Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun Review | Amazing Recovery Tool

Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun Review

Massage guns are starting to become one of the most popular trends for athletes and fitness fanatics. But with so many products being oversized and hard to travel take them with you. Pulseroll however has created a brilliant solution with their Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun

In this review, I’ll provide you with my own personal experience using the product, how it will actually help you, and what you will get. 

How do Pulseroll massage guns help you? 

As mentioned, massage guns have recently really become very popular and are definitely an investment to make, if you are planning on better muscle recovery after training. 

Much like a massage or even a foam roller, it helps to target deep tissue muscle by repeatedly moving in and out through high-frequency and repetitive strokes. This is also called percussion massage therapy. 

A massage gun aims to reduce inflammation by flushing extracellular fluids such as lactic acid in the muscle tissue. 

Sports like boxing which I take part in can be very intense. Your body can really get worn down due to the amount of aerobic training you will be doing. This is why you see so many of the top boxers like Anthony Joshua using products like this to help their recovery. 

My experience using the Pulseroll Mini Massage gun 

Using the Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun | Review


Overall I really like the portable design, which makes it a lot easier to travel with and just use. A lot of massage guns can be huge in size and can be heavy enough to hold up after a hard session in the gym. 

The design also makes it easy to hold onto and use on muscle groups from different angles.  

I also like how the mini massage gun comes with 4 attachment heads and is easy to interchange them. They of course have different uses. This includes

  • Round massage head – For full body massage
  • Pneumatic head – For Soft tissue and full body massage
  • Spinal Head – For Spinal stimulating massage 
  • Bullet Head – For pain point massage

If you are a complete beginner to using massage guns – Do not worry! Pulseroll provides a detailed instruction manual on what heads to use and which muscle groups to use them on.

Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun Massage heads | Review


To turn on and off the massage gun, it is through a touch feature at the bottom. Which takes about 2-4 seconds to hold down.

You also need to use this to change the speed setting which is displayed here too.

Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun  Speed Setting and Battery | Review


The mini massage gun also comes with 4 vibration levels from 1800 RPM to 3000 RPM. Which is strong enough percussion for most I believe. Once again if use the booklet provided it can help guide you here. Or you can watch the videos on YouTube for further guidance. 

I personally like using the mini massage gun after training as this when best to use to help reduce lactic acid and toxin buildup in your muscles. Especially for boxing training which can really fatigue your whole body at times. Find out more here about this area

For the mini massage, the battery life ranges from 2.5 – 6hrs depending on what speed setting you are using. This isn’t too much of a big issue for me. As you can charge after each use.

Overall a very handy device to have if you are in the gym a lot or lead an active lifestyle.

What do you get with Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun?

Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun Case | Review
  • Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun
  • Protective Portable Carry Case
  • Warranty Card
  • 4 attachment heads
  • Charging wire 
  • User Manual

Pros and Cons

Here are my personal pros and cons of the Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun.

Very portable and easier to travel withOnly Available in UK and Europe
Approved by physios and pro athletesExpensive for some (Check my discount below)
Helps recovery from next-day soreness and injuryTouch control can be a bit fidgety 
Come with 4 head attachments 
Comes with a handy instruction guide for better use
Brilliant battery for the size

Final thoughts and verdict 

If you are looking for a massage gun to help improve your overall recovery which is portable. I think it is probably one of the best products you can get out there. 

It is easy to use and comes with handy instructions for you to target whatever muscle group you are looking to recover. 

If you are someone who is in the gym a lot and needs something to aid your recovery I do recommend you consider this. 

However, if you are looking for a pro-level massage gun, consider other bigger models compared to this. 

You can use my exclusive limited-time discount ‘BOXINGLIFE‘ on Pulseroll’s website to get 10% off your next purchase.

Other Pulseroll Products to consider

Now if a mini massage gun isn’t your cup of tea, there are other Pulseroll products available to consider for both recovery and warm-ups. This includes the following:

To find out more about recovery methods. I highly recommend you also check my other related article on this topic below. 

Thanks for reading

PLEASE NOTE* All the above are just my suggestions from personal boxing training and competing over the years. Always ask your coach or a health professional to get advice for more detail on any of the above to help with your recovery. Especially if you are injured.

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