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Tyson Fury | Wilder vs Fury 2

Tyson Fury

What a fight we had at the weekend and I’m still buzzing after such a strong performance from Tyson Fury who really dismantled one of the biggest punchers in boxing history. I give my thoughts on the fight, along with what is probably next for both men.

The Fight | Wilder vs Fury 2

Well what can I say, In my pre fight preview, I very much was siding with Wilder and I’ll be the first to admit how wrong I was! Fury came out from the opening bell with his usual rush out to the center of the ring to then push back and bully Deontay Wilder for the rest of the fight.

Fury before the fight did exactly what he said he would do by putting it on Wilder and going for the knockout. I felt Tyson right from off used his jab superbly setting the rhythm by combining his feints and pawing his jab over Wilder’s jab which definitely offset him. This lead Fury to throw some huge rights, one being the first knockdown in the 3rd round which in my opinion was the beginning of the end for the American. (See below)

For Wilder it looked like his equilibrium was completely gone after the right-hand put him down and for the rest of the fight his balance was completely off. However, I honestly feel like Wilder may have had some injury in his right leg as from round 1 it was completely stiff and it looked incredibly uncomfortable for him. Yes Fury was applying pressure, but I just couldn’t get over the fact that something wasn’t right there.

Fury then knocked down Wilder again in 5th round after pushing him back with some strong punches  before left hook slap on his high guard followed by the left hook to the body which saw an unstable Wilder tumble down. He looked completely out his depth, but we all know it still only takes Wilder just one punch. It was really surprising when Kenny Bayless took a point off Fury that same round which I felt was a bizarre decision in my opinion and if anything gave Wilder a little more time to recover.

wilder vs fury 2

The other great tactic by Team Fury was in fact putting on that additional weight, which I thought could of been a massive risk, but Fury very much used that to his advantage by leaning on and smothering Wilder on the inside which without a doubt sucked the energy right out of him further.

By the round 7, I couldn’t see any way for Wilder to come back, with the second wind not looking like it was going to come. I have big respect for Mark Breland who through in towel for Wilder and as much it will hurt the former WBC champs ego, he lives to fight another day! It was not a good day for Wilder and he was getting beat down round after round and in my opinion and Breland needs to applauded for doing this. Sometimes you need to save the fighter from themselves!

Overall a brilliant performance from Fury and his team. Big respect to Suagr Hill and Andy Lee who really reinforced the ‘Kronk’ boxing style in such a short turnaround, which Tyson executed brilliantly.

What next for both fighters?

Well it comes down to what Deontay Wilder wants to do from here, as he has the option to re trigger a further rematch. He does however only have 30 days to make his mind up. It’s a huge decision for Wilder, but I very much expect him to take the rematch, and try take back his WBC heavyweight title.

If the rematch does happen, I very much expect the same result as this bout, yes Wilder has that insane power, but I feel the American has truly been found out now and you just don’t know how he will handle this going forward.

For Fury it’s a matter of waiting and getting the job done again, but I think most boxing fans will admit that the biggest fight that can be made now is Joshua vs Fury. It would truly be spectacular fight which would be bigger than this due to the undisputed status of winning all the major world title belts!

But first, Fury vs Wilder 3 looks like the most likely next move for both men.

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