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Fortress Hand Wraps review

Have you been struggling to find a solid hand wrap system that really protects your knuckles and overall hand? Well Fortress Boxing have come up with a brilliant solution for this with their fast wrap accessory. 

In this review I will go over my experience using the Fortress fast wrap along with some of the other options available to them. I’ll also provide some further recommendations if you do plan on purchasing these. 

In the case of this review I will mainly be going over the slip on the Fortress PE|SS SO fast wraps, but will give you information on the other versions too.

About Fortress 

Fortress logo

Fortress Boxing is a UK based boxing brand that creates a whole range of premium boxing gear including gloves, protective gear, apparel and other accessories. 

They have really come to light in recent years thanks to their special and advanced hand wrap which is very unique in the combat sports market. 


Now first thing to mention that these are new models of their original fast wraps that included the obsidian. Fortress have done a brilliant job in upgrading the design to make them a lot more slimmer and easier to put on. This is particularly good for those that have boxing gloves with a smaller hand compartment on the inside. 

The design comes in different sizes too depending on the length on your width of your hand coming in junior, small, medium and large.

These are patented designs that make them very unique and not seen anywhere else really in the combat gear world. The design of these aims to give your hand maximum comfort and protection while training 


Fortress have used state of the art materials while crafting these hand wraps. The overall padding of these is made with 3D based multi-layered fabric. This makes these hand wraps very breathable for your hand and spongy enough to feel protected, especially around the knuckle area

Due to the layered foam and fabric it does feel quite stretchy which makes them pretty easy to slip on. The strap to create tension around the strike zone is made from cotton lace type material which really helps to make your hand feel secure. 

You also get Fortress compression hand wrap with any of the Fortress fast straps, This is recommended to use with any of them while training to help secure your hand further.


In terms of the different options available, they come in a simple white or black option. Nothing too special with branding as they won’t be visible while using gloves with these. 

The only thing you might consider to make them stand out more is to order a different colour of compression strap to use alongside it. 

Nothing too fancy with this one. 

My experience using Fortress fast wrap 

As mentioned above I have personally used the Fortress PE|SS SO fast wraps. These have been brilliant when using boxing gloves which are 16oz gloves. This gives my hands a bit more space to move around. It still feels great to use with smaller compact gloves with hand feeling very protected all over. 

Here some further details of my experience using them. 


First off, you get sent the fast straps in a Fortress branded box. This includes the fast wraps, compressing wrap and a handy user guide on how to use them. Check out above.

Using the Fortress Fast Straps 

As these are fast wraps, they are quick and easy to apply. You will first have to cut off the cotton label before putting on so it doesn’t get in the way of your hand. 

Once you have easily slipped onto your hand, you will need to gently pull the straps in between your fingers to compress the padding in between the knuckles. This attaches and secures itself at top of the fast straps with the velcro strapping. 

After your hand is secure you will need to use hand wrap to support the hand and wrist further, which I highly recommend you do. 

Finally you can put on your gloves for your training or sparring session. Personally I think using these with 14 or 16 oz gloves is perfect, but I found some 14oz gloves to be too tight with these. It might also depend on the size of your hands too, (I have big hands) so just something to keep in mind. 

Washing and cleaning 

In terms of washing and cleaning I recommend using a cold wash due to the materials used and wouldn’t let these sit in your sweaty gym bag after using! 

If you are to use these consistently session after session, I could see these breaking down quite quickly and losing the cushioney feel. Especially if you don’t look after them! 

How to put on Fortress wraps

Fortress boxing have also provided useful video on their YouTube Channel with all the details regarding how to put them on correctly. 

Other Fortress Fast Straps 

Fortress also have a few other versions of the fast straps for you to consider which might suit you instead.

PE|SS Bespoke Fast Straps 

Unlike the version I use these have specialized adjustable wrist support features on them. Basically it will provide further wrist support which you can make tighter for your whole hand.

The PE|SS Bespoke Fast Straps also come in more variety of different colors compared to the standard black and yellow you will find in most of the fast straps by Fortress.  

Learn more on Amazon here.

T1 FastStraps 

The T1s are the newest fast strap design by Fortress which upgraded the design to have an extra supportive splint on the rear of the hand and wrist. 

It runs from the splints to the base of the knuckles down past the wrist which bridges the joint to give extra support. If you want the ultimate protection for your hands this might be a good option for you to consider. 

Learn more on Fortress here. 

P|SS Nano Fast Strap 

These are the cheapest version of the Fortress fast straps but are probably more suited for those that use MMA gloves. 

These don’t have wrist support you get with any of the other fast straps, so will just feel like when you use ordinary handwrap. 

If you mainly boxing training, I recommend spending a little more so you can get the wrist support feature from the other fast straps 

Learn more on Amazon here

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Quick and easy to put onLack of design options 
Comfortable and secure Could be too expensive for some 
Completely unique in the combar gear marketMaterials will break down if not looked after 
Hands feels very protected
Easy to wash

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, I have to admit that Fortress has done a great job in crafting fast strap products that really does give you comfort and brilliant protection.

I would definitely recommend using these if you are going to be doing longer training sessions. Especially while using the heavy bag, pad work and for sparring. 

If you don’t look after them or use them too often I could see them breaking down due to the materials used. It might even be worth investing two pairs if you have the budget if you are planning on using a lot. 

Overall a very good product, that I have to recommend you try out it yourself. 

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