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The story so far…

So first off I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has engaged and helped out with Boxing Life so far. I’ve been working really hard the past 7 months providing blog content on boxing news, equipment reviews, training tips and motivation.

I really want to continue to grow this channel and brand to help everyone who loves boxing find what’s right for their boxing life. By you having a great experience on my website and social channels by finding the best boxing gear or getting the latest boxing opinion, it’s important that I continue to create good content which will benefit my readers.

The next step is the Boxing Life Newsletter.

What you will get

Each month I’ll aim to share with you a round up of my latest blog posts exclusively with my email community. I’ll aim to create more boxing equipment reviews, training articles and of course cover the biggest fights in boxing.

I also plan to set preferences on what you want me to send you e.g. so if it’s just boxing equipment reviews – that’s what I’ll send you.

My plan in the next 6 months

I plan to be fighting myself in the next 6 months and will update you on my own progress by covering my own special blog offering my personalized fitness and nutrition plans for people who want more coaching or advice and hopefully help others reach their own specific boxing/training goals.

I also want to introduce guest blog posts for the biggest fights or topics in boxing. If you fancy featuring on Boxing Life please email me at and let me know what you want to blog about.

The goal

For my goal, its not changed since I’ve started! Boxing Life was built simply from a passion for the sweet science…the sport of boxing. I want to inspire and create more greatness from around the world through giving you the best boxing life.

Join the newsletter

If you want to continue hearing from us and get sent content directly to you, sign up below in the form below. If you know someone else who would be helped by this content, feel free to share the sign up link here or connect us directly!

I have also left you a link to my social media channels below too.

As always, thanks for reading!


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Jamie - Boxing Life

I'm a boxing analyst, amateur boxer, and blogger looking to pass on my boxing experiences and passion to anyone looking to learn or find out more about the sport of boxing. Whether that be gear reviews, fighter analysis, news, training tips, or my own personal journey, I'll be covering it on 'Boxing Life'.

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