FightCamp Review – Learn Great Boxing Workouts From Home

FightCamp Review - Learn Great Boxing Workouts From Home

FightCamp is a new workout subscription that brings authentic, trainer-led boxing workouts to any home. (Only available in the United States currently)

Thousands of people are loving the FightCamp interactive, intense, and empowering workouts, led by six experienced trainers who range from a Pro Female MMA Fighter to a former U.S. National Boxing Team member.

FightCamp experience

Why should you consider FightCamp?

Whether you’ve never boxed before or you are coming in with some experience, you’ll find a challenging workout that fit your level of fitness. FightCamp gives you an extensive number of tutorial videos that will help you brush up on and build upon your boxing skills as you progress in your boxing journey.

If you are entering FightCamp with little-to-no boxing experience, they have designed a brilliant beginner’s path “Prospect Path”, which is an 8-12 week program that combines their tutorial videos, with Boxing Base workouts and specially curated FightCamp workouts and Sprints. See below:

Prospect Path Fight Camp

(There is also a new upper “Contender Path” for those that have intermediate/advanced boxing skills or those that have completed the above. There’s always room to improve boxing skills and take your conditioning to the next level!)

FightCamp also offers you the opportunity to be a part of a community of like-minded people who will help push and support you on your journey. Many of the FightCamp trainers and team members offer additional support within the community.

That’s FightCamp in a nutshell and it is a fantastic option for anyone looking to get into boxing who doesn’t have access to boxing gym facilities. Even the likes of boxing legends Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather Jr have given the FightCamp experience a try. (See videos below)

What do you need?

First off you can sign up with them on the FightCamp website here or download the for FREE app and register an account! Available on both the Apple IOS and Android devices.

Once you are signed in, you will be brought to the FightCamp Workout Library. There, you can either select a workout, go through the list of workouts, go to the Punch Trackers Menu, or Sign Out.

A Punching Bag

Now, this is very essential to the program and to really maximize your FightCamp experience you will need to have a free-standing punch bag in your home. These can be very affordable on Amazon or you can purchase their own FightCamp free-standing bag from their online store as part of the subscription – details further below. If you can’t afford a punching bag right now, not worry, you can do this program by shadowboxing. (Check out my top 16 Free standing punch bags here)

FightCamp punch bag

Boxing Gloves

Another essential for FightCamp, make sure to get yourself a pair of boxing gloves, especially if you are going to be hitting a punching bag! (you don’t want to hurt your hands) Check out some of my beginner boxing glove options here or visit FightCamp’s online store to get your own.

FightCamp Gloves

Hand wraps

FightCamp provides you with these specially designed hand wraps once you sign up for the program. The red and blue wraps are built to hold your sensors in place (See below) with a wrapping section for additional wrist support, as well as a padded knuckle section to protect your hands even more.

They also have their own traditional handwrap if you prefer the old school method of wrapping your hands.

The FightCamp Punch Trackers

Another great feature with  FightCamp is that they give you brilliant Punch Trackers with who they have partnered with Hysko. This tracks all of your performance metrics in real-time and this data is used to enrich your FightCamp experience. For example, in every round, you will be pushed to meet a minimum punch goal and the punch data is also essential to being able to properly benchmark your progress over time as you move forward in your FightCamp and boxing journey. A charging station also comes along with these. (Check out more punch trackers systems here)

FightCamp Hysko Punch Trackers

(New) The FightCamp Mat

The team has actually introduced a new feature in the package which will give you the perfect amount of space needed to complete your FightCamp workouts. The mat is made of 8 interlocking tiles that connect together, it can be adjusted to fit your needs. The mat will also help the FightCamp bag from sliding and protects your floor from the scuff mark.

(Bonus) Apple TV or through AirPlay

You can stream your online training to your TV using an Apple TV and your iOS device with AirPlay.

See all this in action!

So what’s the deal?

FightCamp has three packages currently you can sign up for, which you can pay off over a 12-24 month period

FightCamp Connect 

  • Punch Trackers
  • Quick Wraps

FightCamp Personal

  • Punch Trackers
  • Quick Wraps
  • Free-Standing Bag
  • Heavy Workout Mat
  • Premium Boxing Gloves

FightCamp Tribe – family/group package

  • Punch Trackers
  • Quick Wraps x2
  • Free-Standing Bag
  • Heavy Workout Mat
  • Premium Boxing Gloves x 2
  • Kids Boxing Gloves

Every package includes access to a growing library of boxing workouts (4+ new per week), free punch tracking technology, and hand wraps when you sign up for their monthly subscription.

FightCamp Deal

It is definitely worth giving it a go – especially with the amount of training workout content that is led by some of the best trainers America has to offer!

To sign up for one of the packages today just click here or the image below.

Start your boxing journey today!

If the FightCamp doesn’t pick your fancy why not check out some other online boxing courses.

Jamie - Boxing Life

I'm a boxing analyst, amateur boxer, and blogger looking to pass on my boxing experiences and passion to anyone looking to learn or find out more about the sport of boxing. Whether that be gear reviews, fighter analysis, news, training tips, or my own personal journey, I'll be covering it on 'Boxing Life'.

22 thoughts on “FightCamp Review – Learn Great Boxing Workouts From Home

  1. Thank you for this great post. This looks like a really interesting programme. I really like to get stats on my workouts so the Punch Trackers look like an amazing feature, I have never heard of anything like them before. I will definitely give this a try, I cant believe you get a whole month for free!

    1. Thanks for your comment Chris! Yes it really is a very unique programme they provide and the best thing is, you get a month for FREE to try it out. Definitely worth anyone giving it a go.  

  2. Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for sharing! Fight Camp sounds like a rewarding program, and all from the comfort of your home, if I’m not mistaken. The “Prospect Path would be right up my alley. Haven’t got much experience in boxing, but I’d be willing to give Fight Camp a try. Perhaps I could work through it with my eldest son and/or daughter. They have each 5+ years of experience in martial arts, and I believe they would really take to the tutorials. 


    1. Hi Norman, thanks for commenting.

      It really is a rewarding programme and it gives those with little to no experience a fantastic opportunity to learn boxing and fitness skills. That’s a great idea to do it with your kids, I’m sure they would love it too!



  3. As someone who loves a challenging workout, I am always looking for new ones. I love throwing punches, so this one might be just what I am looking for! I love that you get so many perks and bonuses with even the free trial! I am also interested in the speed bag. Do you know if the FightCamp program has workouts designed for speed bag? I do a lot of shadow boxing, but I love my speed bag! I have been doing some kick-boxing too and am interested to know if there are workouts for kick-boxing in the FightCamp program? Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

    1. Hi Karen,

      It really is a fantastic programme for anyone looking to learn boxing skills and keep fit. It’s FREE for the first 30 days so you might as well give it a go see how you get on. Unfortunately the speed bag does not feature in this yet, but you can do this programme by shadow boxing. There is also some kick-boxing training that features in content which can get stuck into as well. Hope this helps! 


  4. I think boxing is one of the best work outs not only for men but for women as well. Having watched the Philippine pride Manny Pacquiao in his boxing quests made me want to learn boxing as a form of a fitness exercise. But due to my hectic job schedule, I could not find time to enroll in some formal boxing lessons. So reading your post got me excited, knowing that I can actually do this at home during my free time with Fightcamp. 

    You mentioned that even with a free 30-day trial, you will be provided with punch trackers and hand wraps, what happens if I decide not to continue with my subscription after the trial period for any reason? Or will I be automatically charged after? 

    1. Hi Alice, thanks for commenting. 

      I’m glad someone like Manny Pacquiao has inspired you, just like myself and so many in the boxing community. FightCamp really is programme designed for you to workout from the comfort of your home and take your time to learn. 

      In terms of the 30-day trial you will get to keep the trackers and hand wraps – which is great! However you won’t be able to access further FightCamp content for training if you decide not to extend your subscription. Give it trial for a month and see how you get on, it is FREE for the first 30 days. 



  5. Hi there

    I haven’t heard of Fight Camp workouts before but it seems like a really good workout especially for the fast-paced and stressful lifestyles that we live. Nothing like hitting a bag to release the tensions!

    Am I right in saying the trackers are placed within the hand wraps to track the data?

    It’s a shame it’s only available in the US and on iOS though. Do you know when it will be available in the UK or on Android? Thanks for the read.

    1. Hi Teresa, thanks for the comment

      Yes that’s correct about the trackers! In terms of it being available in the UK and Android, I’m not too sure yet. I will be keeping eye out and making sure to update this post once it has expanded. It’s a really great programme, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it starts to expand soon. 


  6. Thanks Jamie for bringing this to everyone attention. I never knew such an opportunity existed. This is a exceptional platform which will prove important to those that can’t go to gyms or hire personal trainers. How can I subscribe from Africa or can you recommend any other training platform I can use till fightcamp reaches Africa?

    1. Hi Aweda, thanks for commenting again. I agree, it such a awesome training platform. Unfortunately they are still only available in the US, but hopefully they will go international at some stage so more people can experience it. In terms of similar training platform, I would recommend checking out Precision Boxing Coach app

      Hope this helps you!


  7. This article is straightforward and explanatory. This review by Fight Camp is cool. What you offer is cool in the learning boxing workout from home, I am intrigued by the the FightCamp Punch Trackers given in tracking performance among other equipments needed. I think am going to sign-up and as well recommend this article to beginners in boxing and the intended ones.

    Good post. 

    1. It really is a fantastic learning experience for those looking to learn boxing – particularly from home if you don’t have access to a gym or have a very busy lifestyle. Thanks for recommending too my man, its much appreciated! 🙂



  8. Hi Jamie,

    Thank you for this informative post about Learning the best boxing workouts from home with Fight Camp. I would not even know about this if I did not read your article. I don’t have that much experience in boxing, but I would be willing to try Fight Camp. Perhaps I could work with my son. He has 6+ years of experience in martial arts and I believe he will really take the tutorials. I am going to share it with my friends & family.

    1. Thanks for comment! I’m glad you found this article useful. FightCamp really is perfect opportunity for boxing beginners to learn. I’m sure your son would also love the training tutorials they offer too. Appreciate you sharing this! 🙂



  9. Hi Jamie Thanks for this wonderful opportunity you just wrote about. I’m really inspired by the great package offered by Fightcamp. I’m a great fan of boxing and I really want to improve my boxing skills. It seems Fight camp will be the right program for me since I can improve my skills at home with it’s great package. I believe this wonderful boxing platform will help me become better than Anthony Joshua.”Lol” Nothing is impossible if you  believe in yourself. I have been searching for an opportunity like this and you just brought one to me. An awesome post. Thanks once more and keep up with the good job.

    1. Hi Tony, appreciate the comment! I’m glad to hear you want to improve your boxing skill set! I’m sure after you you go through Fight Camp platform you might be able to Anthony Joshua few tricks! lol 😉 But in all seriousness your right, if you set your mind to something you definitely achieve it. Thanks again for the kind words Tony! 


  10. Your fight camp is a very comprehensive package and includes everything you need to get started and maintain through the six week program which will help anyone to be able to get on their path and make it straight for each being physically fit and of course increasing in their skill in the boxing arena. Excellent info as it got into everything I needed to be able to personally see an overview of all steps on the program with pictures included. Thank you

    1. It’s a really fantastic package which is great for beginners! Hope this review on Fight Camp helped you out Andrew.

      Thanks for the comment.


  11. WOW, great article,

    I love to read about boxing and boxing training is one of the best ways to boost physical and mental strength

    I like the look of FightCamp too, it is the best boxing workouts that you can perform at home. That’s what make it great advantage with our busy schedules.

    I never heard about The FightCamp Punch Trackers. that is the best way to track all performance in real-time.

    Definitely is worth to try FightCamp workout.

    Thank you for sharing valuable content. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Gihan! 

      You totally right about it will help if you have a busy schedule and give you the ability to egt a top workout from home. Trackers are also great and can give you that extra motivation! 

      Thansk again for the comment. 


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