Hayabusa T3D: The Revolutionary Boxing Gloves with 3D-Printed Technology

Hayabusa T3D: The Revolutionary Boxing Gloves with 3D-Printed Technology | Review

Hayabusa T3D Boxing Gloves are the world’s first boxing gloves featuring precisely tuned 3D-print technology. This exclusive patent-pending design is the result of years of research and development, combining a decade of high-precision impact data with the power of 3D printing.

Unlike most boxing gloves which are stuck in the past, the T3D redefines the DNA of a boxing glove using custom-tuned 3D-printed cells that instantly absorb impacts and keep your hands comfortable with soft zonal cushioning.

So on that note let’s go over all the aspects of what makes these new boxing gloves by Hayabusa so unique.

Table of contents:

Unmatched Protection

Hayabusa T3D Glove

Patent-Pending 3D-Printed Lattice Cushioning

The mesh lattice of the T3D Boxing Gloves contains thousands of force-damping struts that have been proven to outperform and outlast traditional knuckle padding. The patent-pending 3D-printed lattice cushioning supplies next-gen protection, while the precisely tuned zonal cushioning softens impacts for optimum comfort.

Long-Lasting Durability

Elastomeric Resin Outlasts Layered Foams

The T3D Boxing Gloves are made to last. The elastomeric resin used in the 3D-printed lattice outlasts layered foams and offers unparalleled longevity. The Vylar engineered leather exterior is virtually indestructible, providing outstanding resilience that will keep your gloves looking and feeling new for longer.

Optimal Comfort

Zonal Cushioning Softens Impacts for Ultimate Comfort

In addition to its superior protection, the T3D Boxing Gloves also prioritize comfort. The custom-tuned 3D-printed cells are designed with soft zonal cushioning that instantly absorbs impacts and keeps your hands comfortable. The ultra-soft temperature-regulating lining also ensures your hands stay cool and comfortable during even the most intense training sessions.

Precision Fit

Hayabusa T3D Glove strap closure system

Dual-X Interlocking Wrist Straps Deliver a Perfect Fit

The T3D Boxing Gloves have a patented dual-strap closure system that ensures a precise fit. The Dual-X interlocking wrist straps work together with the world-renowned splinted support to provide perfect wrist alignment, preventing injuries and ensuring maximum stability during training.


Hand Protection, Wrist Support, Closure, Lining, Material, Ergonomics, and Extras

The T3D Boxing Gloves boast impressive specifications, including:

  • Patent-pending 3D-printed lattice hand protection,
  • Dual-X plus 4x Fusion Splinting wrist support, and a
  • Temperature-regulating AG Fabric lining.
  • Vylar engineered leather and features an ergonomic thumb position
  • Attached thumb, perforated palm, and grip bar.

These T3D Boxing Gloves are perfect for intermediate and advanced boxers, with recommended use for bags, pads, partner drills, and sparring.


In conclusion, Hayabusa T3D Boxing Gloves are a game-changer for the world of boxing. The combination of custom-tuned 3D-printed cells, zonal cushioning, and a precision fit make these gloves unlike anything else on the market.

However, due to just being launched into the market with this new technology. They are on the more expensive side right now due to being fresh out. They are probably comparable to Winning Glove’s price. See in links below.

So in that case, if you have a bigger budget and are an intermediate or advanced boxer/mixed martial artist looking for the ultimate in protection, comfort, and durability, the T3D Boxing Gloves may just be for you!

Hayabusa T3D Glove Options

Currently, Hayabusa has released four different color options black red, blue, and white.

See product links to shop for the gloves below:

Ivory White Hayabusa T3D Gloves

Ivory White Hayabusa T3D Gloves

Radiant Red Hayabusa T3D Gloves

Radiant Red Hayabusa T3D Gloves

Colbolt Blue Hayabusa T3D Gloves

Colbolt Blue Hayabusa T3D Gloves

Phantom Grey Hayabusa T3D Gloves

Phantom Grey Hayabusa T3D Gloves

Why not check out more boxing gloves options here to see if anything else picks your fancy?

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