The Legend Of Golovkin – Who Could He Fight Next?

Gennedy Golovkin finally announced his signing with new streaming platform DAZN in a six-fight deal as he looks to cement his boxing legacy once and for all. As GGG enters the twilight of his career, I feel boxing fans more than ever need to appreciate what he has done in the last 6-7 years for boxing and enjoy what excitement left he can give us.

GGG signs with DAZN

After HBO announced they were pulling out of boxing as a broadcaster, it left a lot of open questions in regard to where a lot of fighters would end up. With so many broadcasting competitors and options out there now, it probably did make sense for the Golovkin camp to take a break to decide and see what was out there. Unlike with the current heavyweight situation, GGG decided to go sign where the biggest potential fights best suited him.

Triple G’s last fight against Canelo where he suffered his first career loss as pro was clearly a massive disappointment for him, but also created a lot of uncertainty on where his career would go. Back in September I wrote about how I felt his future may best lie in the super middleweight division, ironically it was Canelo who actually stepped up in weight to fight against Rocky Feilding in December. With GGG now signing for DAZN I feel his boxing career will continue in the middleweight division for now.

Who will Golovkin fight next?

So who could he fight while on DAZN?…With his former middleweight opponents Canelo and Jacobs now going head-to-head on DAZN in May and WBO champion Andrade also fighting his trade on the platform. It definitely made sense for GGG to finish off his career on DAZN with a consistent fight schedule. Here are 6 fight I feel DAZN should make happen:

  • Canelo Alvarez – finishing off the end of their trilogy would make sense for both fighters and DAZN. It’s a fight every boxing fan would love to see again. Unfortunately, I just can’t see him getting a decision against Canelo again and his only chance would be KO over his main middleweight rival.
  • Danny Jacobs – The two middleweights fought back in 2017 and could definitely be a fight to make if Jacobs decides to keep fighting on after his fight against Canelo in May whatever the outcome.
  • Demetrius Andrade – Many feel the American hasn’t truly been tested yet against a top fighter yet. GGG would be great test for him to prove himself and also an opportunity for top of the bill world title bout.
  • Callum Smith – The man from Liverpool has actually called out GGG in the last few months, could a fight in the UK at super middleweight be an option for GGG? Time will tell depending on what Callum does next in terms of what weight group he continues to fight in.
  • Dmity Bivol – The WBA light heavyweight champ could also be option for Golovkin. The Russian has discussed about moving down to super middleweight and if GGG would consider moving up – it could prove to be a decent match-up.
  • Billy Joe Saunders – This one has been talked about for years, it would be interesting match up stylistically and would certainly create a pre fight words. However, with Saunders failed drug test on the lead up to his fight with Andrade on DAZN and him moving up to super middleweight it seems more unlikely that the two will ever face off.

There is definitely some interesting options out there for Golovkin and I feel he has personally made the correct decision in signing with DAZN. GGG’s former ‘Tyson’ presence may have dropped in recent years, but he will no doubt get more signing up to the platform to watch his fights.

Could GGG finish the trilogy against Canelo

After the disappointment in losing to Canelo, I’m sure this deal will lower the blow and help finish his career on a high over the next couple years. In my eyes, Golovkin is a modern boxing legend and fight fans will definitely miss him once he hangs up the gloves.

Let’s hope he can give us few more special moment as he finishes of incredible career to date.

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