Top 12 Best Adidas Boxing Gloves Review

Venum Boxing Gloves have to have some of the coolest and best glove designs in recent history. In this blog I go over their top 10 options you have to consider.

The German giants Adidas are well known as one of biggest sporting brands in the world across almost every sport you can think of. 

Adidas have always tried to play a big part in the sport, especially with their amateur gloves being a popular go to option for many, including the Olympics.

However, in recent years they have really started to up their game in the boxing world. Particularly with many models being released fo all levels of the sport. 

They have also been having some top boxers wear their gloves including the likes of Anthony Yarde, Daniel Dubois (below) and Danny Garcia in recent years. 

Daniel Dubois | Top Adidas Boxing Gloves

Although they may not be the most traditional boxing brand, they do still have some good products to consider. That being said, here are the top 10 best Adidas boxing gloves for you to consider.

1. Adidas Tilt 350 Pro Boxing Gloves

Adidas have recently created their newest boxing glove collection – Tilt. The German sportswear giant have designed this unique glove by using sustainable materials with Cactus leather. This is an exciting time for those that are looking for Vegan boxing products or those wanting to improve the environment with their purchasing decisions.

In terms of the actual technology improvements in these Adidas gloves. The Tilt design provides fighters with greater hand support by allowing proper knuckle alignment when striking. The Tilt technology also should give boxers the confidence to punch harder without the fear of hurting their hand. Read more about them here.

2. Adidas AdiSpeed Boxing Gloves

The AdiSpeed is probably one of the most popular options Adidas have right now. This glove was designed in the USA and uses real genuine quality leather which is a big plus for me. 

It is definitely a quality glove for those that want to take their boxing seriously especially if you are going to be sparring, hitting heavy bags and mitt a lot! 

The AdiSpeed can be purchased with Velcro or Lace strap and comes in Black, White or Gold version. A glove to consider if you are advanced or professional. 

3. Adidas AdiPower Boxing Gloves

The AdiPower is very similar to the above Adispeed, with slightly different design with branding and round padding on top. The padding shock absorption on this glove has been regarded as excellent in reviews. 

This glove is also made with real genuine leather and only comes in lace as far as I can find. It is a really suitable all round training glove for probably more advanced boxers in the sport.

The Adipower comes in simple black or white combined with a gold combo and is slightly cheaper than the above adispeed. 

4. Adidas AIBA Contest Boxing Gloves

No if you are a young amateur or gym looking for amateur boxing gloves. What’s not better than your amateur boxing using the official AIBA contest boxing Gloves so they can get used to them. 

These Adidas gloves are made with quality hide leather, secure velcro strap closing and a high compression ‘IMF’ foam padding for brilliant protection. 

Come in standard amateur competition color of Red and Blue. 

5. Adidas Hybrid 300 Boxing Gloves

The Hybrid 300 Boxing Gloves are brilliant gloves for all levels of boxing. Adidas have made this glove genuine cowhide leather with a satin-like lining ensuring added comfort.

They have also used a layered moulded foam in the padding to offer your hand the best  protection. This comes in either a rigid secure velcro strap or there is a lace version of glove too.

6.  Adidas Speed 175 Gloves

A very simple look and feel to this glove by Adidas and it looks like your standard synthetic boxing glove. However this is in fact real genuine cowhide leather. 

Adidas have also used highly protective multi layered foam from the strike zone to the wrist offering tremendous support. 

These well-padded gloves can be used for boxing and kickboxing and are able to be used on bags, including the punching bag, double end bag, and pads with ease. 

7. Adidas Speed Tilt 250 Boxing Gloves

Similar to the above number one on this list (Tilt 350), however the Tilt 250 versions of this model do not use vegan cactus leather. However they do keep some of the original and innovative Tilt design features. Thus helping to keep knuckles in natural alignment, allowing greater protection for you hand when striking.

These gloves come in multiple color options. They also look like they will be a go to entry glove for those looking to buy the Tilt gloves on a smaller budget.

8. Adidas Performer Boxing Gloves

Much like the above speed 175 gloves, the Adidas Performer Gloves don’t look too flashy with a very simple design. The main difference to the above is that it is cheaper and made from synthetic leather instead. 

Some slight differences to this design are the ventilation holes on the thumb to improve the breathability of the glove. While it also has a slight gap in the middle of the palm to help with this too. But personally you will still need to look after them regardless. 

If you are a beginner looking for decent hand protection. This is a good starting glove to hit things like the heavy bag or pads thanks to the  IMF foam and gel padding used. 

9. Adidas Glory Boxing Gloves

The Adidas Glory Gloves are another brilliant option for advance, professional or those wanting to take the sport seriously. 

Adidas have created these with real genuine cowhide leather, giving much quality and durability to this boxing glove.They have also used material to offer excellent protection by injection foam and horse hair padding on the inside.

This is a brilliant velcro hook and loop training glove to use for all training and It comes red, blue and black.

10. Adidas Hybrid 200 Boxing Gloves

An older model of the more recently upgraded Hybrid 300 version (No 4 above) of the glove. Just like the 300 it is made with genuine leather on the outer leather making them extremely durable. 

These come with a similar velcro strap which is more of the standard hook and loop strap you will find. Adidas have used a unique SDX perforated foam in the padding construction to offer you hand ultimate protection when using. 

Cost at around a similar price to 300 and also comes in more color options as it has been around for slightly longer. 

11. Adidas Hybrid 100 Boxing Gloves

The Hybrid 100 gloves are definitely an entry level / beginner glove. I would probably recommend it to those just looking for a glove to do some fitness bag work every now and again. 

If you are going to be boxing a, lot I would maybe consider one of the above gloves in this list. 

The glove is made with a PU synthetic leather and has a fairly strong hook-and-loop and elastic while it also uses injection mould foam to absorb the impact of your punches. 

12. Adidas Speed 50 Boxing Gloves 

Another entry level glove created by Adidas that is for those who participate in the occasional boxing session. Like the Adidas hybrid 100’s above, definitely best for entry level in boxing and will wear down over time if used often as made with synthetic PU leather. 

Despite this, they are a compact simple design that will do you a good job when using things like the heavy bag of pads. They also come in a few different design options that might pick you fancy. 

If I had to recommend any of the gloves above, advanced boxers need to consider the AdiSpeed Gloves while if you are just looking for a bag glove for boxing fitness – any of the Hybrid versions should do a good job.

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Make sure to let us know in the comments below which Adidas boxing glove options you might go for?

Thanks for reading!

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