The NEW Under Armour Sports Face Mask

Due to the current pandemic we are facing all over the world, face masks are becoming an essential part of our daily lives if we want to control the spread of coronavirus in public places. In some countries and states it is essential to wear a face mask in places like stores and transport systems mainly to reduce the spread of infections.

However, with the likes of gyms slowly starting to reopen, some people are still cautious about going into that environment and catching or spreading the virus.

Under Armour have been very aware of athletes and gym enthusiasts concerns and started building special sport face mask prototypes until they made the perfect one for athletes. It’s got the airflow you need, a cool feel, and the best fit for running or working out in.

Here are some key features to the new Under Armour SportsMask below:

Unique Airflow

It’s light, soft-but-structured fabric stays off your mouth and wicks sweat but still allows air to flow through.

Performance Fit

The fit is secure-but-not-tight, with a soft, adjustable nose bridge, and a strip of base layer fabric for a snug fit under the glasses.

Under Armour Sports Mask

Cool feel

The inside fabric uses Under Armour Iso-Chill technology next to skin to disperse heat, so it actually feels cool when you put it on.


It’s a fully washable, sustainable, and then ready to wear over and over—making it more environmentally friendly than disposable face masks or filters.

Three Layer System

Under Armour SportsMask 3 layers system

Layer 1 – Spacer fabric – This fabric is light but has air pockets for structure, so it can stay off your mouth and nose for better airflow.

Layer 2 – Open-Cell Foam – The breathable middle layer lets air through but makes it hard for moisture and sweat to pass.

Layer 3 – UA iso-chill – This fabric actually feels cool against your skin, stretches, and has an anti-microbial treatment.

Product reviews

Under armour

Here are some reviews from the Under Armour website on some dedicated customer who have used the product:

Great Fit review

Life changing review

Changes the game review

*NEW* Choices

Due to the recent popularity Under Armour have released new colors and special edition “Rock” version, grey and red. See below:

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a top quality face mask while you workout, Under Armour have arguably created one of best on the market for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Wearing face masks is mainly about protecting others from your respiratory droplets in case you unknowingly contract the virus and are contagious but don’t know because you are not symptomatic yet.

Under Armour have created this perfectly for those that are in an active setting to feel more safe in gyms and everyday public environments. With the pandemic likely to last until 2021 and with lots of restrictions due to continue over the coming months, you won’t want to miss out!

=>Learn more on Under Armour’s website here<=

Check out more product information below:

More Product Information By Under Armour

  • Made with high-performance UA materials, designed to be worn all day & when playing sports
  • Structured design sits up off the face & lips for added comfort & breathability
  • Water-resistant outer shell features smooth, breathable spacer fabric
  • Anti-microbial treatment on the inside layer to help keep mask fresh
  • Polyurethane open-cell foam lets air through but makes it hard for moisture & sweat to pass
  • UA Iso-Chill fabric on interior lining & ear loops feels cool to the touch for as long as you wear it
  • Fabric is soft & smooth for next to face comfort & moves moisture from your mouth to the insert layer
  • Lining fabric extends up & is strategically shaped to lay flat across the bridge of your nose
  • Soft, adjustable nose bridge to secure it across the face
  • Stretchy ear loops & side panels for a more comfortable fit
  • Includes washable, anti-microbial carrying pouch with locker tag to mark your name or number
  • Hand wash & lay flat to dry
  • Intended for daily wear & use in sports by healthy individuals
  • Non-medical & non-surgical mask, does not protect against viruses
  • 3-layer system meets WHO recommendation for fabric mask

Make sure to let me in the comments below if you like this option from Under Armour? Would you wear a more traditional face mask or do you think this will be good for fitness and sport enthusiasts to wear?

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Thanks for reading!

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3 thoughts on “The NEW Under Armour Sports Face Mask

  1. This is nice, it is indeed that the face mask has become the essential part of our life especially in public places, and the under Armour sports face mask is awesome for sports and other related activities, we should be very careful to protect ourselves daily to avoid the spread of this disease, and the under Armour sports face mask has a really nice features, especially the unique airflow, which allows the easy flow of air..Thanks for the post.

  2. Wow, thank you for sharing about the Under Armour Mask. I have been finding trouble going for a run with the regular mask on. I definitely love the sweat wicking property. And again, its from Under Armour, I love their fitness apparel. The design is quite impressive and I have to get one. 

    1. Thanks Zay, I have to say this mask looks to be one of the best sports mask around right now! Wouldn’t be surprised if it sells out again soon!


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