Nexersys N3 Boxing Trainer System Review


Punch Pad stations have quickly become very popular options for those in home and even many commercial gyms. This is because they are usually set up with punching pads which makes it ideal for beginners just starting out. It can even help more advanced boxers with their combination punching.

In the case of this review I will be looking at the highly rated Nexersys N3 Boxing Trainer System and if it stands up to the hype. 

Who are Nexersys? 

Nexersys is an American based company that creates interactive Boxing fitness products for commercial and home gyms. This includes their famous N3 Elite Boxing Trainer Station and Cross Body Trainer which provides a personalized experience through interactive & intelligent training with an attached screen tablet. See this action below: 

Nexersys N3 Boxing Trainer Overview 

There are now a few brands that produce punch pad stations now which are all unique in their own right. The main aim of these is to set up replication of punching pads or mitts with a trainer. However they come in the form of a stationary boxing punch stand.


The Nexersy N3 Boxing is one of the most advanced punch pad stations as it has an interactive element to them with a smart screen. There are 3 versions of this which include the following (Visuals further below)

  • Elite – (Perfect for home gyms) 
  • Commercial – (Great for traditional gyms or studios) 
  • Youth – (Best options for kids to have fun interactive workouts)  

The good thing about the Nexersys N3 boxing station is that you have very easy and visible targets to throw any punch or combination without too much difficulty. This will therefore without a doubt give you an opportunity to improve your overall punching output and combinations by using a boxing system like this. It could just be the perfect piece of equipment to have a solid home boxing workout.

Key features include the following:

  • Touchscreen Tablet 
  • Strike Pads
  • Nexersys fitness App
  • Adjustable frame
  • Industrial materials

Personal Trainer & Sparring partner 

As the Nexersys N3 is very much interactive and personalised experience, they have added an attached 18.5″ high-definition touchscreen tablet which connects to Nexersys fitness app (more on this later). 

Here you will have two options to train with video or animation with multiple workout modes for you to choose. This makes it ideal to change up your training session each time so you will never get bored using it. 

The video option gives you live examples of the workouts you can follow easily which ranges in three modes; Core, Strike and Cardio. 

The animation version is quite a cool option as you will get access to a 3D Trainer with mitts or 3D Fighter in sparring mode to give you some competition!

One thing to keep in mind is that it will need to be close to a power source and have a wifi connection to use. Check out the app in action below

Strike Pad System and Stand

Nexersys N3 trainer has used state of the art N3 Head pads which bilateral movements when you strike them. This helps to give a similar feel to when you hit the mitts with your coach. 

These are on Z & X axes of the stand and are used to train jabs, crosses and hooks for punch combinations. 


You will also notice that Nexersys N3 Elite boxing trainer also has a single body pad to give you a “torso” like target. Notably this has a coil spring on it that enables movement when punched on 3 axes (X,Y,Z). This has been added to help with body strikes as you train. 

In terms of the actual stand, it is a robust grade steel frame which fits in a 4’x’4 area. The frame is also adjustable which means you can set at your optimal height. It also has handy easy glide wheels if you need to move it for any reason. 

Nexersys app

Along with the Nexersys N3 trainer, you will also get access to download the FREE Nexersys app. This is available on the Apple Store and Google Play. Here you will be to have your own profile, manage the controls for your training session, compare your workouts, try out new challenges and show off your results to your friends and family by sharing on social platforms. 

Workout options include:

  • 3D Trainer Mitts Mode  
  • 3D Fighter Sparring mode 
  • H.I.I.T workouts (High Intensity Interval training)
  • On-screen Feedback 
  • Adjustable training rounds
  • On Screen Feedback 

How does the Nexersys N3 Trainer work?

Here is a great video from a customer who has used and benefited from Nexersys N3 for his fitness.

Nexersys N3 Spec

Strike Pads:3 strike pad zones 
Footprint: Fits in a 4’x4’ area
Net weight: 190 lb
Tablet Screen:18.5″ LCD Touch Screen Tablet
Impact measurement:3-Axis Accelerometers
Box Dimensions:50 x 33 x 32 inches

Pros and Cons of Nexersys N3

Very interactive Expensive
Personalized workoutsWill need enough space for this 
Different experience to anything out thereNeed electric power source near to use tablet workouts
Real time feedback & progress tracking
Realistic strike pads to strike 

Nexersys alternatives 

As mentioned earlier there are some alternatives to the Nexereys N3 Boxing Trainer if the standard edition doesn’t strike your fancy.  This includes following:

N3 Youth – best suited for juniors looking to get into fitness or boxing. 

N3 Commercial – extra strike pads best suited for commercial gyms to give users more strike options e.g. leg kicks

Cross Trainer System (Double end bag) – This is for those looking to improve their reflexes and fitness at the same time. Comes with tablet and app system similar to N3 Elite 

Final Thoughts

Overall I believe Nexersys boxing trainer can be a valuable piece of fitness equipment for any home or commercial gym. These are a big investment to make, but the fact they give some much interactivity and personalization in each session mean you will get a fun but intense workout.

Personally I think Nexersys N3 boxing trainer is probably best for those that are beginners to boxing or for those  looking for a fun and interactive way to keep fit. This will definitely keep you motivated and help to try something completely new for you training session. The youth version might be a perfect gift for kids looking to get into boxing or fitness. 

As mentioned above, the only downside is they are quite expensive. But if you have a big enough budget this could be a great long term investment to improve your fitness.

Boxing Life’s rating 


Thanks for reading this review, let me know in the comment below if you think you might go for the Nexersys N3. I Highly recommend you check out my FightMaster vs BoxMaster article here for more on other punch pad stations. Or check out my other home boxing gym equipment article further below.

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