Mirror Workout Review – Changing The Way You Exercise

Mirror workout review

If you too are fed up with repeated cycles going to the gym but still want to keep in shape, well, Mirror by Lululemon have got you covered. For some, working out has been structured on traditional conventions, but, today, Mirror Workout has revamped the fundamental dynamics of it.

Their core belief that exercising must be interactive and personalized and has drawn the borders for the industry-wide apart, with their amazing technological feat. This really is where imagination meets the ultimate realm of innovation, there, the name ‘Mirror Workout’ stands tall.

What is Mirror Workout?

Their goal is to ultimately bring happiness to your life through fitness that have driven them to heights we had only imagined before. However, today, bringing their vision to your eyes, their excellent team has crafted a marvellous piece of engineering that guarantees to eradicate most of your gym life hassles.

Their virtual Mirror, which is a stand-alone slab of glass, provides the user with access to all the workouts they want, from anywhere you desire. It derives from the paramount aim that humans must be in charge of how they like things to be and how things work out for them. Watch the short video below to see what it’s like:

How does Mirror work?

Revolutionizing the way you had always looked at working out, Mirror ushers a whole new dynamic to existing conventions with its stunning set of features. These include the all-important ability to act as a stand-alone virtual trainer, with a distinct take on how you interact with it.

Providing you with easy-to-access controls, it caters to everyone from a 60 years old to a 14 years old kid. With a system that flawlessly integrates with your routine and priorities, they have successfully developed a friendly user-interface for all your family members.

This is a core element to Mirror’s staggering success, as users have found it quite assisting in correlating with the whole experience easier.

Additional Features

It seems quite likely that the team has spent a great deal of time just to come up with a minimal but deliberately optimal range of features that are all tied together in a neat ecosystem to provide you with the best experience.

Real-Time Optimization, which corresponds to a user’s preferences, enables a portal to be established which promises greater yield in less time, as the track record coupled with future goals are all integrated into one place.

Moreover, a user-curated music playlist offers an ultimate workout experience based on one’s taste and liking, something essential to many consumers worldwide. The joining of these core elements helps a user take leaps towards a refreshing experience. Therefore, we believe Mirror Workout is the future, and you, their guest.

What workouts do you get with Mirror?

Mirror workouts

Knowing that you must be indulged in a myriad of workouts already, the company has shaped the system so that none of your needs get overlooked. They have neatly integrated a wide spectrum of workouts, each with step-by-step instructions so that even if you are just getting started, you may relish an amazing experience.

From an tough session of boxing to a much more concentrate period of yoga, Mirror Workout is the ultimate guide to helping you withdraw with guidance and instruction. Packed with many genres, augmenting over the 50+ mark, it can cater to distinctly different people, whose levels may range from Expert to Beginner.

Live Virtual Trainers

Believing that interaction with a trainer is an essential component in working out, Mirror has provided deep integration with virtual trainers that are experts in their respective fitness niche. This creates a peace-of-mind for the user, who may feel unsure around trying a certain routine.

Mirror personal trainers

These trainers have all acquired world-class mastery so that your bodies are all under the right hands. Therefore, the user feels free to converse his/her queries and thus get answered and instructed accordingly, enhancing the engagement with the trainer.

Additional Training Features

One of the most convenient things about Mirror is the availability of classes, enriched with practical guides at any time. If you feel the need, Just hover in front of it!

This translates to a rich user experience, dominated with details that matter. Moreover, if you feel the need to interact with other users, Mirror has that too in the notice as it provides a way to connect with other members in weekly live classes and thus keeping motivation levels high.

Where on-demand classes guarantee a highly personalized workflow, top-notch trainers are a way to get the best-in-class guidance. For all your fitness and workout concerns, Mirror is one friendly hand for you!

Pros and Cons of Mirror Workout

For starters, and as a spoiler alert, we believe the benefits of Mirror definitely outweigh the cons, The pros are:

  • It projects one’s whole workflow in a virtual entirety and thus abolishes the need to head over to a physical gym that may be dominated by an average-to-good set of features.
  • It has brought an entirely new ranking of convenience, right in the footsteps. Gone are the days to fret over how you missed a physical training class you prioritized the most.
  • Disintegrating from daily commutes to the gym has been made possible by Mirror, too, as it has shown an overhaul to old contemporary ways.
  • Risk free 30-Day Trial period
  • 100s of workout options to choose from
  • Access to full qulified personal trainer across a range of fitness niches
  • Live classes
  • Ability monitor and track your progress through their interface
  • It can also be used a general mirror in the home

However, examining this modern-day phenomenon on a broader scale, there are a few shortcomings to consider

  • The essence of physically interacting with a gym instructor and members is lost.
  • Some of the workouts aren’t available.
  • It is a expensive investment to make one off (Monthly payments can be made however to counter this)

Some More Mirror Details

Mirror App

The Mirror App

Blending in with a masterpiece of an ecosystem, the Mirror app, available on ios, and android gives the consumer the ease of transitioning from one device to another, keeping an accurate and well-presented track of data, along with the possibility of going through the classes or examining already-watched tutorials for the best practical experience.

Therefore, even if you don’t want to hop in front of the Mirror at a given time, you may have a look at the classes in the palm of your hand.

The Mirror Accessories

The team at Mirror has been well positioned on structuring what to prioritize and what not to. This is evident from their well-thought strategy to provide everyone with an optimal experience, even the beginners. Therefore, they have also provided an array of accessories to harmonize with their system for the best outcome.

For instance, their $100 starter kit features a heart rate monitor and a Mirror fitness band, both of which are bundled to get you started. This is truly remarkable attention to detail.

Getting Started

The initial process of getting started with this epitome of excellent experience is no slouch. Once again, we must commend the company for making the consumer’s experience as seamless as possible.

Suppose you are interested, which we believe you may very well be now. In that case, the essentials begin with scheduling a delivery, which will then proceed with the Mirror’s installation, and at last, letting your devices converse together in the Mirror ecosystem.

How much does it cost?

In the initial installation process, Mirror will cost a total of $1400 – $1900, which may sound a lot at first. Still, given the long-term benefits and technological mastery, it seems quite certified to carry such a tag.

Moreover, delving deeper, it’s only $42 a month for something that shall outrun the test of time. Also, Mirror Workout offers a 30 day free trial for all the classes to all consumers.

All this can be done through Amazon here which is very handy! 

Is Mirror Workout worth it?

Mirror workout system

By now, you must be wondering if the Mirror Workout is worth the money or not. Well, we believe it truly is. First, the fact that anything like it exists at all is a festivity for humans to celebrate upon, because only a few eons ago, we would never have imagined anything like it at all.

Something like Mirror Workout has taken the technological breakthrough to an ultimate superiority level.

Moreover, we are huge fans of the convenience it brings to every person, no matter the age; this illustrates the company’s heightened vision to get out of the box and target every consumer’s age.

Looking from a consumer’s point of view, yes, the Mirror seems expensive, but then again, so are the gym memberships. Furthermore, it shall not be ignored that the Mirror is a one-time investment that looks quite stalwart on its promise to bear long-term benefits.

Therefore, we recommend Mirror workout to anyone in the market, looking up for a product to deliver health benefits and end a thousand other hassles.

Certainly, this is a brilliant move, going into the future as we are only left wondering, what else could there be to bewitch us like this!

Learn more on Mirror by visiting Amazon.com

Make sure to let us know in the comments below if you are interested in trying out the Mirror

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  2. Hello there, Thank you very much for this workout review. I have learnt a lot by just going through your article. I have never imagined such an app like Mirror Workout. I love the exercises and workouts you could get from it. I also love the fact that they have virtual trainers as well making it so perfect. Thank you once again.

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