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Fiton app review

Fitness apps have definitely been a huge uplift in popularity, especially after the year 2020. Especially as many of us were stuck at home and couldn’t get out to gyms or fitness classes on our own. 

However, with things starting to open again is using apps like that still necessary? In this review I’ll be looking at the app FitOn which will work for you even either at the gym or home. 

This is a very valuable app which I will dive in deeper for you so you can get an idea what is on offer before downloading. 

Having used the app personally for a couple of months during lockdown for fitness ideas this should give you an idea how it will help change your fitness lifestyle.

Who is FitOn ? 

Fiton logo

FitOn is a company that has created a health and fitness app which is mainly targeted toward women. However, men can use this too – so don’t worry!

They have a vast library of workout classes and guides that you do from the comfort of home. Additionally they also have features to help improve your nutrition and even wellbeing with thing like meditation.  

Is the FitOn app free? 

Julianne Hough Fit On

Yes, FitOn is a completely free app you can download while also getting access to the majority of all their workout library content. 

However, there is the FitOn PRO which allows you to get a fee extra bonuses including:

  • Connect your FitOn App to a Smart TV 
  • Personalized meal plans – 500 recipes
  • Unlimited offline downloads
  • Fitbit & Garmin integration 
  • Premium music access

If you are going to be working out from home a lot this might be a good option to consider. If you are also really wanting to sort out your nutrition, it is totally worth it just for that. The good thing is you can cancel at any time. 

How does the FitOn app work?

The FitOn app in my opinion is very similar to the Fiit app which I have also reviewed. With the app you will get access to workout training plans, celebrity personal trainers and on demand video workouts. 

However, as mentioned above they have added health benefits than other fitness apps that include the wellbeing and nutrition elements. I feel these definitely make it different to reach your fitness goals quicker. 

There is also the option to target certain areas of your body to workout, if that is what you prefer. Most of the classes vary from 5-10 mins to 30mins+ depending on the intensity level you decide to pick. 

They do also play up their celebrity partnerships with class workouts with them including actress Julianne Hough, comedian Jonathan Van Ness and the band The Chainsmokers.

There is also a ‘Friends’ area where you can add your friends who also have the app to workout with and share photos to help stay motivated.

What content is on the FitOn app?

FitOn provides you with all the necessary on demand video workouts that you will need making it easy and clear to get started. One thing I did like is that they make sure you stick to your workout goals by asking to sync the app with your calendar with a time to remind you when to workout.

I feel FitOn doesn’t just aim to improve your overall fitness from the 100s of video workouts. They also want to help improve your mental health through meditation classes and your nutrition through the personalised diet plans.

However, you will need to pay a small extra with the PRO plan to access the personalized 12 week diet plan with 500+ recipes. But considering the very small amount it might be worth it if you seriously consider improving your overall health and fitness.

Let me breakdown these exactly in more detail along with some screenshots inside the app itself to give you an idea how this works. 


These are exclusive course workout plans you can partake in that are only available to FitOn. They are always changing all year round and vary in time and types e.g. yoga or core classes that last for 4 weeks. 

Here you will get access to exclusive content not part of the other workout library. You will also get weekly coaching tips, detailed individuals and accountability with others that have joined the course too. 

The only thing with this however is that these exclusive courses will cost an additional amount. However these are probably best for those that are really serious to learn something new or change their fitness lifestyle.

Live Classes

As there is many personal celebrity trainers who are part of this app, they are always holding live classes you can also join with other that are part of the FitOn community. 

Simply select ‘count me in’ and the app will sync with your calendar to remind you when to go one. This is always a weekly schedule you can look at.

On Demand 

If you don’t want to wait on a particular live class they have a whole library of previous classes that you can get access to. 

All you have to do is select the workout option you want to try out. For example Kickboxing, then select which previous class option you want to try out.


The challenges section is quite cool as it combines workouts from on demand sections over a 14 day period usually. Here it will give 8 – 10 workouts that will sync with your calendar for the time you wish to workout. 

This is quite a good way to use the app if you don’t know where to start in terms of workouts or are a complete beginner.

Target Area 

If you are just wanting to target a certain body area, such as arms or core. This is totally possible and will give you all the previous specific workouts for that specific target area. 


Finally, we have experiences and this is very similar to the courses section, but is currently free. Here you will have celebrity workouts with the likes of Julianne Hough, Halle Berry and The Chainsmokers. 

An interesting feature to no doubt attract more users to use the app. I expect them to update with new celebrity content as they continue to grow. 

How do people rate FitOn apps? 

So far to date, FitOn has received very positive ratings on the app for both Android and Apple app stores. With them rating anywhere between 4.8 – 4.9 rating at any one time!

Here are some examples below of what real people have said about using FitOn to give you an idea. 

Fit on app rating

Pros and Cons Of FitOn App

Lot’s of different types of workoutsNeed to pay for diet plan (Small Cost however)
Easy to navigateDoesn’t beat workout out at a gym
Cool celebrity train along featureNot all free
Integrates easily with Apple and Android Devices 
You can sync with your calendar to make sure you stay on track
It’s FREE to download

Final Thoughts 

I think from being on the app, I would say it targeted slightly more for women, however if you are a man I wouldn’t let that put you off as the workouts are 100% suited for both sexes and you will feel the burn once you get started. 

The payment features for the most part are pretty good and if you want to sort your nutrition, I recommend you give it a go for a month to see how you get on. Plus you will get all the other pro features alongside this. 

This is also probably best from someone looking to workout from home. However you can learn to take many of the exercises from this into the gym to use. I also like how they have an added wellbeing element with mediation, something a lot of the fitness apps don’t consider.

This app is for all levels of fitness and won’t leave you disappointed with the mass amount of workout options which will not leave you bored on what workout to do next!

I highly recommend it if you are looking to learn new workouts or to train from home. 

Boxing Life Rating

five star

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