Everlast Powerlock Boxing Gloves Review

Everlast Powerlock Boxing Gloves black and white

Everlast Powerlock glovesProduct: Everlast Powerlock Gloves

Price: £40-50/ $80-100

Designs/Colours: See list below

My Rating:


The Everlast Powerlock Boxing gloves are a product I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an all round glove to purchase. They are brilliant for sparring, hitting the heavy bag or the mitts. The design of the glove themselves aim to give you the perfect balance between power and protection.

My own experience with the gloves has overall been excellent and I still use my 16oz version (see below) of them to this day for some specific training purposes. This primarily includes using the heavy bag and practicing my  big power shots on this as I feel the glove does offer that extra protection, especially for your wrist and knuckles.

My only negative about the glove would be you have to make sure to look after them. After you use the glove I highly recommend you put paper towel or use a glove deodoriser to absorb the moisture, as it can deteriorate the padding on the inside if you don’t look after them (I recommend you do this for any gloves).

The glove is also available in a whole variety of colour options to choose from. I personally went with a more traditional Black/White combo, which also has a cool Everlast strap line insignia on the open hand on the glove “Choice of Champions”.

Everlast Powerlock Boxing Gloves black and white

Full Colour list is below:

  • Black/Grey
  • Black/Pink
  • Black/White
  • Black/Gold
  • Blue/Red
  • Grey/Red
  • Navy/Green
  • Red/Blue
  • Red/Grey
  • White/Gold

The powerlock gloves are definitely one you should consider if you want that extra protection and for that all round usage in your boxing training.


  • Fantastic all round glove
  • Offer the highest protection for your hands and wrist
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Lots of colour options to choose from


  • You have to make sure you look after them.
  • Padding inside could be slightly thicker to last longer

Learn more about the Everlast Powerlock gloves on Amazon here.

Let us know in comments below if you thinking of purchasing the Everlast Powerlock boxing gloves or check out more of my Boxing glove reviews here.

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6 thoughts on “Everlast Powerlock Boxing Gloves Review

  1. I like Everlast as a brand so I am sure they will not disappoint. I am on my fitness journey now and I was considering taking up boxing. I have always found it interesting and boxers are strong physically and mentally and that is something I am after.

    I would imagine a decent pair of boxing gloves would be a requirement at some point. These Everlast gloves are perfect for me. That tip for deodorising the glove is great an I will definitely remember that. These gloves are sure to be of great quality and will last for a long time (especially when you take care of them).

    Thanks for the helpful info.

    1. Hi Renton, I’m glad you found this article useful and great to hear you’re thinking of taking up boxing. 

      Check out my recent article on my top reasons to start boxing training in the link here if you need some extra motivation.



  2. I have been practicing for sometime now how to be a boxer and it’s nothing serious just a way of keeping my self fit. However, I always have issues with my choice of Gloves they tire and ware too fast. Been trying to look for good one but I never got one. This post just made work easier for me and I am going for those gloves ASAP

    1. Hi Charles, thanks for your comment, 

      I’m glad you like the look of the Powerlock gloves and think it is truly one of the best all round gloves you can get on the market. Hope this article has helped you! 



  3. Hi Jamie,

    I have read the whole review of Everlast Powerlock Boxing Gloves and I believe this is one of best product for gloves. I was planning to buy one of the best gloves for my use. Now I found this will be useful for me. However, I have a little bit concern about it’s lasting time. I am going to bookmark this article for later use. Thanks for sharing this informative review.

    1. Hi thanks for your comment. I think as long as you look after them they will last you a while. I’ve had my Everlast powerlock gloves for about two years now and they are only now just starting to wear and tear slightly. I still look after all my boxing gloves with deodorisers (See link above) after training to make sure they don’t deteriorate. I’d highly recommend you invest in this to make sure it lasts. 


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