Top 10 Nike Boxing Shoes | Reviewed & Rated

Nike Boxing Shoes Review

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10 Best Wireless Headphones For A Workout

10 Best Wireless Headphones For A Workout | Anthony Joshua

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Top 10 Best Mouthguards For Boxing

top 10 mouth guards for boxing

If you plan on sparring or competing in boxing, it is essential that you get yourself a decent mouth guard for maximum protection and comfort. Not only that your coach will probably not let you spar at all and referees will definitely not allow you to compete without one. You also won’t want to lose … Read more Top 10 Best Mouthguards For Boxing

Boxing Workout Clothes – Feel Confident As You Train

Joshua -Boxing training clothes

What you wear in the gym isn’t necessarily the most important thing you need to consider, but without a doubt it can make you feel a lot more confident and comfortable while you train. What training clothes you wear can also express personality and demonstrate your individualism for how you come across. But REMEBER, you … Read more Boxing Workout Clothes – Feel Confident As You Train

Black Friday + Cyber Monday 2019: Best Boxing Equipment And Gear Deals

(Will be updating throughout Black Friday + Cyber Monday 2019 week from the 22nd November – 2nd December!)

So it’s one of the biggest internet shopping events of the year this week and no doubt most of us will be looking for best boxing and fitness deals online.

This week I have complied a list for some of the best deals I can find online for boxing and fitness equipment and gear you can get your hands on ( along with some other great deals). I will be updating the page throughout the week with a variety of deals which will hopefully help you out. So make sure to bookmark and come back!

I have split the deals below into two sections by US and United Kingdom (Other internationals can use the US List as they ship to most countries! – You can also check out my Popular Boxing Equipment list here for best sellers)

Unfortunately I can’ show prices, but check out the % saving you will make…So do make sure to HURRY as these deals could expire soon!

So here are the best deals I have found so far below. Click here to go down to UK Black Friday List deals or make sure to scroll further down this page. Some US deal may be shipped to the UK.

US – Boxing Black Friday List 

TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball

Improve your punching reflexes with the TEKXYZ boxing reflex ball.

SAVE 59%Learn more on Amazon here

Sanabul Boxing Essential Punch Mitts

Are you a coach or you train with a gym buddy, make sure to get your hands on these heavily discounted Sanabul punch mitts.

SAVE 41%Learn more on Amazon here

Meister Glove Deodorizers

If you have a pair of boxing gloves make sure to keep them fresh after each workout with Meister Glove deodorizers – they help to absorb the sweat from your gloves.

SAVE 20%Learn more on Amazon here

Reebok Boxing boots

Probably one of the best designed boxing shoes which many of the top professionals wear including the likes of Canelo. It comes with a very good discount this Black Friday week.

30% OffLearn more on Amazon here

Everlast Elite Boxing Goves

A great beginner boxing glove for those looking to practise on the heavy bag or punch mitts.

16-24% OffLearn more on Amazon here

FGHTR Training Gear and Apparel

FGHTR Black Friday

Become a better fighter today and get up to 70% OFF on FGHTR training tools and apparel!

Learn more about their Black Fridays deals here: (Accepts international orders)

Everlast HydroStrike Punch bag

The Everlast HydroStike is a new type of heavy bag which helps with punch absorption and easier on your joints. This is ideal for those looking for a bag to improve their overall boxing and fitness.

35% OFFLearn more on Amazon here

FightCamp – Training Experience

FightCamp Training

Learn how to box from home and get fit by saving 40% with the FightCamp experience in their Holiday season deals. Perfect excuse to get fit in 2020 with this great training program. – Learn more on FightCamp’s website here

Signed Boxing Memorabilia

Get up to 5%-70% OFF on signed boxing memorabilia including Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather, Anthony Joshua, Mike Tyson, Conor McGregor and many more – Learn more at (Accepts international orders)

Willful Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

Having a healthy blood pressure is key to healthy life. Keep track of it with the discounted willful fitness tracker.

SAVE 19% Learn more on Amazon here

Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym

Looking to start or add to your home boxing gym? Take advantage of discounted Bowflex Xtreme Gym equipment.

SAVE 20%Learn more on Amazon here

Select Fitbit Items – 50% Off

Save up to 50% – Learn more on Amazon here

11 Resistance Bands fitness kit

Help improve you punch power and overall conditioning with this great resistance bank kit and get 15% OFFLearn more on Amazon here

Save 20% on Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

If you are needing some new wireless headphones while you workout, Black Friday is perfect opportunity to get a discounted rate of some of the best headphones. Get 20% OFF on Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones – Learn more on Amazon here

UK – Boxing Black Friday List 

Adidas Adult Speed 50 Boxing Gloves

16% OffLearn more on Amazon

Reebok Boxing Gloves

55% OffLearn more on Amazon

Ab Wheel Roller Set

Great mini tool kit for those looking to workout from home. Could also be a side present this coming Christmas for a fitness lover.

Save 20%Learn more on Amazon

Puma Pro Training Bag

Needing a new Gym Bag don’t miss out on this big discounted on this Puma training bag

45-50% OffLearn more on Amazon here

FitBeast Hand Grip & Forearm Grip Workout Kit

If you are in boxing you will know forearm strength iis very important for blocking punches. This FirBeast kit will help with this.

SAVE 20%Learn more on Amazon here

Skipping Rope + Workout Guide

SAVE 20%Learn more on Amazon here

RDX Boxing Pads

SAVE 5%Learn more on Amazon here

TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Training System

SAVE 25%Learn more on Amazon here

HolyHigh Wireless Headphones for Running

25% OffLearn more on Amazon here

JD Sports up to 30% OFF

Get up to 30% Off on JD Sports this Black Friday. They have a great selection of gym and training gear, along with some some great boxing related gear including Venum and Adidas boxing gloves.

Learn more at

Muscle Food Black Friday Deals

Up to 60% Off Muscle Food’s incredible Delicious selection high protein a food this week!

Learn more at

I hope you have managed to find something useful in this black friday boxing and fitness list.

Make sure to check out more boxing reviews here for specific overviews to see if anything else picks your fancy; this includes gloves, boots, equipment and fitness programs.

Thanks for reading!

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