Rival Next-generation double end bags are definitely one of the more popular options on this list as it sells out quickly when in stock! Rival has used a top grad synthetic leather with this bag so it is made to last.  It is also complete with double-stitched welted seams for excellent durability. 

The only issue is that elastic cords don’t come with this so you will need to buy separately if planning on buying. 



11. Winning Double End Bag  

The high-end Japanese boxing equipment company is known for its top-quality boxing training gloves. However, they do create some training equipment which includes their double end bag.

Winning hasn’t provided much detail in terms of how they have made this bag, but do state it is synthetic leather, unlike some of their other products. Definitely one of the most expensive on this list, but maybe due to the brand associated with it.



12. Nexersys Cross Body Trainer 

Nexersys have created an interactive double-end bag that delivers a full-body workout through high-intensity interval training. This is delivered through the Crossbody app on your Android or Apple device which works alongside the bag as you use it. 

The great thing about this is that it doesn’t require you to drill into the ceiling or floor as this double end bag is attached and adjustable to the setup, making it very convenient. You will however need to have space for the base. You can check out my full review on Nexersys punch stand here to find out more about them.



Additional double end bag equipment. 

Now it’s important to note that some of the above double end bags only come with the bag itself. So make sure to double-check that the bag comes with things such as a bungee cord, anchor, or air pump before you buy. 

Check these out on Amazon below:

Final thoughts 

Improving your timing, speed, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination are absolutely key attributes for any boxer or mixed martial artist. Double-end bags may look like a pain to set up at first, but once you get comfortable using them you will really start to notice a difference in your abilities. It also helps to change up your training instead of hitting something like a heavy bag. 

If you don’t think the double end bag is for you. Why not check out my top cobra bags options or why not compare the difference in my popular cobra reflex bag vs double end bag blog here. This should help before you make your mind up on which option to go for. 

You can also look at other ways exercises to improve reflexes here or hand speed here

You can check out more boxing equipment reviews here or why consider some other boxing training equipment here:

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