Top 10 Best Uppercut Punching Bags Review

Top 10 Best Uppercut Punching Bags Review

Now if you have done any type of boxing training with a hanging heavy bag or free standing bag before, you will know that it is quite difficult to practice your uppercuts and angled punches.

I have seen countless of times beginners and even advanced boxers hurt their wrist or hand by throwing uppercuts on the wrong type of bag which makes it more important than ever to make sure they are using the right type of bag for these punch maneuvers.

Thankfully there are unique bags that have been created and crafted with the purpose for you to practise uppercuts specifically, but also other training and skill techniques too!

Why use an uppercut punch bag?

For the most part, by using an uppercut punch bag you will generally get the best of both worlds as your will be able to to throw your typical straight punches alongside angled or uppercut punches.

The standard hanging heavy bag will always have its place in helping to develop your straight and hook punches, but uppercut/angled bags give you the flexibility to practice your uppercut punch skillset properly and without potential injuring yourself.

How does a uppercut punch bag help you?

Here is a brilliant video by Coach Anthony who demonstrates how to use uppercut bag properly and why you should use them. He explains the benefits in terms of how they allow you to practice defensive slipping manoeuvres alongside uppercuts and angled punches.

What are the best uppercut bags?

Below I have come with my top list of uppercut punching bags for you to consider if you are looking to practise throwing angled and uppercuts within your boxing training regime.

1. RDX Heavy Uppercut Angled Maize Punch Bag

RDX have crafted a brilliant uppercut and angled maize punch bag which also gives you the ability to practice your normal punches alongside it.

This bag is slightly smaller length wise, but more compact at the top than a traditional heavy bag due to the curve angle. It will however give you the best of both world if you decide to go with this punch bag.

RDX have also supplied swivel Chain Set and Maya leather bag gloves to use with it making it a good option for beginners. There is also exclusive swing reduction TLF architecture at the base of the bag to stop the bag overlay swaying if you want to keep it more in place when punching.



Learn more on Amazon here Or Check out on RDX’s website here

2. RDX Heavy Boxing Uppercut Body Punch Bag

Very similar to above RDX angled uppercut bag, RDX have added in a bonus body section of the bag so you also throw body shot punches.

This is not just a great bag for practicing uppercut, but it also give you the opportunity to add in variation of punches to the body of the bag while also adding in uppercuts or angled shot to the top end of the bag.

This bag also comes with a 6 strand swivel chain set. The loop facility at the base of the punch bag ensures maximum swing reduction and extra stability, they also supply a Maya Hide Leather Gel gloves to train with it.



Learn more on Amazon here Or Check out on RDX’s website here

3. RDX Heavy Uppercut Wrecking Ball Maize Punch Bag

RDX Uppercut Wrecking Ball Maize Punch Bag is great if you are looking to focus on throwing more uppercuts and angled punches due to the compact nature of the design.

This is also great at forcing you to keep your straight punches up especially if you are training to fight a taller opponent.

The bag is made with Zero Impact G-Core twinned layer and non-tear maya hide leather making it a tough and durable bag that will last you a long time.

RDX also supplies this bag 3 strand swivel chain set and with Maya Hide Leather Gel gloves for you to use while training



Learn more on Amazon here Or Check out on RDX’s website here

4. Aqua Punching Bag

The Aqua punch bag is probably one of the most popular uppercut bags you will see a lot of professional fighters use and this is because of the almost lifelike feeling you get when you hit it with your punches.

The Aqua training bag comes in all different sizes so make sure you pick a size that is suitable for you in the home gym. In terms of training you will be able to practice your upper cuts, angles punches and defensive head movement as you hit and move around the bag up close.

The likes of Boxing star Canelo Alvarez has often shown himself training with the Aqua bag over the years. See him put it to good use below:

The bag itself will need to be filled with water and make sure when purchasing the bag you buy a heavy duty chain with it to hang.

Personally I think this is one the best bags you train with in today’s punch bag market due to variation and human like feel when punching.


Learn more on Amazon in the links below:

5. Everlast Hydro Strike

Very similar to the above Aqua Training punch bag, Everlast have created their own interpretation of a water based filled punch bag that provides a life-like feel when punching.

In the case of these bags being different, the Everlast Hydro Strike punch bag is slightly longer than the original Aqua punch bag, so it gives you more even punching area to throw different combinations.

The Hydro Strike weighs in around 100lbs once filled, make sure when purchasing the bag you buy a heavy duty chain to hang with it.

I also recommend you watch Everlast’s set up video here before you decide to purchase.


five star

Learn more on Amazon here

6. Prolast Angled Heavy Bag

Very similar to the first option on this list, the Prolast Angled heavy bag gives you the opportunity to practice your angled hooks or uppercuts with curve design.

Prolast have crafted a sturdy punch bag that also gives you the ability to practice your straight punches effectively.

The bag has been made with strong exterior leather which is heavy-duty water-resistant and non-tear nylon lining with nylon web straps to help you hang the bag in your gym or training area. The bag comes in four different colours including black, blue, red and yellow.


Learn more on Amazon here

7. Prolast Wrecking Ball Uppercut Punch Bag 

Prolast also has a wrecking ball version which is more ideal for those looking to focus on using uppercuts, hooks and angled shots.

This bag has been made with a strong synthetic leather cover and is made with high density poly-fiber material that is ideal for absorbing every punch.

This wrecking ball punch bag weighs approximately 80-85 pounds and is 30 inches x 25 inches. The bag comes in four different colours including black, blue, red and yellow.



Learn more here on Amazon here

8. HB13 Fairtex Uppercut Bag

Fairtex are a renowned Muay Thai boxing kit brand and are known for their quality products using strong durable leather and non leather in their products.

In the case of the HB13 Fairtex Uppercut-Angle Bag it is constructed with Syntek Leather with heavy duty water resistant and non-tear nylon lining with nylon web straps.

The bag itself is a great multi-purpose option designed for punch, high and low kicks, hand and foot jabs, and other drills. So is brilliant for both Muay Thai and Boxing training.

It’s recommended to use a swivel chanin on Fairtex punch bags which allows the bag to freely spin, increasing the life of the straps.

I recommend this bag if you are wanting to practice leg kicking alongside your punching.


five star

Learn more on Amazon here

9. Ring to Cage Wrecking Ball Uppercut Bag

Ring to Cage have created a typical filled “Wrecking Ball” Heavy Bag with a rounded shape.

This heavy bag design is ideal for all punches, kicks and strikes and some defensive maneuvers and can also used for defensive maneuvers such as slips. (see first video)

The bag is made with top quality durable vinyl and weighs in around 70-80 lb. The bag also comes with a bag chain and swivel for setting up.


Learn more on Amazon here

10. Reebok Combat Uppercut Bag

Similar to the above Fairtex bag, the Reebok Combat Uppercut Bag is sturdy and great for all round use if you decide to go with this.

Designed with an angled strike zone, the this bag allows you to practice your full combination of punches with its two distinct sections.

This combat bag is made from durable leather with dense foam padding and is built to withstand sustained use and powerful striking.

The uppercut bag also come with 4 heavy duty hanging chains with welded attachments which makes it great for setting quickly in your gym or workout space.



Learn more on Amazon here

Bonus Alternative – Ring to Cage Uppercut Ring/Donut for Heavy Bags

Now if you already have a traditional heavy bag, you might want to consider Ring to Cage’s Uppercut Ring/Donut which can slide onto a heavy bag to give you the ability to also throw proper uppercuts.

This could be good option if you want to save a few bucks, but make sure you check the sizing and dimension of your current heavy bag before purchasing.


Learn more on Amazon Here

Hope you enjoyed this review and hopefully this will help you make the best decision.

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Let me know in the comments below which option you might like to go for?

Thanks for reading!

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