Shadow Boxing Exercises For Home Or The Gym

Shadow Boxing Exercises For Home Or The Gym

Shadowboxing has to be one of the most underrated training techniques for boxing and especially for those that are beginners.

Even for those that have trained in boxing for years, shadow boxing can get neglected in your regime, which won’t help you in the long run.

In this article, I have compiled my own Shadow Boxing workout for you to try out, along with some useful videos that you can consider giving a go in the near future at home or even in the gym.

What is Shadow Boxing?

What is Shadow Boxing

Shadow Boxing is primarily used to help master your punching technique and combinations skill set. It is also used to use your own imagination to imagine yourself facing an opponent where you are simulating punches, movements, and defensive movements as if you are in an actual fight.

Shadowboxing is also a great alternative to using a punching bag or other boxing equipment – you can always get a great sweat and workout from this exercise.

If you have never tried shadowboxing before, it can be quite a strange experience to try out at first as you are literally punching thin air.

Benefits of Shadow Boxing

There are lots of key benefits of shadow boxing and is something all those that practice boxing or MMA should be doing.

  • Helps to keep your focus
  • Can improve your technique and speed
  • Helps you to visualize a fight or opponent
  • Gives you a great workout if you do it for long enough
  • Helps to improve your combination punching
  • Helps improve your footwork

My 6-round Shadow Boxing Workout

Now it’s up to you how you do this workout, but this is something you can try at the gym, at home, or even outside. I like to do 6 rounds in 3 mins with a 1 min rest between for the full workout! If you are a complete beginner or plan on doing other workout activities I’d recommend doing this at the end or beginning of your workout session. You also might want to make the 2min rounds instead.

Round 1 – The Jab

Concentrate on using the jab for this round – it’s the most important punch in boxing and it’s worth giving yourself a whole round to work on this.

Don’t stick to one position and make sure you are moving after throwing punches (this is a good time to also work on your footwork)

You also might want to add defensive maneuvers such as slipping and parrying punches. (It’s important to visualize here!)

Round 2 – 1-2 and 1-2’s

For this round, you will be adding in your second punch and first combination a 1-2 – e.g. Jab – Straight. This is probably one of the most common combinations you will see and definitely one of the easier ones to perfect!

For the first half of the round focus entirely on throwing a 1-2 combination and really focus on the technique. For the second half add in another jab straight. So it will now be a 1-2-1-2.

Round 3Jab, Straight, Hook (1-2-3)

For this round, you will be adding in a hook after you throw the 1-2 (same as the previous round). Now make sure to make a defensive maneuver after you throw your hook by rolling under a returning hook. It also might be worth working on your hook technique individually for some of this round.

Round 4Uppercut, Uppercut, Hook

Now for round 4, you can add in two uppercuts:

  • Lead Uppercut.
  • Rear Uppercut.

Immediately throw a hook from your other hand once you have thrown the second uppercut. I then recommend once again you use another defensive maneuver and use footwork to keep yourself busy.

Round 5Turn Southpaw/Orthodox

Now for beginners, this might be very awkward! But it will definitely help you able to attack from different angles when you are sparring or even competing. In terms of what you can do, try out the combinations from the previous rounds above and get used to the footwork from the new stance. You never know when this could come in handy!

Round 6 Put it all together

For the final round – combine or freestyle all the above. Work through the above combinations one by one, use defensive maneuvers, and use your feet to get out of the way! Really try to focus and imagine you are up against an opponent in this round!

Beginners will find this to be the hardest round, but once you get used to shadowboxing this is when you can be most creative and at your best!

Equipment for shadowboxing

Now there are some tools that can help with your shadow boxing training if you have more experience with boxing or even if you just really want to push yourself when training.

Shadow Boxing Resistance Suit

BoxBandz Shadow Boxing resistance suit

The resistance suit is becoming a brilliant piece of training kit to help develop your shadowboxing skill set with extra 100bs (25lbs each) resistance in the attached bands. The aim of this is to help improve punches and kicks (MMA) which will help you increase your overall speed and power by making your muscles work against an opposing force in the weighted bands.

Learn more about Resistance Suit on BoxBandz website.

Check out this awesome video below of the suit in action!

Egg weights or light dumbbells

The other piece of equipment to help with your shadow boxing is egg weights or light dumbbells. These will help with your resistance, muscle endurance, and hand speed over time! You will see a lot of the top boxing professionals using these when shadowboxing.

The egg weight can also be used for running and makes a great little side gift!

Learn more on

Or check out on Amazon here: Egg Weights Hand Dumbbell Set

Check out Shane From FightTips give you some benefits and workouts using light dumbbells

Other Shadow boxing workouts to try

To help you out further here are three other shadowboxing workouts you can try out from some really awesome boxing training YouTube channels:

Coach Anthony – How to | Fantastic shadow boxing routine for All Levels

Battle Labs – 10 min FAT LOSS Shadowboxing Workout for Beginners at Home

Precision Striking – Shadow Box Workout | Let me Coach You for 11 Minutes

I hope you enjoyed this boxing training post and hopefully, this will help you work to improve your overall boxing game.

Let me know in the comments below how you get on with my shadow boxing workout or if you are thinking of enhancing your training with the resistance suit or egg weights.

For more boxing training advice visit the link here

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “Shadow Boxing Exercises For Home Or The Gym

  1. Nice, i have never heard of Shadow boxing exercise but it looks good, and definitely something i will love to give a try, it really look strange considering the fact that you will be punching the air, though it has some great benefit and can be done indoors and not necessary at the gym, this is an awesome exercise especially during this pandemic, one can stay at home and practice it, i will definitely share this

    1. Practice makes perfect! It feels weird the first time you try shadow boxing, but repetition is the mother of skill!


  2. Such an awesome article! I really, really enjoyed it. Plus, I loved the practicality of it.

    Truth is, I’ve always wanted to try shadowboxing. I feel it looks so awesome from the sidelines when someone who knows what he’s doing does it. I mean, I tried it but I feel it looked ridiculous. I knew I had to get some proper instructions to master that craft. And with that in mind, I think your article was the perfect one. I’ll have to print it out, otherwise, I’m pretty sure I would accidentally skip a round.

    Didn’t know there was such a thing as a shadow boxing resistance suit. Feels like the kind of thing I would love to have. Also, totally agree with the egg weights making a great little side gift. I will have to tip my wife for my upcoming birthday.

    Thank you again, I really appreciate it. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for the comment Matiss and appreciate the kind words! The boxing resistance suit will definitly give you a brilliant workout!

  3. I knew about shadow boxing but always thought that it is a high-level technique so I never tried it. And today I found your blog that made it all look simple and doable enough.
    The way you precisely described what needs to be done in each round is helpful and takes off all the confusion. Now, even if  I use the moves you described for each round like a routine then I guess I will be able to start with shadow boxing.

    Thanks for such a nice post!

    1. Thanks Vinyak! Anyone can shadow box and it simply takes you to start practicing. No one is great at first but you will start to improve the more you do it! Hopefully my shadow boxing workout plan will help you with this! 


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