Hysko Punch Tracker Review: Are They Worth It?

Hysko pucnh tracker review

Product: Hysko Punch Trackers

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Hykso Punch Tracker Review

Who are Hysko?

Hysko are a company that have created a unique fitness tracker which is focused towards those training in boxing or mma. This is without a doubt one of the best boxing punch trackers out there, but you should consider your needs carefully before you go with this one.

Boxing punch & fitness trackers all primarily have a similar design and are all associated with an app for you track your progress on your phone or mobile device.

For Hykso’s punch trackers, they have been bulit to track your hands’ movement 1000 times per second to detect the number, the type, and the velocity of all your punches.

Like I said above, Hysko have an associated “Hykso app which allows you to view your punch output in real time and measure your ongoing progress.

While boxing punch trackers aren’t a guaranteed way to improve your boxing skills, they do help you keep an eye on your overall performance. e.g. punch volume. Continue reading to learn more about the features and statistics offered by Hysko.

What exactly do you get?

Hykso punch trackers

Access to the Hykso App

The Hykso app has three main features to measure your success which will be key in how you interact and use them. Read about the three main features below:

Punch Output

You will get access to their fully functional Hysko app which is fully embedded and linked to the punch trackers. The Hysko app shows you 4 different types of punch variations which are pretty cool too see what punches you tend to throw more:

  • Left Straight (includes jabs/crosses)
  • Right Straight (includes jabs/crosses)
  • Left Power (includes hooks/uppercuts)
  • Right Power (includes hooks/uppercuts)

If you are worried about tracking other movements such as doing blocks, parries, using skipping rope etc. There is no need, Hysko have designed the trackers to remove motions such as these to make sure it is only capturing the above punches.


Hykso App features

Punch Intensity

Hysko also give you a punch intensity score (middle, above) which comes in three tiers. The amount that it increases by depends on things such as your punch velocity, punch type and how you generate the speed of behind your punch.

The 3 tiered system acts as a way to reward punches with lots of effort and energy. Basically, it aims to really encourage you to push yourself to punch as hard and as much as possible during a training to get a better intensity score!

Punch velocity

The velocity features on the app (right, above) shows you the speed of your punches, 10 being the highest score you can get. It’s a really useful feature to have as it can show you when your punches may start to slow down the more rounds you do. The only downside to this is that is doesn’t measure the velocity of when you hit bag which I imagine is a very hard thing measure here.

The Hykso app also give you the ability to compare your workouts to see if you intensity level is staying at the same level – or you can even see how you compare against other Hykso users which includes amateur and professional fighters – it’s a great way to keep you motivated to train that bit harder.

Hykso Punch Trackers

Hysko punch trackers

The trackers which Hykso have created are arguably the best in the market and are specifically aimed at those in boxing or mma. These trackers have a processor with an artificial intelligence system on chip that calculates each punch are done in under 100ms. Very fancy stuff!

Here are some unique features:

Automated with your phone

The trackers only need a phone to start and then they can record everything and sync to the phone later when you get back within range. E.g. You could wear them for your training session and once you’re home, sync up it back up with your phone and the Hykso app data would update.

As the trackers are linked to the app, the Hysko team are always looking to improve their performance meaning all future updates to the software are free.

Sweat Proof

As you will be working out in the trackers will have under your hand wraps which can gain moisture as you train. Hysko have created these to withstand both moisture and sweat – so you have nothing to worry about there!


The materials used to build the Hysko trackers offer you comfort and optimal grip while you punch. All you have to do is put the trackers on the top of your wrists and underneath two or more wraps of your wraps. You’ll be all set to get punching!

hysko tracker underneath wrap

Efficient battery

The battery can last up to 10 hours and can be charged fully in an hour. Hysko have also included a handy unique portable charger which you can plug into a usb port. See below:

Hysko portable charger

Pros & Cons


  • Hysko punch trackers are arguably considered the best in market
  • Available on majority iOS and Android devices
  • An engaging app that helps you push yourself in each training session to perform
  • A seamless linked Tracker and App system


  • Due to its quality it can be pricey, but it is probably the best out there.
  • You’ll need to buy hand wrap if you want to hold the sensors in place (no wrist wraps)
  • Doesn’t measure punch power


The Hysko punch trackers truly are a great tool purchase if you are really serious about improving your punch output, speed and intensity. It won’t necessarily make you the best boxer in the world, but by being able to see and measure what type of punches you are throwing at what intensity will help to push your overall performance.

You can learn more about Hysko trackers on Amazon here: Hysko Punch Tracking Wearable Sensors

Other Boxing Punch Trackers

There are other boxing punch trackers out there for you to consider if you don’t fancy the Hysko Trackers. See below:

Piq + Everlast Boxing Punch Trackers

Renowned boxing company Everlast have teamed up with Piq to create their own unique boxing punch trackers. Similar to Hysko, these come with unique punch trackers, an associated app but have extra wrist wrap to hold sensors in place. (I personally prefer using the hand wraps with trackers)

Learn more on Amazon here: PIQ Everlast Wearable Boxing Sport and Fitness Tracker


Once again very similar to Hysko, but the Bxtrackers have made this far more affordable if you are looking for a cheaper punch tracker – they very much advertise themselves on the same level Hysko. It’s up to you whether you want to try this out first before going for a bigger named product.

Learn more on Amazon here: bxtracker 2019 New Smart Boxing Tracker Punch Trackers

Let us know in the comments below your experience of using Hysko or if you would consider using it?

You can check out more boxing equipment reviews here.

Thanks for reading.

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