Nail Your Fitness Goals In 2023 With These 20 Tools


We all have fitness goals at different points throughout the whole year and it can be a real struggle to reach them at times. However, by being proactive and using different tools you can reach your goals much quicker and effectively so you can reach your targets. 

By investing in fitness tools and equipment it can actually give you that extra motivation to start and reach your goals as you have invested in something to help you get there. You’re more likely to actually follow through with your fitness goal and show commitment.

Below I have compiled a list of 20 brilliant fitness tools for you to consider that will help you reach your goals. I have covered key areas including your core, losing weight, building muscle and improving cardio. Here you will find my recommendation  for you to consider below:

For your core 

1. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

The Perfect fitness Ab Carver Pro is basically an ab roller which helps to stretch and extend the muscles of your abs as you roll it out. Perfect fitness has created this to have a ‘kinetic assist engine’ which coils as you extend. This in turn helps to spring you back up as you roll back back to yourself which makes this quite useful to keep going.

From using this personally I have found this to be a lot easier to use than the ‘old school’ ab rollers and definitely recommend giving this go. 

2. Ab Bench

Ab benches can be one of the quickest ways to help develop your ab muscles as it requires you to use all of your abdominal muscles with intensity. Many exercises can be done on this including the common decline crunch. Check out this great video of Gavin Townsend trying out different exercises on the decline bench. 


P.VOLVE is a fantastic new fitness and equipment app combo that has been specifically created to improve your mind-muscle activision which helps to have a hard workout without causing serious injury. The P.VOLVE system is great for your core as it comes with a whole range of patented designed equipment and a unique fitness program on their app.

This includes patented resistance bands, glute activation balls and light weights to help really assist you in ab focused workouts that help carve out your core. A brilliant option for those looking to change up their home workouts. 


4. Bowflex Adjustable Kettlebells

With the bowflex kettlebells you can forget investing in a whole bunch of kettlebells of different weight sizes as this clever contraption will allow you pick between 3 – 18 kg in this compact design.

The kettle bell is also a brilliant device targeting overall body strength with your core being a key component in a lot of exercises you can do with this. A very worthwhile investment!

To help lose or maintain a healthy weight

5. Exercise Bike 

Anthony Joshua using the exercise bike in camp

It’s no secret that workout with others gets better results, increases your motivation and you are more likely to stick to your fitness goals. With Bike program like Peloton this brings the class setting to your home, which displays thousands of classes and leaderboards for goal originated workouts.

Peloton is not the only option out there, as there is definitely a cheaper option you should consider if you have the self motivation to use it. Nonetheless using the bike can be a great quick way for those wanting to shed the pounds without damaging their knees in the long term by running 

6. Century Punch Bag 

Century Torrent punch bag

As many know boxing is one of the most physically demanding sports as you can burn upto 1000 calories from one intense session using a punch bag. They are also a lot more simplier to put together than an awkward hanging heavy bag. 

Some of the best free standing punch bags are of course made by Century. One includes the famous Century BOB punch bag that gives you that lifelike experience while you have your workout. You could also try out Wavemaster which is also a brilliant standard option for those looking for a more classic free standing punch bag. 

You can check out my top 10 free standing punch bag review here or check out some recommendations below to consider.

7. FitTrack Smart Scales 

Keeping in control of your weight can be one the hardest things to do over a long period of time, as someone who is a boxer and likes to keep in good shape, I have to admit that FitTrack have come up with a unique product and app with the aim of giving more people a healthy lifestyle.

FitTrack measures up to 17 health and body measurements so you can really start to understand your body and reach your health and fitness goals. This innovative way to keep track of your weight can be the step you need to really take control over your weight. Check out this review by MilitaryFitness on YouTube to get idea of how it helped him.

8. Fiit app and Fiit Device 

Fiit App

No got the budget for one of the bigger fitness subscriptions why not consider Fiit? During the pandemic home workouts quickly became the norm and this app was one the best I came across during this time. The Fiit app provides you with a whole host of content such as live classes you can do with your friends virtually or anyone that joins the group. If this doesn’t interest you, Fiit have also set up their best class collections covering many areas for you to pick and choose when you wish. 

An added bonus if you wish to train smarter and track all your metrics is with Fiit Device Lite or the Wahoo Tickr X which you strap around you while using the app. 

9. Quiet Punch 

Quiet Punch Bag
The ‘Doorway’ Quiet Punch Bag

The Quiet Punch Bag is a fantastic option for your home gym if you are extremely limited for space. The reason for this is that you can actually set up in your doorway and once you have finished you can quickly pack it away until your next workout session. If you travel a lot this also might be a good option for you to do workouts from your hotel room.

It also gives you access to a punch tracking system with their app which can monitor your punch stats to help you improve and burn the calories to lose or maintain your weight.

10. Portable Blenders

Losing weight or getting trim is as much about your diet as it is exercise, but can be a pain to get the correct nutrition and daily intake efficiently. Portable blenders are definitely the go to gadget now to address this problem which slices through fruit, ice, vegetables with the touch of button which makes things nice and easy for you!

Better still, everything that you just mixed is all in one container which can quickly fuel your body post-workout for maximum results. 

Build muscle and strength

11. Innstar resistance bands 

Innstar Resistance bands

Resistance Bands are slowly becoming one of the top ways to get an intense and proper workout from home or even in the gym. However, there are still a lot of cheap versions which simply don’t meet the standard you are expecting when you start using them.

For the case of Innstar you can simulate all the typical exercises you would normally do with traditional gym equipment that comes in the form of specially designed resistance bands make them a brilliant alternative! If you some who like to practice boxing, BoxBandz might be a useful option you want to try a shadow boxing resistance workout

12. Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells 

A great option to consider for this is definitely the Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells as they have a smart adaptable weight range built into it from about 4-41kg.

These are brilliant options for developing your strength as you can use progressive overload as part of your training as you use them as part of your training plan due to the adjustable weight option that you will have to help push your limits. 

13. Pull up bar 

Now as much as weights can be a great option for building muscle, sometimes you own body weight is all you actually need to build some serious toned muscle. By using a pull up bar it is one of the toughest exercises to use which will help to really develop your upper body muscle including abs, triceps, biceps and triceps. 

Most pull up bars can be quite affordable on Amazon and pretty easy to install (usually on door frames which make them an ideal tool for home workouts. 

14. Theragun PRO Or OPOVE Massage guns

Muscle recovery is vital if you plan on building muscle and continuing to perform at the highest level. Muscle guns aim to reduce inflammation by flushing extracellular fluids such as lactic acid in the muscle tissue.

This helps to improve circulation and release tension in the muscles which will have your body thanking you after using it! Another brilliant option that I have used is the OPOVE massage gun which you might want to check out compare to the more popular Theragun (above). Check out this great review video by joetherapy for better idea of what this is like. See links below:

Cardio and endurance 

15. PowerBeats Pro 

joshua beats headphones
Joshua using wearing the powerbeats pro wireless earphones

The PowerBeats Pro, are probably the best totally wireless headphones you can get in today’s market of headphones. The PowerBeats Pro have been built to revolutionize your workouts. With zero wires to hold you back, you’ll always have your music to motivate you without anything getting in the way! 

Wireless headphones have adjustable, secure-fit ear hooks for added comfort and stability, while Beats have reinforced design for sweat and water resistance, making it ideal for those that workout a lot. Why not check out my top headphones for workouts here for more options.

16. Crossrope 

Crossrope Fitness is quickly becoming one of the new and popular ways for fitness beginners and fitness junkies to take on a new workout challenge. Crossrope has done this by creating and designing a unique jump rope that makes it easy and effective for all fitness levels.

This is done by Crossrope’s unique jump rope with key features as part of their design. They also have brilliant apps to continue to motivate you and give you whole range workout ideas incorporated with the jump rope. A great option for those looking to try something different!

17. TOPIOM Rowing Machine

There are many of these new rowing machines on the market now which give you closest experience to real rowing without being in the water. The reason for this is the use of the water flywheel technology at the end of the rower which feels and sounds like you’re pulling through the open water.

This will definitely give you the high intensity cardio based workout using the majority of your body. 

18. Treadmill

The good old treadmill! Now as much as most people find this an extremely useless piece of equipment, it can sometimes be a matter of preference for some people. Some days all that is required is a light jog to recover other muscle groups or even if you’re just not feeling like training or going outside at all.

For a lot of people in the winter you might not have the ability to go outside due to the horrible cold and snowy weather. It’s not a necessity, but a treadmill can be a useful purchase for your home gym.

19. MyZone fitness belt

Physical activity belts are quickly become one of the most popular tools to challenge, motivate and improve your fitness levels. The MyZone MZ-3 Belt in the essence a more accurate way to track your heart rate more accurately in your workout compared to fit bits and smart watches.

To make the most of this you will need to download the app which will give you access to leader board with anyone else on your social network who also uses it. If you are looking to really measure your results and track progression this might be tool for you in your cardio and endurance exercises.

20. Manual Air Runner Treadmill

The great thing about air/manual treadmill is that you don’t need to plug them into mains as it uses the users energy while running on it. These treadmill have a unique curve in them and handles to hold onto. These are usually best for fast burst and sprints.

This treadmill is ideally best for those looking to stronger and faster over shorter distances, rather than long distance cardio. It will still help to build up your endurance with each set you you push yourself to do!

Let me know in the comments below what fitness tools you are thinking of getting for you home gym or if you have any question. 

Thanks for reading!

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