Nike Takedown 4 Wrestling Shoe Boot Review

Product: Nike Takedown 4 Wrestling Shoes

Price: $100 – $154 /£50 – £80

Designs/Colours: Multiple options – full list below

My Rating: 

Nike Takedown 4 boot


The Nike Takedown 4 is a shoe you won’t find that often in boxing circles as it is primarily a wrestling boot. That being said, I absolutely love these boots for my boxing training! When I was looking around to purchase Nike boxing shoes, they do tend to be quite an expensive purchase which made me quite nervous if they were the right boots for me. However, I feel the Nike wrestling boots such as the Takedown 4 are just as good for boxing purposes.

To start off, this boot is all round fantastic due to its design to help with your movement and control. I like to pivot a lot while I’m moving around the ring or training and this shoe will give you the grip to help you move around with ease.

The boot itself is also very comfortable to wear and as you will be moving about a lot this is extremely important. There is also a big amount of lacing for you to make sure to your foot is securely strapped in, along with a velcro strap to lock in the laces and your foot as you train.

The Takedown 4 is made from a breathable mesh like material to help ventilation along with a secured stitching to a synthetic material on the bottom to improve the grip.

My only two negatives about the boot would be part of the boot tongue sticks out slightly out the sides which can be quite misleading in how it looks in stock images before you buy. When you are also tying the laces you will have to put in at least two to three knots which can get in the way of the Velcro strap. Very minor negatives for me, but the positives counter these features.

Full colour list is below:

  • Blue/Volt
  • Navy/White
  • Black
  • Grey/Volt
  • Orange/Black/White
  • Black/White/Red
  • White/Black
  • Black/White

Nike Takedown 4 colour options

The Takedown 4 boots are definitely something you should consider if you have a limited budget over the other very expensive Nike boxing boots out there. I personally went for the white/black mix which I’ve now had for over a year and half  and are still in great condition. If you are looking for boots for comfort, control and a cool design it’s worth it.


  • Very comfortable
  • Lots of color options
  • Grip and control


  • Amount of lacing
  • Boot tounge hangs out

To find out more about the Takedown 4 boots, visit the link below or why not read my review on my similar boot review for The Nike Speedsweep VII. Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments below if you are thinking of trying these out.

Learn more on Amazon here: Nike Takedown 4 Boots

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