Simple Boxing Workout Routines For Home

Simple boxing workouts from home

If you haven’t been able to get down to the gym or if you have your own personal workout space at home. Using boxing fitness techniques and practices can be a great way to stay or get in brilliant shape.

In terms of boxing related workouts here are 6 options for you try out in the comfort of your own home.

1. Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is an essential workout for any boxer and it acts as a great warm up or warm down training tool. If you are unsure how to jump rope I highly recommend you check out my articles on my tips to jump rope here or how to jump rope like a boxer.

Skipping rope usually come at resonable cost and you won’t want to break the bank to get one (check out my recommendations in the above link). Overall it is a brilliant tool to help with your cardio, rythm and footwork. Once it becomes natural, you can start to try different things like double jumps and cross overs to add a bit variety to your training.

I highly recommend you check out FightTIPS video below who goes over some basic moves for beginners and some tips for those more advanced below.


2. Shadow boxing

Now if you don’t have a punch bag to practice with, you can always get a great sweat on by shadow boxing. If you have never tried shadow boxing before, it can be quite a strange experience to try out at first as you are literally punching thin air.

Shadow boxing is primarily used to perfect your punching technique and combinations, while also using your own imagination to simulate using punches, movement and defence against an opponent.

But trust me, you can get a really brilliant workout from throwing punch combinations alone and also moving around. It may seem silly at first, but if you are to doing 2-3 min rounds of this non stop you for 5-6 rounds you will start to feel the burn.

You also check out my shadow boxing workout blog here for more ideas or why not consider using Shadow boxing resistance bands instead. The video below will give you some brilliant ideas for a shadow boxing workout at home.


3. Boxing Reflex Ball

Reflex Ball

Getting yourself a boxing reflex ball is another smart way to do a boxing workout from home. Using a reflex ball at first can be a tough to get used to, but once you get the hang of it you can really start to get a decent workout.

A reflex ball can help with things such as your punch timing, reflexes and speed. Not only that, it’s quite a fun exercise, but also requires some concentration or you will get hit with the ball! If you do this for 10 mins straight you will definitely get a sweat on and decent workout. Try using one for 2-3 mins for 3-6 rounds.

If you are in need of reflex ball I recommend checking out my best reflex balls review list which also gives you some more training benefits.

4. Functional Fitness

Press Up

Functional Fitness exercise techniques are key for an overall body training which help you for activities performed in daily life. This can include things such a press ups, squats, mountain climbers, burpes etc.

Although these may sound awful for some they are in fact a brilliant way to get you in get shape quickly. In boxing you are using the majority of your body’s muscles and therefore functional fitness is brilliant method for boxers to get in the best shape. It’s no wonder you see so many shredded before fight as a lot of their workouts come from these old school methods.

Make sure to try these out alongside shadow boxing or reflex ball training to add a bit more edge to your training.

5. Core Exercises

Sit up workout

Having a strong core is essential for boxing and luckily if you are working out from home you are are able to do a whole bunch of core exercises without needing equipment.

A strong core can really help with your overall body strength and punch power as you will be using your core muscles for most of these boxing related movements.

Here is list of core exercises you should try out for your next boxing workout from home.

  • 30 sit ups
  • 30 sit up punches
  • 30 flutter kicks
  • 30 scissors
  • 30 butt ups
  • 30sec-1min plank
  • 30sec side plank each side

I also recommend you check out FightTIPS useful core workout video below for some more techniques to try out.


6. Punch Bag Workout

Punch bag workout

If you are lucky enough to have a punch bag at home you will definitely be able to get a great sweat on by using a either a hanging heavy bag or free standing bag.

I find it is a great piece of equipment for practicing your combinations and improving your overall punching power. I also feel it’s the closest you will get to simulating hitting an opponent while outside sparring and competition if you plan on fighting at that level.

The standing or heavy bag will give you some real intense workouts the harder you try and can also really work on your cardio and muscle endurance if you spend a good 20-30 mins on the bag e.g. interval style training.

I highly recommend you check out my bag workout article for beginners here for some ideas on some workout options.

If you don’t have punch bag yet, make sure to check out my hanging heavy bag or standing punch bag review to consider.

If you are limited for space or in a smaller apartment, make sure to check out my review on the doorway Quiet Punch punching bag which might be more useful!

I have also left a great video below to help out further with your boxing workout from home


7. Online Boxing Programs

Taking up an online boxing course could also be brilliant way to start learning all the essential boxing skills from home if you wish to take your skillset even further. It can be a great way finding out how serious you want to go with boxing and you can also learn some awesome new boxing moves to try out in your workouts.

Check out my list of top online boxing course lessons here or why not read below to find out about one of the top boxing workout systems out there.



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Hope you enjoyed this boxing training article let me know in the comments below if you would like to try any of the above workouts at home.

For more articles like this, just click here or why not check out some other awesome fitness programs here.

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