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Having your very own home boxing gym is a dream for many who have the available space to exercise from the comfort of their own home. Not everyone is close to a boxing gym and this is sometimes the best alternative for you to stay fit and sharp through using boxing gym equipment in your own household.

However, everyone needs to start from somewhere and there are some important practical considerations you must have before you start buying lots of boxing gym equipment. This blog post should hopefully help you start a plan, along with giving you ideas for actual equipment. (See further below)

Setting Up A Home Boxing Gym

There 5 important things you have to consider before you buy a bunch of equipment for your home boxing gym. Make sure you consider all of the below to make sure you make the most of the space and the equipment that you purchase for yourself.

1. Having enough space

First off, it’s important to identify if you actually have enough space in your home or garage to be able to put in lots of boxing gym equipment. Some equipment recommendation I will show below can take up a lot of space so make sure you put a plan in place for where you can put each piece of equipment. You want to be able to have some sort of space without bumping into something every time you turn!

2. Flooring

If you are planning on setting up your home boxing gym equipment in the garage, it will most likely have a concrete floor. This can be really damaging on your knees after a while, so make sure you consider buying some foam jigsaw matts which can be a cheaper option to cover the ground (my choice is further below).

3. Installing equipment

Probably one of the first things you will need to contemplate is the ability to install certain boxing equipment – especially if you are planning on getting a hanging heavy bag. These are usually mounted and fixed from the ceiling with chains to hold and hang the bag in place or even off wall brackets.

Before buying anything make sure you can install some the equipment first. For example, your roof might not be able to hold a hanging heavy bag, so maybe a standing punch bag is a more practical option to go with – just little things consider.

Boxing Training from home

4. Other fitness equipment

Do you just want boxing equipment for your home gym? Make sure you have other fitness equipment options to add variety to your training. Why not consider things like dumbells, a bench press, treadmill or stationary bike? It’s important that you can mix up your training, especially if you are going to make an investment into some of the equipment below.

5. Budget

Consider your budget, don’t overspend in areas you don’t have to and remember you don’t have to purchase every single piece of equipment at once! You also don’t want to under spend on something which isn’t a good product and wears down very quickly. We all have other expenses to pay but remember this a home boxing gym you can plan and build over a period.

Now for the fun stuff…

Boxing Gym Equipment Ideas

I’ve made a list of various boxing and fitness equipment for you to consider and how it will help you with your training from home.

Hanging Heavy Bag

This is probably one of the first peices of equipment you will consider getting and it is extremely important and effective For boxing training. The hanging bag is a great tool for practicing your combination punches and improving punch power.

I’ve provided two options below from Everlast and Ringside who are specialist boxing equipment manufacturers. They have created multiple heavy bags option over the years and you should definitely consider these for your home gym. You can check out my review article on my top 10 hanging heavy bags here for more options

Everlast Traditional Heavy Bag kit
Ringside 100-pound Leather Boxing Punching Heavy Bag (Filled)

Free Standing Punch Bag

No hanging space? Then the next best solution for you is a freestanding punch bag. Very similar to heavy bags in the sense of training your combinations and punching power. They have usually have a heavy base unit that is filled with sand or water to keep it steady while you punch them.

The great thing about them is you can move out the way to create more space once you have finished your workout, unlike a hanging bag. The downside for me, is working up close to the bag due the bottom base. I have left a couple of options below or you can check out my review on the the best freestanding punch bags and how they help with your training right here.

Three options include a more traditional version like Everlast’s freestanding bag or the Wavemaster below or if you would like a more authentic punching experience, Century Bob is the one you must go for!

Everlast 2228 PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag
Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag
Century BOB XL with Base Unit

Speed Bag

This is a tool that is very useful for improving you speed, reflexes and muscle endurance. The speed bag requires you to hold your hands and shoulders up as you hit the bag repeatedly which really works the shoulder muscles. It does take some practice before you can start hitting them like the pros, so patience is required for this one.

If you are going to purchase one of these, keep in mind that you might need to install the platform for the speed ball to hang from. (See below) The other option is the EZspeedbag (below) Which can be used within an open door frame – this can also be used as a double end bag and gives you the ability to pack away after you have done your workout.

Everlast 4241 Leather Speed Bag
Speed Bag Platform (Everlast)
Century Fold Away Speed Bag Platform

Double End Bag

Double end bags are a great training tool for improving timing, reflexes and hand eye coordination. The bag itself is usually attached from ceiling to the ground, with the top being screwed in and the bottom attachment to a weight. These can also take some time getting used to, but it mixes up your training by giving you a much smaller and moving target to focus on.

Below you will find a great option in the Nexersys Cross Body Trainer Interactive Double End Bag, which has it’s very own training platform for you to learn and challenge yourself while training. I have also given you a more traditional double end bag below (just remember to purchase installation requirements before going ahead with this.)

Nexersys Cross Body Trainer Interactive Double End Bag
Title Boxing Double End Bag

Unique Boxing Bags

You may infact be looking for a new and unique peice of boxing equipment for your home and it can be hard ask at times to pick the right equipment to change up your training routine if you don’t know where to start. 

Below are three fantastic pieces of equipment which will help you change up your training session. The FightMaster punch bag will help to improve your overall punching combinations, while The Sparbar will develop you speed, reflexes and defence or the Quiet Punch – a punch bag you can install within the frame of your door . These options can be great if you want to try something different:

Core Home Fitness FightMaster Boxing Trainer
SPARBAR New 3.0 Classic Edition
Quiet Punch Bag
Quiet Punch Doorway Bag

Foam matts

Something which many forget about, but as I said earlier in this post, foam matts are very useful to have if you are going to be doing lots of different activities without damaging the floor and your knees – especially if you’re working out on concrete flooring. They will prove very useful to those planning on creating your home gym on wooden floor boarding. Check out my option below:

Gym foam mat

Dumbbell Weights and Adjustable Bench

Now sometimes I feel people completely underrate the use of dumbbell weights, especially for boxing training. I personally find them extremely useful for multiple workouts to improve your strength and power including squats, bench press, dumbbell row, dead lifts, shrugs, step ups, lunges and so many more exercises.

A great option to consider for this is definitely the Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells as they have a smart adaptable weight range built into it from about 4-41kg. I would also suggest a adjustable bench for you to do further workouts with these – a great tool to change up your work out from home.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)
FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench


The good old treadmill! Now as much as most people find this an extremely useless piece of equipment, it can sometimes be a matter of preference for some people. Somedays all that is required is a light jog to recover other muscle groups or even if your just not feeling like boxing training or going outside at all.

For a lot of people in the winter you might not have the ability to go outside due the horrible cold and snowy weather. It’s not a necessity, but treadmill can be useful purchase for your home gym.

NordicTrack NTL17915 T 6.5 S Treadmill


Remember all the above are just ideas for you to consider when coming up with your perfect home boxing gym. For me, the key pieces of equipment you need to maximize your workout are the hanging heavy bag or standing punch bag. You will without a doubt get the most out of this equipment in my opinion due to variations of punching or kicking combinations you can practice.

Everything else is just a great bonus, but if you want to concentrate on improving your reflexes, timing and hand eye coordination – the speed double end bag or sparbar are fantastic tools to get you up to speed! The other gym equipment is also useful if you are just wanting to mix up your training in your home gym.

After doing boxing training for a while now, you start realizing it’s all about repetition and I feel it’s important for you to be able to mix it up or you will become bored quite easily.

I hope you found this post useful! If you want more equipment ideas for yourself make sure to check out my article on Boxing Equipment You Need Before You Start Training here.

Check out more of my boxing equipment reviews here.

Thanks for reading!


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9 thoughts on “Amazing Home Gym Boxing Equipment And Ideas

  1. Excellent assortment of ideas for a home boxing gym!  All the suggestions were great.  That said, I really like the foam floor tiles.  That’s an excellent idea for a garage or basement boxing area when the floor might be cement or something.  I didn’t think of using something like that to use in a home gym.  Thanks for the idea.

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! The foam floor mats are so useful and practical for not damaging your floor! Hope this article helped you.

  2. Hi Jaime!

    Great post, and reading this just assured me that there’s no way I can have boxing gym equipment at home. My house doesn’t even meet the first condition, because there’s barely space for the things my family already has. Maybe if we take some things out, I can suggest my family to get some boxing gym equipment. However, it is still very expensive to have all the equipment, if I could choose for only one, I would pick the treadmill, as I can do other things while on the treadmill. What would you choose if you could only have one? 



    1. Hi Mariana, thanks for the comment!

      I know some people just don’t realize they don’t have enough space to set up. I think as long as you buy equipment you can move out the way like the free standing punching bag then it’s fine. As I would want to do boxing training I would always get a boxing piece of equipment such as the heavy bag or double end bag personally. 


  3. Yes, well it is a challenge to find a space and a small home I can see myself taking on equipment in another room after I purchase another home on my own. All this taken into consideration, these are great suggestions for using the right type of equipment for fitness that I actually need. I will follow through on these considerations and I revisit your site. Thank you

  4. I actually have a set of the selecttech dumbbells.  They are amazing in saving important space since I live in an apartment!  I do boxing training every Thursday to cover my cardio (Muay Thai on Tuesday, so basically some of the same equipment).  I really like your honestly on the punching bags as well!  I highly recommend, though, that your readers check out the adjustable dumbbells!  They are seriously a lifesaver!

    1. Yeah I have to agree Jessie, the Bowflex Dumbbells are great and you’ve given a perfect example for someone who living in an apartment as they allow to have more space. Appreciate your comment.



  5. Hi Great post! This will give people the best idea about boxing equipment and their basic information that to known by the newbies who want to try boxing practice at their home with proper gym equipment.
    Do check out our awesome products for boxing practice and sparring and also for other sports at our website

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