Improve Your Boxing Footwork With Powerstance | Review

Powerstance Boxing Footwork Review

Have you struggled with your footwork in boxing or just starting out and want to improve your overall footwork? In this boxing equipment review I will go over the inventive footwork tool created by Powerstance which will help towards solving that problem. 

Who Are Powerstance?

Powerstance review

Powerstance are a UK based boxing equipment supplier who have created innovative and simple boxing footwork tool. This piece of equipment is aimed for beginners, coaches and even professional fighters to use.  

Check it out in action below:

Is footwork important in boxing?

Footwork in boxing is an essential practice in the sport. Having good footwork means you can position and set yourself up to throw punches and combinations, while also forcing your opponent to make positional adjustments. Footwork also gives you the ability to counter punch them as they try to adjust to your new position. It also means you can move around more efficiently and comfortably in the ring without feeling awkward while throwing punches. 

How can Powestance help improve your footwork? 

Powerstance helps improve your footwork by placing your feet in the correct and traditional boxing position or stance. Whether you stance is orthodox or southpaw.

All you need to do is simply put your feet through the Powerstance elastic straps with each one around your ankles. It then forces you to stand in the correct position whilst you train. 

This therefore helps to discipline you to keep your feet position and give you more focus on footwork.  

Powerstance can be used while doing general boxing training drills on the heavy bag, double end bag or  even pad work. You can also use this with other typical boxing footwork drills to help create even more discipline with your footwork. 

Powerstance Design 

Like I said further above, it really is a simple design and there is not much out there like this. 

It is basically a rigid foam based bar with a leather casing to protect it with elastic straps on either end for you feet to slip though. 

The Powerstance comes in three sizes 

  • Small – Kids 
  • Medium – up to 5’10 
  • Large – 5’10+

My experience using Powerstance

Having used the Powerstance product, I have to admit it does a brilliant job of keeping your feet in the correct position when doing your typical boxing training drills.  

Sometimes we can all get lazy in terms of our foot positioning and it did make me focus on my foot positioning more. 

My only criticism about the Powerstance would be that depending on certain situations you might need to have your feet closer together if moving away from the opponent. Especially if up close in the clinch or against the ropes. 

Despite this, it is a tool to help you master the fundamentals of boxing footwork and stop you from having to be in that situation. I do recommend you try out with a combination of traditional boxing training (heavy bag) and also footwork focused drills. Check me out my full video review with some clips on me using using Powerstance below.

Who is Powerstance best for?

Powerstance is a particularly good tool for a young amateur or boxing beginners just starting out in the sport. 

It is also a very useful tool for coaches to use on their fighters or clients to help create consistency and correct footwork positioning.

Even top professional boxers can benefit from using Powerstance, as it can help discipline and improve their footwork. 

Final thoughts

If you are a beginner or someone looking to improve your footwork, the Powerstance tool is a great option to consider practicing with. 

It might not look like a lot but, if you use it alongside footwork drills you will quickly start to see a big difference when you are training without it. 

Boxing Life Rating 


Let me know in the comments below if you would consider trying out Powerstance for you footwork drills.

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