Top 5 Reasons Why Running For Boxing Is Important

Golovkin doing his roadwork

In my last ten years of training in the sport of boxing, I’ve learned doing the roadwork is one of the hardest things to get yourself started with. As an amateur boxer, I’ve had to really find something deep inside me at times to get motivated for doing those long distance cardio runs in the morning or after work.

However, once you get some discipline and consistency of doing them, you will really start to feel the benefits quickly in your boxing training, fitness and overall mentality.

Here are my top 5 reasons why running for boxing is important:

1. Gives you discipline

Discipline is such a fundamental thing to have in boxing and doing the roadwork has always been a great starting point for me. When you first start your fight camp/training, get up early in the morning 4-5 days a week and run at least 2-3 miles each time.

By doing this each day your overall fitness will obviously improve, but more importantly the persistent routine of doing this will give you discipline. It’s really hard at first, but once you get past those first few runs it sets your discipline for the rest or your training.

2. Strip down the pounds

It really does help strip the pounds quickly as you try to drop weight! It’s an old school way of looking at, but you will quickly see the benefit from this. From my experience and advice, I usually get up early in the morning, have a glass of water and hit the road on a empty stomach!

You’ll find yourself easily losing 350-450 calories form single session out there on the road. I’ve quite often been very surprised by the weight drop from a single outing on the road.

Just remember to rehydrate after and eat some light carbohydrates such porridge, fruit or if you need something a bit heavier, scrambled eggs with brown toast is my favourite. Just don’t over do it! 🙂

Pacquiao running with his dog

3. Increases your stamina

Everyone knows running will help with this, but for boxing, having that stamina and endurance to last many rounds is a lot harder than anyone thinks it is. Especially while you are being hit at the same time and having to throw punches back at your opponent!

Running will help build up that natural stamina of non-stop working while you’re in the ring or training. This really does help compliment all the other work you are doing the gym which leads onto my next point.

4. Improve your explosiveness

Running isn’t all just about long distance, but making sure you are combining this by doing interval training (sprints) at a high intensity with short rest periods. When you’re in the ring you’ll need moments where busts of explosiveness energy is needed when throwing your punches and combinations.

Sprinting or doing interval training will really help imitate that same burst of energy you would use in the ring when throwing punches. This will also help give running variation to your routine.

5. Tests you mentally

muhammad Ali running in zaire
Ali doing his roadwork in Zaire

Muhammad Ali famously once said:

“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.”

When you’re out there on the road by yourself in preparation for a fight with just yourself and your own thoughts it really does test you mentally. You ask yourself questions…am I good enough? Do I have what it takes to win? Is this worth it? When you first start doubt always creeps into your mind, but the more you keep at it, the more confident you will become in your preparation and state of mind!

Nowadays everyone usually listens to music while they go out on their run which is fine. I challenge you to run without music for one run and see how you handle your own thoughts. 😉

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I’ll leave you with this fantastic video from Precision Striking below. Jason gives some great tips on ways to mix up your running routine and incorporate more boxing elements when you’re out there on the road.

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why Running For Boxing Is Important

  1. Very interesting piece here, running is an essential part of most sports however agree boxing its very important, lots of stamina needed. I’m looking to get in to boxing, what do you reckon is best workouts to do for it? I’ve tried searching about for the answer but found it quite difficult! Will be interesting to have a read through your other posts.


    1. Hi Kevin, thanks for your comment! This is going to seem like a really simple answer, but anytime type of boxing specific training is a good workout for boxing. So hitting the heavy bag, using the pads with a friend/coach, shadow boxing with light weights. If you are meaning something other than boxing – make sure your workouts are some sort  aerobic exercise such as jumping rope, swimming, cycling or rowing. Hope this helps and let me know if you need anymore advice. 



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