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Rival RB40 Fitness Bag GlovesProduct: Rival RB40 Fitness Bag Gloves

Price: $70 – $80 / £50 – £60

Designs/Colours: White/Back or Red/White

My Rating: 


Rival Boxing have been around for about 10 years now and more recently has become bigger in the last few years, as some top professional boxers such as Anthony Joshua (below) have used their products. I have to admit they do a great range of equipment for the boxing & MMA industry – including gloves, head guards, punch mitts, heavy bags and many more.

Anthony Joshua using Rival gloves

For the Rival RB40 Fitness Bag Gloves, I think this has to be one boxing glove I felt quite let down by. I purchased these gloves with quite excitement at the time as they were extremely affordable and only cost me £50, a really good deal!

However when it came down to using it consistently, I probably felt like this style of glove was not for me personally.

Flat end boxing glove

You can can see from the image the glove has a very flat end to the glove. At times, I would find my knuckles starting to hurt, as there is not the best durable padding on the inside to withstand a long period hitting heavy bag or mitts.

Durability – now for me this was a big issue with this glove, it didn’t take long for the glove padding to break down on the inside and it made me reluctant to use them as much. The strap was also a problem as it eventually ripped for me. I now only tend to only go for gloves with a bigger Velcro strap, I also feel they give far more wrist support.

One of the positive features I will give this glove was that it did feel very comfortable when I first purchased it. The design has made it breathable for you hands and it doesn’t feel too tight, even with you hand wrap on.


  • A really cool design that looks different to most other gloves out there.
  • Comfortable for you hands (when you first start using)
  • very affordable amount


  • Poor durability – you will need to really look after them if you want them to last.
  • Strap is too thin, could give better wrist support.
  • Not enough padding on the inside.

To sum up, I would be careful if you are considering going for these gloves. From looking around online, it does look like they have also stopped manufacturing or selling them now which speaks for itself… If you are a beginner, I recommend checking out my other article here for some other great selections. If you still wanting or looking to purchase Rival boxing gloves, I would definitely consider going for one of their more expensive, but higher quality gloves so you get more lifetime value from them. I would look into the Rival RS11V-EVOLUTION or Rival RB1-ULTRA BOXING BAG GLOVES.

Let us know in comments below if you think you’re thinking of purchasing Rival boxing gloves. I’ll also be posting more glove reviews very soon.

Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “Rival RB40 Fitness Bag Gloves Review – Boxing Gloves

  1. I have been looking into some MMA and/or kickboxing classes. Are these gloves meant for something like that or are there better options? I am really looking to diversify my workouts and thought more along the lines of MMA. I am definitely open to other suggestions as well, if you think these might not be the best option. I did check out your other article as well, about the beginner gloves. Thanks for posting this, I look forward to hearing back from you.

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for the comment! No I would go for something like the RDX Ego glove (link here) or if your budget is a bit bigger, the RDX Elite glove is a good option (link here). I have few friends who use these for striking classes for MMA and they really rate the quality. The RDX gloves are just a really good all round quality, which makes them useful for MMA or kickboxing too. Let me know if you have any other questions Steve.



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