Top 5 RDX Boxing Gloves You Can Buy Today

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RDX Boxing Gloves are some of the highest quality and affordable gloves on the market which you can easily get your hands on by ordering today. Here is a bit of background to RDX Sports:

RDX has established itself as the leading British Combat Sports and Fitness brand hailing from the UK, dominating not only the European markets but others too.

We give athletes of all levels what they need to succeed – technologically advanced high-quality sporting products they can rely on, specifically designed to enhance technique and performance in the lines of Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Muay-Thai and Fitness.

Check out my top 5 RDX boxing glove options below:

1. RDX F7 EGO Boxing Gloves

RDX F7 EGO boxing gloves

Engineered for battle and backed with the most advanced technologies, these boxing and training gloves are untouchable in the ring. The reinforced coating and shock resistant padding makes them the ideal sparring or kickboxing gloves, made using Maya Hide leather to weather the hardest of shots from your opponent.

With strategically placed perforations, these punching gloves offer maximum ventilation by wicking away sweat and keeping your hands as cool as your head. Also designed with a smart Hook-and-loop wrist strap for adjustability and unbeatable wrist support to help hone your punch technique.

  • Durable Maya Hide™ leather built to last and last
  • Shell Shock™ gel Equilibrium Sheet triple padding for maximum shock resistance
  • S.P.P™ Ventilation system for the ultimate hand breathability
  • Quick-EZ™ Hook-and-loop for a snug fit and easy size adjustment
  • Wrist support to enhance punching form



Learn more about RDX F7 EGO gloves on Amazon

Check out Master Boxing’s fantastic review below on the RDX F7 EGO gloves for a closer look at the finer details of the glove, size guide and see them in action.

2. RDX S5 Boxing Gloves

RDX S5 Boxing Gloves

Training in sparring boxing gloves like these, you’d be doing your hands, and your gym partner a service. You’ve never trained in a kickboxing glove like this. Handcrafted for safety using a low-density shock-absorbent foam padding that is secured using authentic cowhide leather to bring you a pair the ultimate pair of ‘pain pillows’.

Ventilation mesh system expels heat and draws in cool-air while the shock-absorbent gel lining in the palms is placed to shield against kicks. An anti-microbial inner-lining provides a pleasant feel while wicking the sweat away from the skin. A wide ergo-cut Hook-and-Loop closure with an elastic band helps modulate comfort and enables solid wrist stability.

  • These Sparring boxing gloves are handcrafted using authentic cowhide leather to last you a career
  • Low density Max-Shock foam padding cushions the knuckles efficiently making your punches pleasant for you, but hell on your opponent
  • Gel-X shock-absorbent lining within the palm secures the hands against kicks and stray angles
  • Ergo-cut Quick-EZ Hook-and-loop closure is attached to elastic for comfort modulation and wrist stability
  • An inner dazzle lining combined with ventilation mesh system ensures that heat is expelled while absorbing sweat away from the skin



Learn more about RDX S5 gloves on Amazon

Check out FitBox’s insightful review on a slightly older version of the glove, but still very relevant to all the features above:

3. RDX F11 Training Boxing Gloves

RDX F11 Training Boxing Gloves

If you’re training Muay Thai kick boxing or simply punching a bag, you want to be certain you’re in the safest gear possible. Introducing the latest addition to RDX’s range of Patent Pending high-quality boxing gloves. Extremely durable and long-lasting Maya Hide™ leather coats the exterior of this finely handcrafted pair of gloves. Exclusive Polygonal Diffusion™ mold distributes shock-impact equally throughout the design and is sandwiched by highly compressed EVA-LUTION™ Foam and Supremo-Shock™ Equilibrium sheet that does away with violent impacts without any consequence to your hand health. The palm side has CoolX™ mesh to ventilate moisture while the new, extra-long Quick-EZ hook & loop closure ensures wrist-support and easy on/off application.

  • Special Polygonal Diffusion mold™ effectively distributes shock-impact equally throughout Patent Pending glove
  • Highly Compressed EVA-LUTION™ Foam padding absorbs shock-impact efficiently over knuckles and base of hand
  • Supremo-Shock Equilibrium™ sheet pressed against the exclusive Polygonal Fushion™ mold provides the utmost shock-absorption against heavy impacts
  • CoolX™ ventilation mesh expels moisture build-up
  • New Quick-EZ™ hook & loop closure with extra-long strap provides added wrist support and comfort adjustability



Learn more about RDX F11 gloves on Ebay

4. RDX F15 Noir Black Boxing Gloves

RDX F15 Noir Black Boxing Gloves

Invest in a pair of boxing gloves that won’t quit. Layered with ConvEX Skin Combat Leather outer, these matte black boxing gloves are more than just batter-resistant – they’re indestructible. Multiple slabs of shock-resistant EVA padding barricade the hand while the Quadro-Dome™ mould ensures that impact disperses equally across the glove.

Nylon mesh palms and inner antimicrobial lining promise to keep your hands fresh, aerated and bacteria-free. Lastly, the Quick EZ hook-and-loop strap secures the glove with adhesive-like strength that provides a little extra support and alignment to the wrist.

  • Handcrafted ConvEX Skin Combat Leather for innovative and long-lasting resilience
  • Quadro-Dome™ mould disperses force across glove equally
  • EVA padding provides ultimate shock absorbency while XFOAM palm cushions against heavy blows
  • Nylon mesh palm offers enhanced air ventilation while antimicrobial inner lining wicks away sweat to keep hands fresh and clean
  • Quick EZ hook-and-loop wrist strap for secure wear and easy on/off application


Learn more about RDX F15 black gloves on Amazon

Or why not read my full review on the RDX F15 gloves here

5. RDX T9 QUAD-KORE Leather Boxing Gloves

RDX T9 Quad Kore boxing glove

These leather boxing gloves are as tough as they come. Designed to endure the trickiest of training sessions, these sparring boxing gloves are the champion’s choice for performance, resilience and some serious toe-to-toe with all the hand protection a beginner boxer needs.

With unbeatable shock resistance and unique foam technology to keep wrists shielded from corkscrew blows, these high-performance punching gloves are just as superb when used as kickboxing gloves or Muay Thai gloves alike. Engineered for maximum ventilation to prevent bacteria build up, these gloves will keep all nasty odours at bay.

  • Tough authentic cowhide leather for maximum durability
  • Shell Shock™ gel Equilibrium Sheet for unbeatable shock absorption
  • EVA-LUTION FOAM™ for the ultimate protection and safety around the wrist
  • Quick-EZ™ Hook-and-loop strap for easy adjustment and a super snug fit
  • S.P.P™ Ventilation system with strategically placed perforations to keep hands dry



Learn more about RDX Quad-Kore gloves on Amazon

Some great choices of gloves with some fantastic features in all the above! To help you out further you use the code ‘RDXFIT’ and link for a 5% Discount Coupon of RDX Sports applicable site-wide on Boxing, MMA & Fitness Gear. Shop Now

For more boxing equipment reviews click on the link here.

Also let us know in the comments below which options you might go for?

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 RDX Boxing Gloves You Can Buy Today

  1. Great post and good info. 

    I’m not a boxing man myself, but I have a good friend who is a boxer. 

    And he is looking for new gloves, because his are broken, and he is desperate for good ones, but really good ones. 

    I don’t know how hard he hits, but every few months his gloves are old and broken. 

    So thanks for sharing it, I will show him this post! 

    1. Thanks for the comment Emmanuel. Your friend probably just uses his gloves a lot which can result in wear and tear for any glove. The RDX gloves have very good padding and synthetic leather which should hopefully make your friend keep them for a bit longer. Hope this helped! 

  2. Yesss. I love these boxing gloves so much. Always have enjoyed RDX Boxing gloves but have never seen these typical ones. Christmas is just around the corner and I want to spar my brother in law. The RDX T9 QUAD-KORE Leather Boxing Gloves for me and the RDX F11 Training Boxing Gloves for him. What are the big differences between these two gloves? Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Brandon, glad to hear you like the RDX boxing gloves! I’d probably say the F11  gloves have slightly more padding while the T9 QUAD-KORE are more breathable and comfortable for the hand – these would probably be my own preference.

      Thanks for commenting and be safe sparring! 😉 

  3. Hi. I like how you list out the qualities of the individual gloves.

    Could you share how we could care for the gloves while storing them so that they can last longer? Do you know what we need to look out for when we purchase them? How to choose from the different sellers for 2nd hand gloves incase we just want to get a feel of using them before we commit ourselves?

    May I know which ones are lighter so that the boxer can feel like they are not really wearing them? I was wondering which ones to recommend to people who like boxing. 🙂 Some boxers like to buy more sets of gloves so that they can choose which ones they really like.


    1. Hi Vanessa, thanks for your comment and questions. I have answered your questions in order below:

      – Check out my recent article on my top 6 tips look after your boxing gloves.

      – Durability, Brand make (trusted boxing glove manufacturer) E.g. RDX, Everlast, Rival – check out my glove reviews here

      – I would avoid second hand gloves personally, make sure to purchase gloves which has never been used. 

      – You can get lighter oz gloves, but it depends how light/heavy you are yourself. For a women I would recommend 10, 12, 14 oz gloves – here is good video which can explain it for you. 

      Hope these answers will help you out! 



  4. Nice article by RDX. Having read through of the types of gloves to buy. As a beginner as well in sport of boxing my preference will be for the RDX T9 QUAD-KORE Leather Boxing Gloves. Its specifications are cool. Other types of boxing gloves are pretty nice as well but my choice is RDX T9 QUAD-KORE. I will try to make my order next week. Thanks

    1. Thanks for the comment! I quite like T9 Quad-Kore design myself, it has a really cool design. I’m glad this post has helped you out! 


  5. Hello Jamie,

    I used to spar with my big brother before when I was younger during my high school years.

    It brings back the fun memories. I like the Rdx T9 just perfect for beginners. This is an awesome review with different options especially from a reputable manufacturer RDX.

    Thanks for a helpful advice.

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