Ruk Backpack Review | Perfect Bag For Fitness, Work & Travel

Ruk Backpack Review | Perfect Bag For Fitness, Work & Travel

If you live a very active lifestyle where you are constantly on the move going to work, travelling or going to the gym. Having a good backpack that compliments this lifestyle is vital, especially if you don’t want to be constantly fitting and trying to fit all your stuff in a bag

Now lucky for us there could just be the perfect backpack created by Ruk. They have designed a backpack for merging lifestyles with functionality & aesthetics in mind of the user. 

In this review I will go over Ruk’s backpack products and why it could just be the perfect backpack for those with a busy active lifestyle! 

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Who are Ruk?

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First up, who is Ruk? Well they are first and foremost a lifestyle brand that aim to create products that help you merge different lifestyles within career, health and leisure so you can make the most of it. In their own words:

“We design high-quality, functional products to create efficiency, maximize productivity, and enable excellence.”

Their main products right now are their Solar and Sling backpacks which I will go into more detail below on each product. 

The Ruk Solar Backpack 

Now the cornerstone of Ruk and probably their most popular product is of course their Ruk Solar Backpack. 

This backpack in my opinion is arguably one of the best you can get out there. This will also especially help if you live a very active lifestyle. 

For example, if you are someone that goes to the gym, works at the office or travels often. This bag will merge all of these factors together for you so you don’t have to worry about carrying items separately in different bags! 

Here is an overview of each of the key elements to give you an idea of how it can benefit your life. 


Meal prep – Ruk have included  a very handy insulated meal section that is able to hold multiple containers or beverages at any time. You can also even throw in a cold pack to keep you meals and drinks nice cool for when you have them for lunch 

Phone Holster – Now if you are someone that likes to run, jog or walk from work. Ruk has included a handy holster so you can go hands free. You could capture video while one the move if you really wanted 

Laundry Pocket – So if you go to the gym before or after even after work. You don’t want to have your sweaty gym clothes lying alongside your other items. Ruk have obviously kept this in mind and have a special sealed laudy pocket to separate from the rest of your bag items. 

Protein Shaker – Making sure you have a shake right after your workout is incredibly important! Ruk have considered this aspect in the bag and have added an additional side pocket outside the bag if you need to keep more items in your backpack. You could also use water bottle if preferred instead. 


Laptop Sleeve – So if you are travelling to the office, or working in multiple locations. Ruk has included a big laptop sleeve that will fit a 17 inch laptop.

Style – Ruk’s solar pack has a very unique and sleek design to it which will show that you mean business by the time you get to office/work. This comes in Grey or Black version.

Solar Powered – Now one of the best features on this bag is their solar powered panel on the back of the bag. This means you will never have to worry about your phone, laptop, or headphones running out of power. It also supports almost any USB device.  


Flying with Ruk – all Ruk products meet TSA carry on guidelines to help you airport experience. These bags attach to your roller bag, fit under the seat in front of you and go in the overhead compartments.

Water resistant – If you are having to walk in the rain for whatever reason, Ruk has your back! This backpack is completely water resistant and will protect the items within the bag. 

Power Bank – Another great thing is that you don’t have to rely on the solar panel as a last resort if you go hiking or exploring for the day. You will also get a handy 5V Portable Power Bank that you get alongside the Solar pack

Here is great review video by Alexander Frekey who shows you some of the features and how he has benefitted using Ruk.

Ruk Sling Pack 

Now if you are wanting a smaller backpack for the occasional outing. The Ruk Sling Pack might be the better option to go with. 

Now instead of two straps, this version has one ‘sling’ strap making it quick and easy to carry. This is probably better suited for those wanting to pack for the day specific for work, the gym or travel. 

The Sling Pack also has enough space for a 15 inch laptop or a tablet device with a protected sleeve in the main pocket. 

The front pocket also offers you an insulated pocket so you can keep your food or beverage cool or warm. It is also fully  water resistant meaning you won’t have to worry about your stuff getting wet. 

One thing to keep a note of is although this bag comes with a usb port like the above solar bag. You will need to buy a battery pack separately from this bag. 

Here is great little review by user Brittney who gives you a closer look at the Sling pack:

Pros and Cons Ruk Backpacks

Now that you have gone over each of Ruk’s backpacks you will now have a better idea of how they will benefit your lifestyle. Here some Pro and Cons to Consider

Store laptopsOut of some people’s budgets
Water resistant Sling Pack doesn’t come with battery pack 
USB charging portsSolar pack could be too big for some
TSA approved (Flying)Only available in USA and Canada right now
Bottle/Shaker holders
Solar and battery pack (Solar pack only)
Both have insulated meal compartment
Phone holster
Laundry Pocket (Solar Pack only)
Immediate Shipping 
5 Year Warranty 
30 Day return policy (If an issue)

Final thoughts 

If you are looking for a bag that will suit a busy and active lifestyle the Ruk Solar Backpack is one you have to consider. 

This definitely a long term investment that you will use for many years to come as you go to the gym, work and travel. 

Ruk’s innovative design makes this the go to bag if you want to merge your lifestyle.

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Boxing Life’s Rating 

five star

Hope you enjoyed this review, let me know in the comments below what bag you think you will go for or if you have any questions on the above.

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Thanks for reading!

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