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Are you looking to improve your reflexes, hand-eye coordination and reactions? Well, you have come to the right place! ‘Cobra’ reflex bags are a brilliant tool to improve those areas and have become extremely popular in recent years. This is thanks to the likes of Canelo and Ryan Garcia showing off their talents using them. 

Many refer to this punching bag as a ‘Cobra‘ bag. Mainly due to the punch head being upright, while it moves back and forth like a cobra snake! 

Before I show you the full list. Here are the top-rated reflex bags along with some background on how they can actually help you. 

Best OverallBoxing Life’s PickBest Value
BagTITLE Deluxe Cobra Reflex BagWodesid Freestanding Reflex BagRingside Reflex Bag
HeightAdjustable 4ft-5.5ftAdjustable 4ft-6ftAdjustable 5ft-7ft
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

How do Cobra Reflex Bags help you?

The cobra bag is unique in the sense that it is a reflex punch bag that mimics the movement of an actual opponent, via the specifically-placed spring. This arguably creates even more movement than some double-end bags.

For training your reflexes and timing, this is a brilliant piece of equipment and will certainly help this area. However, it will really require a lot of concentration. Otherwise, the bag can come back and hit you easily if standing too close. Therefore it will require you to slip the bag on either side, shoulder roll, or use footwork to get out the way.

Once you start using this consistently, you will really start to feel improvements in your hand-eye coordination and reactions to moving in time with the bag. 

If you are a beginner, I still recommend starting with traditional punch bags, such as a heavy bag or freestanding punch bag. This is so you can get familiar with punch combos and techniques properly, before having to worry about dodging shots and reaction time, etc. 

However, if you are more advanced or also just want to work on other areas at the same time. A ‘Cobra’ reflex bag might just be the best option.

Pros and Cons

Easy to set up Limited on what you can do 
Ideal for beginners due to the long cylindrical shapeSome can be expensive 
Easier to hit than some double-end bagsCan be a little hard at first to get used to
Fun to use once you get the hang of it  

Cobra Bag in Action 

Before I go onto the list, check out boxing stars Canelo Alvarez and Ryan Garcia using this in their training.

Top 10 Cobra Reflex Bags 

1. Ringside Reflex bag 

Ringside has arguably created the most popular of them all with a very standard, but effective reflex bag! 

They have made this with a strong industrial quality steel alloy spring which makes it very durable to last. The bag is also adjustable from 5ft to 7ft and comes with the black leather inflatable target ball with the Ringside logo on it. Additionally, they also have a foam base protector just underneath the ball in case you miss-hit your punch. 

The base also has to be filled with either sand or water to keep the base in place so it doesn’t slide about. This is definitely one of the top options you can get right now. 

2. Title Boxing Deluxe King Cobra Reflex Bag 

Next on the list is another very popular option and this is of course the TITLE boxing version of this. Many that have used this say the spring is very stiff at first use and will take some harder puncher to have the bag move back and forth easily. However over time with use, the spring may start to loosen up for you, this is probably best for those with more advanced skills. 

In terms of the actual design, you can get this with two different types of base. A filler base or just a metal floor base so make sure you check which one you get. The Title Cobra bag is adjustable from 4ft – to 5.5ft and comes with an infused foam-filled target ball, so you won’t have to worry about inflating it.

One of the best on this list, but is often out of stock, so make sure to have a look. Check out the comparison review by CSQUARED Boxing for more info below.

3. MaxMMA Advance Cobra Reflex Bag Kit 2.0 

MaxMAA has updated its original version, to create a much better all round experience for all users. The main difference with this version is that it has 4 different speed settings, which makes it a great option for those that are beginners or more advanced. 

In terms of the design, it is adjustable from 4.4ft to 5.4ft and comes with two-sized bags to punch with different tensions. It also comes with a large capacity base, which many claims is not heavy enough. Nevertheless, what I noticed is that they say they are using water.

For any type of filler base, I highly recommend that you use sand, instead of water. This should stop the base from moving. 

4. Hive Boxing Cobra Bag 

From the first look, the Hiveboxing Cobra Bag definitely looks a lot more advanced, but not to worry. It actually provides you with all the necessities you need when looking for a cobra bag.

It has a much larger adjustable height from 5ft to 6.3ft and comes with two bladder bags you will need to pump up. In terms of the spring action, it looks nice and loose and will move back and forth smoothly as you hit it. The base also has a slight difference with a sucker cup attached at the bottom to keep it secure, so it stays stable.

I still recommend you use sand with this to make sure it doesn’t move around. Check it out in action below: 

5. Boxingbar Viper Reflex Cobra Bag

Now the BoxingBar version of their Cobra Bag is also very basic and has had a mix of reviews, although it still does do the job. The positive is that the Viper Cobra bag is pretty simple to set up like the rest of the bags on this list. It comes with a pump-up punch bag and a base you can fill with water or sand. 

The issue around this bag is that you need to make sure you fill the base with SAND instead of water. The spring design on this is also not as fluid as some like. Especially for those that are more advanced or hit hard. This is probably a better option for those looking to do some light work, instead of intense workouts! Fundamentally the manufacturing is fine, it’s just there is better cobra bags you get if you have the budget.

6. NGNE Cobra Reflex Speed Bag 

The NGNE is British-based company who have created their own version of the Cobra bag, which is probably one of the best options you can get if you are in the UK. 

This bag has a very similar design to Wodesid and Hive cobra bags on this list which has adjustable height. The steel spring has a lack of lag and moves fluidly making it a great option for working on speed, hand-eye coordination, and reactions the more you use it.

In terms of the design, it uses a synthetic leather inflatable bag which has been said to be very durable. They also provide you with 2 bags when purchasing this. The base can be filled with water or sand, along with sticky floor suckers. This is to help greater stability additionally it has a stabilizer near the bottom of the metal rod to help even further. Overall a great option for those in the UK, see it in action below.

7. Wodesid Freestanding Reflex Boxing

The Wodesid version of the cobra bag from first look definitely looks like a generic version that is made in China and then mass-produced and sold to different brands. 

However, believe it or not, this could actually be just as good as the top Ringside or Title cobra bags considering the many positive reviews it has received online. This is due to the spring they have used which moves a lot more fluidly and is not too stiff.

The overall setup of this bag has also received positive reviews with it being fairly straightforward to set up. The design includes an adjustable frame from 4.5ft to 6ft making it a good size range for most. The speed bag is inflatable and uses tough synthetic leather for durability. 

The base can be filled with sand or water and has additional suction cups for greater stability. This cobra bag might not be one of the big brands but will certainly do you a good job. See it in action below.

8. Everlast Hyperflex Reflex Bag 

The Hyperflex reflex bag has to have one of the most mixed reviews out there. It is unique in the sense that it has two springs, giving it three workout options. It has the Speed flex which is near the top of the bag, that is meant to be used for quicker punches. The Straight flex setting moves a spring closer to the base, giving a slow movement to help your work on timing. While the Hyperflex setting works on ultimate accuracy, speed, and agility with both springs loose at once.

The punch bag top is made with foam-based material which has not been the most popular option. However, this cobra bag is probably best for absolute beginners. If you are more advanced I would probably recommend going for another option on this list. 

9. AIBOOSTPRO Cobra Reflex Bag

This is one of the cheaper cobra bags on this list and that is probably due to the smaller base unit. It is different in the sense that it has a large steel base with 32 suction cups on the bottom of it. You just need to make sure you set up the reflex bag on the surface so that it will suck too.

In terms of the actual bag itself, it is made of comfortable PU leather with a foam base just underneath in case you miss it. The height of this reflex boxing bag can be adjusted from 4.5ft to 5ft. 

If you are on a limited budget and just want a simple straightforward setup, this bag could just be for you. 

10. WILLGO Reflex Bag 

The final bag on this list is another mass-produced bag that is made in China, as the above Wodesid bag. The main difference is probably the branding on it along with the slight difference in the shape of the inflatable punch bag.

In terms of height, it is also adjustable from 4ft to 6ft making it ideal for all age groups to use it effectively. The base like most on this list can be filled with sand or water and also has additional suction cups to create more stability. 

The WILLGO bag has also had lots of positive reviews due to it being easy to assemble and store.

Final thoughts

Improving your hand speed, hand-eye coordination and reflex is an essential aspect for any boxer or mixed martial artist. If I had to pick any of the options it would have to be the top 3 recommendations at the top of this article or the NGNE bag.

Cobra bags are brilliant ways to develop your skillset further, but I think equipment like double end bags are just as good if not better in my opinion. I recommend you check out my cobra reflex vs double end bag blog here before you make your mind up on which option to go for. You can also look at other ways exercises to improve reflexes here.

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