Hagler Sauna Suit By BOXRAW [Review]

BOXRAW Sauna Suit Review

The sauna suit’s primary role is to help accelerate your body’s ability to burn fat and lose weight. In the sport of boxing, losing weight fast for about is very important, especially if you are fighting at an unnatural weight. By using a sauna suit you will be able to shed weight more efficiently and burn calories at a higher rate.

A good sauna suit has been hard to come by for me and one of the best I found is by far BOXRAW’s Hagler Sauna Suit

(Check out the updated version review of the BOXRAW Hagler Sauna Suit 2.0 Here)

Who is BOXRAW?

BOXRAW is a pioneering boxing apparel lifestyle brand that produces some of the most innovative sportswear, specifically for those who participate in the sport of boxing. They have collaborated with some of the greatest champions from around the world including Usyk, Spence Jr, Wilder, and Gervonta Davis.

The company encourages those to strengthen their fitness, grow confidence and even challenge inspiring boxers to become world champions.

Hagler Sauna Suit

Hagler Sauna Suit

This was originally created and designed with multiple world champions and has been crafted strictly for professional use. It is engineered for optimal heat retention and will also give you the motion to be able to do a workout effectively helping you to lose weight quickly. 

BOXRAW has done numerous tests that have proven to increase blood temperature that encourage weight loss due to the warmer circulation in your muscles. This also helps prevent injury and gives you a prolonged fat-burning zone while using.


The design is fairly simple but they have adjusted it exactly for what boxers needs

  • It has adjustable wrist straps
  • Elasticated feature around the ribs, neck, waist, and ankle 
  • Drawstring around the waist to tighten
  • Zipped kangaroo pouch 
  • Zipped side pocket 
  • Traditional logos and reflective logo tape on the outside
  • The famous BOXRAW name is on the very front.

The suit also comes in 4 different colours black, red, blue, and green giving you a variety of options to choose from whatever your preference. Check out some of the options below. 


The sauna suit has a rubberized inside lining and is made of 100%  premium polyester. It’s no one wonder that it keeps heat retention in! 

When washing makes sure to turn it inside out so you can properly clean the material. There is a care instruction guide included with the suit. 

My Experience Using The Hagler Sauna Suit

BOXRAW is without a doubt one of my favourite brands due to its attention to detail and design-focused for those that train in boxing. The suit comes in a sealed bag along with four cards around the inspiration for the sauna suit which of course is Marvellous Marvin Hagler. I decided to go for the classic black version of the suit. See below: 

Hagler Sauna Suit Black - Review

They also provide four cards to inspire you right from the beginning,  giving you an image of Marvin Hagler with one of his famous quotes, his fighter stats, history, and providing all the information you need to know about the sauna suit including how to wash and clean it. 

Hagler Sauna Suit BOXRAW cards

Using the Sauna Suit

Well, what can I say you get a really good sweat on! For me, it has a perfect fit and I got the suit in a medium size. I’m around 175lbs (79kg) so it fits perfectly when used and felt comfortable enough to wear. 

When I have used it so far I’ve not bothered wearing a t-shirt underneath as there is really no point as the suit definitely traps in the heat when used. If you are going to wear anything I would only wear a sports compression shirt or leggings. BOXRAW has its own which I recommend you look at. 

Check me out using the sauna suit while on the heavy bag – this is towards the end of the workout so excuse my technique! 

After my workout, the suit was soaking wet on the inside, and you know you’ve had a good session after using it. Having weighed myself before and after, I had definitely lost a little more weight than I normally would wearing regular workout clothes doing the same workouts.

Final note – when washing make sure to keep it inside out before you wash it

Final thoughts

I highly recommend the suit if you are someone looking to lose weight or if you primarily do boxing training as part of your fitness and workout routines

Please remember to be careful and don’t overdo it while using it as this will get a big sweat on and leave you dehydrated after. 

You can check out the Hagler Sauna Suit on BOXRAW’s website here or check out on Amazon here.

Let me know in the comments below if you are thinking of getting this or if you have any questions. 

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Hope you enjoyed this review and thanks for reading!

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