Learn How To Jump Rope For Boxing – Anyone Can Do It

Mayweather Jr jumping rope
How to jump rope for boxing

Jumping rope is one of the necessities when you first start your boxing training and it can be a real struggle for any beginner. It definitely was for me! Having started by watching videos of Floyd Mayweather Jr doing it with ease, it really put me down.

I slowly discovered that was not the way to learn by watching the masters at this stage.

1. Start slow

One of the first mistakes I made was that I tried to rush what I was doing. You really need to take your time with this one before you get a consistent rhythm going. At first, just getting used to the rope going around you for a few jumps will really help as you start to do more and more. You also need to learn not to jump too high or you will be out of breath before you know it!

Mayweather Jr jumping rope

2. Technique

Make sure you are jumping on the balls of your feet and that your not flat-footed, this will be key when you first start jumping. It will also save you so much more energy jumping this way! You need to make sure you are also bending your elbows slightly while you swing the rope around, but make sure you are not over doing it and flapping them like a bird!

3. Just breathe

Once I started to get a better rhythm, I was only able to really last a couple of minutes. One technique, that I found really helped, was “breathing through your nose while you jump”. I found this technique by watching Expert Boxing (in the video shown below). You do not want to take big gasping breaths while you jump or you won’t be able to go that long.

4. Persistence is key!

Learning how to jump rope for boxing is one of the hardest things when you first start. It sucks because you get out breath and tired really quickly, you just want to be at the top-level straight away! However, my biggest recommendation is to simply just be persistent, it is the same with anything you want to be good at, you just need to keep trying.

Every time you go for your workout, just give yourself just 10 – 15 minutes at the end or start of the training session. It might take you few weeks, but after you crack the techniques, it’s like riding bike – you won’t forget.

Recommended Skipping Rope

This is not essential, but if you want to become great at jumping rope for boxing I’d also recommend you get a decent skipping rope itself before you get started. Don’t worry it’s not that expensive for a decent rope either. See my recommendation below:

FGHTR Training Rope

FGHTR Training Rope

FGHTR training rope has a durable steel wire and wire protective sleeve with rope length adjustment and a hollow aluminum handle making it brilliant option to start jumping rope with. Learn more on FGHTR’s website or check out more of their awesome training tools here.

Beast Rope 

Beast Rope is a strong, lightweight, durable and flexible design that provides an unbeatable workout. It also has a flexible steel wire with protective coating that doesn’t bend or tangle which you find can happen with flimsy skipping rope. Learn more on Amazon here. (UK only)

WOD Nation Skipping Rope

WOD Nation have created a very decent skipping rope in their own right which is one of the most popular and best ropes on the market. Just like the above it is made from a steel wire with a protective coating. The rope length is also customizable and has decent swing when using. Learn more on Amazon (Ships to US and International)


Crossrope Review

Crossrope Fitness is quickly becoming one of the new and popular ways for fitness beginners and fitness junkies to take on a new workout challenge. 

This comes in the form of weighted jumping rope to get fit, lose weight, learn a new skill and challenge yourself.

I recommend you check out Crossrope program here, which is great way to learn how to jump rope quickly. You can also check out my in depth written and video review for Crossrope here for more detail.

Final thoughts

To sum everything up from the above the most important thing I feel when learning to jump rope for boxing is the persistence. The more you do it, the quicker you will get the hang of it! Trust me! Try not to let yourself get too frustrated if it doesn’t come naturally – it takes time! Once you finally get your rhythm and technique right, there will be no looking back.

Let us know in comments below how you get on.

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6 thoughts on “Learn How To Jump Rope For Boxing – Anyone Can Do It

  1. Great article Jaime! Jump rope is one of those things that still challenges me to this day when I workout. I find that I always try to do it fast and my body can’t keep up I will have to try to slow it down like you said.

    1. Thanks Tony, yeah it’s one of those exercises you need to just take your time with before it become natural. As I said, just slow it down and it will start to become a lot easier as you speed it up!

      Thanks again,

  2. There was a time when I dreamed of being a boxer – in the day when Sugar Ray Leonnard was king. I grew up jumping rope but could never master doing it on my own. I found that I ended up changing technique in the middle of a workout and that confused me. Most time I did it flat footed so you statement here helps me see one area in which I was not do it right.

    1. Hi Russell, thanks for your comment! Sugar Ray Leonard is one boxing idols too and he is from a completely different generation to me too. Just shows you have influential past greats can be to  people in the future. You should try giving the rope a try again and I’m glad my advice made sense to you. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks 


  3. I love Jump Roping! Ever since first introduced back in elementary school with Jump Rope for Heart. I think it’s a great form of exercise for anyone, not just boxers =D I need to remember to breathe! I think that’s my biggest mistake when working out in general, I tend to hold my breath! Thanks for the helpful pointers!

    1. Hi Nikki, thanks for the comment! I completely agree with you, jumping rope is great exercise for anyone, not just boxers. Yeah that’s a mistake lots of people make when they do certain exercises is that they just forget to exhale and end up holding in their breath. Let me know if you need anymore advice. 🙂 


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