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Sparbar Boxing Review – Is It Worth It?


Sparbar boxing stand

Product: Sparbar Pro Series 3.0 Classic

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When you are looking for new and unique boxing equipment for the gym or home, It can be hard ask at times to pick the right equipment to change up your training routine. Sparbar on the other hand have created a unique peice of equipment to keep boxers, mixed martial artists and fitness goers something different to try out.

To start off this review I think it important to show who Sparbar actually are and see what they say about themselves:

We are proud to boast being the inventors of global sensation that is known the world over as SPARBAR®. Founded in 2013 using patent protected technology backed by over 20 years of real boxing experience we have single handedly changed the fight game with our innovative concept of training without a sparring partner.

Validated by world champions & international celebrities alike – Anthony Joshua, Sugar Ray Leonard, Conor McGregor, Anderson ‘Spider’ Silva, Tyron Woodley, Roy Jones Jr, Carlos Condit, Cung Le & Usher just to name a few.

Now obviously they’re have had a few high profile boxers and mma stars use the Sparbar to show off the product, but can it actually help you with your training?

Now from firsthand experience using the Sparbar it is actually quite fun to use at first, as it is something a bit different to use in the gym (or at home), if you are sick and tired of doing the same things over and over. Boxing training can become very repetitive at times and having something new to try out is never a bad thing in my opinion.

So how does help? Well it is very much peice of equipment to help develop your defense due to foundation of its design. This includes a bar which can spin round at 360 degrees and also includes a padded punch bag at the top for you to throw punches at (to simulate punching to the head and great for practicing counters).

Unlike with lots of other boxing equipment if you punch the spinning bar it will come back and hit you if you do not duck, roll or move away from a distance. Therefore, you are always having to move or react to the bar depending on when and how hard you hit it.

This therefore what this helps to improve are your speed, reflexes and movement.

As you develop your routine and training with the Sparbar you will also be able to add in punches to punch the top bag while avoiding the bar as it spins around. You can also punch the spinning bar itself to help mix up your punches and help to improve your overall defense.

Here is great video below of some top fighters/celebs using the sparbar to give you an idea of how to put it to good use.

Now its important to cover some of the cons for the Sparbar. Like with everything you are very limited to how much you can do with it and it can get repetitive in itself. I also find you can develop some bad habits with the Sparbar if you over use it, due to it only coming from an angle similar to a hook. However, it doesn’t help to develop your skill set for training against jabs/straights and uppercuts I feel. You need to make sure you are complementing the Sparbar with other boxing equipment and training to help your defenses.

On that note here is a quick overview of the pro and cons


  • It’s a new and unique boxing peice of equipment
  • Helps to develop your defense
  • Improves your speed and reflexes
  • Helps you to work on counter punching
  • Develops your upper body movement. (rolling)


  • Can become repetative
  • Development of bad habits if used too often
  • Spinning bar can only come from one angle

*I’d recommend first and foremost using this with other defensive training or equipment.

You can learn more about the Sparbar on Amazon here: SPARBAR New 3.0 Classic Edition

Wall Mounted Sparbar Compact Series

Wall mounter Sparbar

There is also an adapted version of this which can be attached to the side of a wall or on a speed bag panel. This version of the sparbar is mainly used to punch and react to the spinning bar whatever direction you hit it towards. This equipment I feel is not as good as the standing sparbar, but if you don’t have enough space or are just looking to work on reflexes and timing this is still a fine option to go with.

You can learn more about this here on Amazon: SPARBAR Compact Series – 180 Mounted Classic Edition

There are some cheaper alternatives to the above product which might pick you fancy instead of getting the original product

Also check out more Sparbar Alternatives on Amazon

Let us know in the comments below your experience of the Sparbar or if you would consider using it?

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