Gallant Max360 Strike Free Standing Punch Bag Review

Gallant Max360 Review

Gallant Free Standing Punch Bag Review

In this review, I will be looking at the popular Gallant 6ft Max360 Free Standing Punch bag by Gallant Sports. If you are and adult who practises boxing, kick-boxing, mixed martial arts, a beginner looking to build up your fitness and improve you technique or simply want another tool in your home gym, this punch bag could be the perfect option for you!

I’ll be going over all areas of this bag, including the brand, the materials, design, setting up and the pro and cons.

Read on below to find out more about this brilliant free standing punch bag!

About Gallant Sports

This bag is created by a UK fitness equipment company Gallant Sports who are based in Manchester and are a sub brand of Bionex sports who create a whole range of fitness products.

In terms of boxing equipment products they are most notably know for their Gallant 5.5ft punch bag (see further below) which has become very popular for those starting out in boxing or those looking for a cheaper alternative fitness punch bag.

The Gallant 6ft Max360 Free Standing Punch bag is without a doubt their best bag to date and would definitely recommend over the original bag if you looking for a higher quality and durable punch bag to last you a long time.

Max360 Strike bag


Gallant have really taken the best quality materials possible to create a boxing bag that is durable, resistant and able to absorb every shock, no matter what you throw at it!

The bag itself is lined with soft 5cm-thick EPE foam and filled with microfiber pieces and is wrapped in strong grain faux leather that will help resist every punch whilst giving an attractive shiny finish.

The leather material have been used with the intention that it won’t tear or split easily and has been made for regular and repeated use. When you’re finished, the bag can also be wiped and cleaned quickly.


The padded punching bag slides effortlessly over the rubber tube stand when setting up and this connects to the Polyethylene base underneath. This narrow base makes moving around the bag easy which is your biggest trip-hazard when using a free standing punch bag.

It can be filled with water or sand to create a sturdy foundation on which the bag can sit. Even better they have added suction cups at the bottom of the base for greater stability to make sure the punch bag doesn’t topple over. A really good addition to the design in my opinion.

They have also added in 12 targets for you to aim at on the bag which will help you to focus on your technique an also try out different

Finally, there is a slight spring function for when you strike the bag which helps with the momentum when throwing punches or even leg kicks. Check out some of the features below:

Gallant Free Standing Punch Bag Features

Setting up and in action

As mentioned above the bag comes in two main separate parts, the punch bag itself and the bottom base. The padded punching bag slides effortlessly over the rubber tube stand, which then connects to the Polyethylene base on the bottom.

This comes with 8 bolts and all you will need is a spanner to tighten them onto the base which is fairly simple process.

The base requires to either sand or water to keep the stability and on the ground when using. Sand is heavier, making it more difficult to punch the bag over, but water will make it easier to push the bag to one side when you have finished training.

I highly recommend you watch this great review video by MenayMotivation, who goes into more detail around this below:


Product Contains

Here is what exactly you will get when you order the Gallant 360Max Strike Punch bag:

  • Gallant Freestanding Punchbag x 1
  • Gallant Punchbag Base x 1
  • Connector Base x 1
  • Pack Set of Bolts x 1

Pros and Cons 

Easy to set up
Sand is probably a better option for the base, which can be hard to access for some people
Boxing target combos to help with accuracy and combinationsCould be limited to how you can train with it
Reasonable price for the quality of bag6ft height might be too big for some people
Ideal for those looking to practice boxing from home
Durable material and sturdy design to help the bag last a long time

Final thoughts

Overall this is one of the the best free standing punch bags you can buy in the UK right now at a very reasonable price, as you will be getting a bag which has been created to be durable and sturdy and last a good few years.

I also like the fact they have implemented the targets on the punch bag to help with your accuracy and for you practice your combinations. Brilliant for beginners just getting started in boxing and even seasoned fighters.

This is a bag that is perfect for those practising boxing regularly or those just looking to try a different something different in your fitness regime!

Boxing Life’s Rating:

five star

Alternative Gallant Punch Bag Option

5.5ft Gallant Free standing punch bag

The Gallant 5.5 free standing punch bag is another option to consider if you budget is a bit lower. Gallant have also created multiple designs to choose from, but I would definitely consider going for the ‘numbered spot’ design to improve you accuracy and combinations.

This is still a good option for a boxing beginner or someone who just wants to hit a punch bag every now and again for their training.

Let us know in the comments below if you think you might go for this punch bag.

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