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MuscleGun Review

Massage guns are starting to become one of the most popular trends for athletes and fitness fanatics. But with so many massage gun companies out there now, it can be hard to pick the right one. 

In this blog I will be looking at what is regarded as one of the best in MuscleGun. This review I’ll provide you with my own personal experience using the product, how it will actually help you, and what you will get. 

How do massage guns help you? 

As mentioned, massage gun’s have recently really become very popular and are definitely an investment to make, if you are planning on better muscle recovery after training. Much like a massage or even a foam roller it helps to target deep tissue muscle by repeatedly moving in and out through high frequency and repetitive strokes. This is also called percussion massage therapy. 

A massage gun aims to reduce inflammation by flushing extracellular fluids such as lactic acid in the muscle tissue. 

Why massage guns are great for fighters

Massage guns are great for those in combat sports as it can quickly reduce muscle soreness, relax tight muscles and ease tension. 

Sports like boxing are very intense and your body can really get worn down due to the amount of aerobic training you will be doing. This is why you see so many of the top boxers using them. 

Who are MuscleGun? 

MuscleGun are massage gun brand that have created a revolutionary handheld device that targets areas of the body with strong pulses of pressure ranging from 1800 – 3200 strokes per minute. This is also combined with 10mm of amplitude where we experience stiffness and pain by immediately increasing blood flow and allowing more oxygen and nutrients into the muscle, and in turn quickly reducing fatigue and muscle soreness. 

You can feel confident with MuscleGun by the fact they were also voted the number 1 device by Men Health Magazine. They’ve also had many more positive reviews from other popular publications such as Women’s Health, Esquire and GQ. Check out what they had to say below: 

Muscle Gun Reviews

What do you get with MuscleGun Carbon? 

Their main product and the one I have used is the MuscleGun Carbon set. Overall I was actually very impressed by what I received in their package. Here’s what’s included:

  • Muscle Gun Carbon 
  • 4 Custom Massage Tips
  • Robust Carry Case 
  • Comprehensive User Guide 
  • + Dedicated Wellness App

How does it work? 

As mentioned above, the massage gun delivers a high frequency of repetitive strokes to target deep tissue muscles. By using a specific massage tip on a particular muscle, this will help to reduce muscle tightness, swelling and flush away lymphatic acid from the muscle into your body’s circulatory system. 

By using the MuscleGun, it will actually help repair and and help your muscles recover much quicker. It almost has a very similar effect to deep tissue massage, which is obviously very well known and researched to help muscle recovery. 

My experience using Muscle Gun Carbon

Personally I’ve found that using the MuscleGun product to be extremely effective after my boxing training. I only really need to use it between 10-15 minutes at a time to help give me instant relief from the pain or reduce tightness in whichever muscle gun I’m targeting.

I really like the fact they provide you with a robust case where it keeps everything together in one place which is handy when traveling. 

The fact that the MuscleGun Carbon also comes with four massage head tips is also very useful. Each one has a different effect and they also work differently on different muscle groups for greater results. For example, the bullet head is great for targeting smaller neck muscles which can be hard to get to. 

Finally they provide a very useful guide/manual which includes everything you need to know about the MuscleGun Carbon. This includes different massage methods on each body part, and how you should be using the massage gun and what head attachment. The other option is to download their free wellness app to see live examples of this in action.   

The only criticism would be it is big due to the battery requirement to perform, however this is a very minor negative. And there’s a smaller version of  Muscle Gun if this is a big deal to you. 

MuscleGun Carbon features

  • Results in 5 minutes, 
  • 300 minutes battery life
  • 3,200 Strokes Per Minute
  • 44lbs of force

Final thoughts 

From personal use I have found the MuscleGun to be a fantastic option to use when I’ve had tightness or pain in one area. The fact you can quickly use it in lots of muscle areas for 2-3 minutes, you can really feel a difference after using it. 

Personally I think buying a percussion gun like MuscleGun is a great investment. This is because it will help you to be able to target deep tissue muscles constantly without having to spend money on massages, which can be expensive if you get them all the time. 

With MuscleGun you can use this whenever you want and will definitely last you a couple years so I highly recommend you consider it. If you are not a fan of the bigger Carbon version, there is a smaller version I will leave the link to below.

Boxing Life’s Rating 

five star

Thanks for reading this review. If you are interested in further information or recovery methods for boxers. I recommend you check out the following articles.

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