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Fite TV Review

Do you like watching combat sports? If yes, then we have the most amazing service in store for you to consider checking out. Fite TV is the best streaming solution for watching your favourite sports online. Fite TV has brought the best solution for the massively overpriced sports packages and is brought to you a streaming service at a very reasonable budget and featuring the best quality.

Fite TV offers a variety of sports and numerous events for you to enjoy at reasonable prices over various streaming platforms. So, read on below and dive into the world of Fite TV and have a look at what they have to offer.

What Do You Get With Fite TV

Fite TV is offering various sports for you to view. These include boxing, wrestling, MMA, Moto, Football and various other entertainment services. Some of the entertainment events are free for you to watch if you already have a subscription.


Boxing on FITE tv

Boxing events at Fite TV is one of biggest driverx to the platform worldwide, especially when you consider their boxing schedule has included fights such Lomachenko vs Lopez, Crawford vs Brook and the upcoming anticipated exhibition of Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr along with many more renowned boxing stars featured. You surely do not want to miss such historical events.

Besides numerous boxing stars being continually being shown on the platform due to their unique partnership with Top Rank. They have a committed boxing schedule it will give you a hell of a fun time while watching this service.

There are several other events held in the boxing regime which include Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) and other boxing fights around the world.


MMA is one of the most-viewed sports in the world and is said to be the new king of combat sports. The torturing blows and merciless attacks are the very critical elements of its success. Fite TV did not lag in adding this into their streaming services too.

With fights such as Faria vs Soukhamthath, Tomasz Narkun vs Ivan Erslan, and many more, the events are going to take you on a rollercoaster of tantalizing emotions. Among other prominent names, here are some MMA stars subscribed with Fite TV we thought you’d like:

  • Tiger Banks
  • Brandon Davis
  • Sean Dunn II
  • Jonathan Eiland
  • Vaibhav Shetty
  • Bruno Viana
  • Ashwin Naidu
  • Wellington Predator
  • Tobias Harila
  • Adam Westlund


No matter how many sports are introduced in the market, we know that your love for wrestling is not going anywhere. Following this, Fite TV also offers you wrestling events to enjoy and satisfy your cravings.

Many of the renowned stars have also partnered up with Fite TV to provide you with some spectacular fights. Featuring various wrestling events and championships, there is a lot of fun awaiting you in the Fite TV subscription.

Below are some of the shows/events you will get to see in the Fite TV subscriptions.

  • The Masked Wrestler Full Pack
  •  UK Wrestling Showdown
  •  United Wrestling Network
  •  NPW: Super J Cup 2020


Motor events are among the most viewed in the world, and Fite TV does not fail to entertain you in this region as well. Motorbike and monster truck races are streamed at Fite TV. You can view the ongoing as well as the past events once you have subscribed to the channel.

Is Fite TV worth it for Boxing/Fight Fans?

The question in the heading is valid, and the answer is absolutely, yes! Fite TV has some of the best event organization and management systems in the world. All of the shows and events are administered with precision and meticulously planned.

The action provided and emotions attached to the fights/boxing matches is unmatched, and you do not want to be the one to miss such events.

They also provide extra content including fight preview shows and documentaries to get you hyped and ready for the fight and make your experience even more worthwhile.

So, if we debate whether Fite TV is worth watching for those who are fans of boxing, fighting, etc. We would indeed conclude that Fite TV is among one of the best options to get a decent streaming service.

Is Fite TV Free?

Some of the services in Fite TV such as a few entertainment events are free to watch at Fite TV if you have a subscription. But you need to subscribe to one of the various packages first. Fite TV is not entirely free, but it is very underpriced compared to the amazing services they provide.

Below are the subscription plans offered by Fite TV.



Fite plus is the most basic subscription plan of all. It offers you access to unlimited on-demand selected PPVs by 25+ organizations 30 days after the live airing. Moreover, you can watch Top Rank, Brave FC, Unified MMA, UCMMA, CZW, FSW, BKB, Star Boxing, WOSW, Shamrock, Diamondback, AFL, SFL and a lot more at the annual price of a single PPV.

Besides, the subscription is ad-free and also features a 7-day free trial. However, you have to pay $2 credit each month for live streaming of PPVs in the apps, but it isn’t a hefty amount and is undoubtedly worth it. – SUBSCRIPTION – “FITE+” – FREE 7-day TRIAL – FITE+ NOW for only $4.99/month.

FREE 2 Months with Annual “FITE+” Membership – only $49.99/year vs $4.99/month.

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Plus

AEW logo

If you are purely a wrestling fan, this subscription plan is especially for you. Specific to the plan’s weekly wrestling show Dynamite, this plan has loads to offer you. You can stream the present as well as previous episodes of Dynamite, PPVs and other events in the backlog.

In addition, there is an entire catalogue of all episodes of AEW Dark episodes for you to savour from. In this subscription plan, you get to see the action of stars such as Chris Jericho, Cody, Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega, and many others.

This subscription plan also features a 7-day free trial. – SUBSCRIPTION – “AEW Plus – All Elite Wrestling” Live + Replays! Ad-free!”

Top Rank

Top rank

The Top Rank category is perhaps the most suitable for fans of boxing. This plan opens up access to 20+ events per year as well as an on-demand library of all the recent fights. You can also join the boxing chat and communicate, discuss, and analyze the battles with other boxing fans the same as you. Check out below:

There is an entire community of boxing fans and professionals; hence you are going to learn a lot from them. The Fite DVR allows you to rewind previous as well as live fights and provides instant replays as soon as the event is over.

One of the most noticeable perks is that you get to see action between various fierce fighters such as Terence Crawford, Tyson Fury, Teofimo Lopez, Josh Taylor, Vasyl Lomachenko and many others.

Moreover, there are no ads in this plan as well, and the best perk is that you are free to cancel the package at any time without any cancellation fee being deducted from your account.

Join TOP RANK NOW for only $4.99/month (not offered in USA & Canada).

Impact Plus

Impact plus logo

Here is another subscription plan for the wrestling lovers where they can get access to over 3000 hours of Impact wrestling library. Moreover, live premium network specials, ground breaking original series, reality shows and documentaries, and historical content from old territories await you after subscription.

It is one of the complete packages combining features from the past and contemporary era of wrestling. Perhaps the best part is the 30-day free trial which is paired up with the option to cancel at any time.

Join “IMPACT + Plus” NOW for only $7.99/month. FREE 3 Months with Annual “IMPACT + Plus” Membership – only $71.99/year vs $7.99/month.

Honor Club

Honor Club

Honor club is the most high-end subscription in terms of services. It is considered to be a VIP package which features everything from Ring of Honor (ROH) and free unlimited streaming to all ROH PPVs.

Once you get subscribed, you will have access to ROH On Tour, TV episodes, ROH TV archive, ROH historical footage, HDNet exclusive interviews, and compilations. Besides, you can also avail a 50% discount on all ROH PPVs!

You can cancel this package too at any time you feel like doing so and without being worried about cancellation fees.

Join HonorClub NOW for only $9.99/month. FREE 2 Months with Annual “HonorClub” Membership – only $99.99/year vs $9.99/month.

What Devices Is Fite TV Used On?

Streaming devices

Fite Tv is available on many platforms including smart tv. If you prefer to use web browsers, you can easily stream on the web. However, if you want it on other operating systems, then it ain’t a big deal as Fite TV is also available on Android and iOS.

Why Do You Need To Subscribe To Fite TV

If you are a fan of boxing and other combat sports, you do need to consider subscribing to Fite TV.

Firstly, it covers all major platforms and gives you streaming services at a high quality. Whether it is boxing, MMA, wrestling, football or other entertainment – Fite TV has got you covered.

Secondly, it has a quick and stable streaming service and coverage, which allows you to watch all of your favorite matches right when they are happening.

Another useful feature is the affordable costs of the subscription plans. No plan exceeds 10 dollars a month, and if you opt for an annual subscription, the prices go even lower.

Lastly, Fite TV is a streaming service on the go and is available on multiple operating systems so you can enjoy the fights and matches from wherever you are in the world.

=>Learn more about Fite.TV subscriptions packages here<=

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