The Plant Era – Organic Protein Powder Review

With far more of us being conscious of how we live day to day, going plant-based with your diet has many benefits including helping your overall performance, health benefits, lower calorie intake and sustainability for our planet.

In this review I’ll be looking at upcoming organic supplement brand ‘The Plant Era’ and give some insight into their very highly rated organic protein powder along with some other brilliant plant based supplements for you to consider.

Who is The Plant Era?

The Plant Era Review

The Plant Era are a popular and upcoming plant based supplement brand who are creating some outstanding supplements with the aim of improving your health, performance and sustainability for our planet.

The Plant Era was formed by Nicholas Orsini who discovered the power of plant-based diets while training for an Ironman. His recovery accelerated and performance was improved through a lower body fat, better mental clarity, and greater health. Orsini was constantly disappointed in the sports nutrition options out there due to the added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and lack of organic options. Not to mention, most had poor solubility, texture, and taste.

It was from these experiences that The Plant Era was born, and after much work created a plant based product he was finally happy with was developed.

What are the benefits of a plant-based diet?

It’s important to identify the benefits of plant-based diets by giving you some insight to why it’s worth considering for you?


By going plant based in your diet you will see area of your performance improve including increased blood flow, improved muscle efficiency, more efficient energy sources, faster recovery time and lower body fat intake when losing weight.

Health benefits

Plant based are associated with numerous health benefits versus non-vegetarian diets. Factors like life longevity, inflammation, chronic disease, skin, and BMI are just some of them.

Calorie Intake

It gives people a much lower calorie intake while giving you a much higher nutrient and antioxidant filled food versus meat based protein which is high in saturated fat, calories, and has little to no antioxidant benefits.


Probably one of the largest benefits is the sustainability results that comes from consuming less meat and dairy.

Why choose organic protein powder?

There are in fact many useful benefits for choosing Plant based protein over standard  whey protein. What is the difference between the two? Well Whey protein is in fact sourced from the liquid part of milk that separates during cheese production. Organic vegan protein on the other hand is sourced from organic peas and rice.

Easier to digest

Organic protein powder is a lot easier for your body to digest than whey protein for the majority of people. This is because the human body is unable to digest dairy efficiently.

Nutritional value 

Plant-based proteins are much more nutrient dense foods than dairy and contain a range of powerful nutrients and antioxidants to improve your overall health and well-being. Just think about the difference of how you feel after you have vegetables compared to eating cheese?

Better recovery for performance

A recent study by the Lipscomb University, Nashville USA, has demonstrated that vegan protein powder is equally effective as whey protein powder for performance, strength, and body composition as a supplement. Peas and rice in combination have a complete amino acid profile, just as whey protein powder, which is most often the primary criticism of vegan protein powder

The Plant Era’s organic protein powder

The Plant Era organic Protein

The Plant Era protein powder has been scientifically formulated over the course of a year and half to support muscle recovery, enhance energy levels, and reduce fatigue. It is created with a combination of organic pea and rice protein with vitamin b12 and iron which will help you seize the day and accomplish your goals!

They currently have two flavours of Protein power with more expected to be added in the future. These include:

Organic Dark Chocolate Protein – check out on their website
Organic Strawberry Basil – check out on their website

Having tasted the protein power myself I was very impressed by how flavoursome this protein power was just as good as any standard whey protein powder I have had in the past. If I had to choose and option right now it would have to be Strawberry Basil, I was actually pleasantly surprised by how good this was!

Because it is an organic based power I felt it also didn’t take as long to break down the protein power with my shaker and didn’t feel as bloated as I normally would with standard whey protein powder.

When should you use The Plant Era’s Protein Powder?

The Plant Era Organic Protein Powder

Pre / Post workouts – Like most people, you will be planning on using this to support your muscle recovery after the gym, have a shake 30 minutes after, or even before, you train. Just be careful around how your body can handle a shake before you workout though.

You can mix one scoop with 300ml of water, milk, or plant-based milk and shake it for 1-2 minutes – it’s that simple!

Breakfast – You can mix their protein power within your breakfast intake, such as a smoothie, mix it with porridge or pancakes mix to start your day with a healthy, organic, and most very nutritional meal.

Baking – if you are feeling like a healthy snack, you can also mix it within your next baking recipe for cookies, brownies, cakes or anything else tasty you can think of!

Other useful plant based supplements

The Plant Era also have some other brilliant supplements for you to try out including following:

Vegan Immune Support – designed to protect, maintain, and optimize your immune system

Vegan Bone Support – designed to protect, maintain, and optimize your bone health (60 

Vegan Vitamin D3 – this supplement helps to protect and maintain your immune system and bones

Vegan Turmeric & Black Pepper – contributes to nurse your body, your skin, and your joints naturally. The black pepper is used to increase bioavailability to increase vitality and comfort.

Final thoughts 

People are given information all the time on diets and if you are really unsure why not try taking on The Plant Era’s plant based supplements for a few weeks and test yourself to see the results. If you’re a serious athlete or someone just generally looking to improve their fitness and health, then you’ll base your diet on what improves your performance the most and their supplements can help you make a great start with this.

=>Visit The Plant Era’s website today to find out more<=

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Thanks for reading!


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  1. Thanks for another terrific review! The Plant Era seems like it has many uses – it was great to see your mention of various practicalities such as pre/post workout, breakfasts, baking, and more. I know many people who suffer from whey protein digestion issues, so a plant-based protein sounds extremely promising. Saved for future reference! 🙂 

    1. No worries at all! Glad you found this review useful! I know, the digestion part of organic protein is so much better for you in my opinion! Thanks again for the comment! 


  2. Hello there, It’s no surprise that this type of protein powder is the more natural choice. Many of the ingredients used to make plant-based powders that contain essential vitamins, nutrients, omega3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. These ingredients also have a naturally pleasant taste, eliminating the need for flavour additives. Thanks for sharing

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