RDX F15 Noir Boxing Gloves Review

Product: RDX F15 Noir Boxing Gloves

Design colours: Black

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The RDX F15 Boxing Gloves is a product I would highly recommend for anyone looking for an all round pair of gloves. These can be used for sparring, on the heavy bag, punch mitts and many other pieces of boxing equipment. The gloves have been designed exactly for resistance and for longevity as RDX sports even describe them as “a pair of boxing gloves that won’t quit.”

My own experience with the RDX F15 gloves has overall been very positive. The spongy feeling of the padding on the inside makes the gloves very comfortable to wear, especially when punching the heavy bag. It is made from multiple slabs of shock-resistant EVA padding to barricade the hand while the Quadro-Dome™ mould ensures that impact disperses equally across the glove when punching the bag, mitts or opponent.

I purchased the gloves themselves as 14oz which I personally felt was big enough, even when I was wearing extra handwrap with these, the padding felt great. (10oz gloves are recommended for up to 14 years of age)

They are also extremely easy to put on the gloves and feel very secure with the strong velco strapping, which also gives a little extra support and alignment to the wrist too.

The material of the glove is made from a synthetic leather which will help them last a longer period which is great considering the reasonable cost for them. In the palm of the glove has a mesh to help with breathability so sweat doesn’t get trapped in, but I always recommend looking after your gloves regardless of this. (Find out in my helpful article here)

In terms of the design, they are quite cool if you are just looking for black gloves that are also effective for training. You will see on the design the RDX branding has shiny matt black lines over the top and face of the glove. RDX have also put their trademark glove technology logos on them (Quadro-Dome™ & ConvEX Skin). Don’t worry they actually don’t look that bad!

A downside to these gloves for me though is that they only come in the Matt Black/Noir coloring and it would have been nice if RDX gave you a couple color options for this glove. Regardless of this minor negative, it is still a very cool looking design.

Before I go onto my pro and cons, have a closer look at the glove features below:

Pros & Cons


  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Easy to and secure to put on
  • Padding and shock absorption feel great when punching
  • Very reasonable price for a quality glove.


  • Only one color design – Noir/Black
  • You can probably get better gloves than this for paying slightly more

Final Thoughts

As I have mentioned above, these are actually a very good choice if you are beginner looking for a decent pair of gloves to start with on a smaller budget. Even if you have been boxing training for a while and looking for a second pair to use, the RDX F15 gloves are a brilliant option to go with. They are very comfortable to wear (even with handwrap) and will definitely last you while so you can expect to use them time and time again.

The downside is if you are big on color of glove this will be the only option (Black). However, RDX do have other gloves that have a whole host of options.

However, the design and use of the material by RDX itself beats the issue over color for me. It’s a quality glove design and with great comfort when using, I think most will enjoy using them.

Check the price and learn more on Amazon here:

Let us know in comments below if you’re thinking of purchasing these boxing gloves.

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  1. So what “better gloves than this for paying slightly more” would you recommend over this ones?

    Thank you.

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