The Plant Era – Organic Protein Powder Review

With far more of us being conscious of how we live day to day, going plant-based with your diet has many benefits including helping your overall performance, health benefits, lower calorie intake and sustainability for our planet. In this review I’ll be looking at upcoming organic supplement brand ‘The Plant Era’ and give some insight …

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1 Month Vegan Challenge – You Need To Try It

1 Month Vegan Diet Review

If you’re anything like anyone who’s ever not succeeded with a diet… I’m willing to bet BOREDOM was a big culprit. You see, it’s easy to get into a rut and start eating the same thing over and over… feel frustrated… and then give up! This is especially true for anyone struggling to transition to …

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Chris Algieri’s The Fighter’s Kitchen | Review

The Fighter's Kitchen Review

The Fighter’s Kitchen is probably one of my favorite cook books right which features 100-muscle-building, fat-burning recipes with meal plans specifically for boxers, mixed martial artists or those just looking to get the fighters body. The book was written by former welterweight world champion Chris Algieri, who is certified sports nutritionist which makes it even …

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Top 10 Protein Powder Supplements For Boxing

Top 10 Protein Powders For Boxing

Finding the right protein power for you has never been so difficult, especially when you are trying to find the exact right fit for your body type and fitness goal. To start off this review I will first want to identify to you why it’s so important for boxers and mixed martial artists to take …

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Best Supplements For Boxing Training


Supplements have without a doubt become and essential part of any athletes’ development in today’s world of sports. But for boxers looking to take their training and performance to the next level, supplements can help play a key role in getting the best out of their overall performance and fitness. In this article I’ll look …

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