FightMaster vs BoxMaster Boxing Punch Stand Review – Which Is Best?

fightmaster vs boxmaster review

If you are considering looking into purchasing either the FightMaster or BoxMaster you need to know which is actually best for you and if they are actually worth all the hype. To help you out I have come up with a comparison review to help you make the best informed decision on which product to go for.

To start off I’ll give an overview of these punch stands in general and how they can actually benefit you in training.

I’ll then look at both the FightMaster and BoxMaster individually and let you know about their features and what makes them different from one another.

So let’s get right into it!

How will a punch stand station help you?

Both these punch stands are new breed of boxing equipment which aim to help beginners and even advance boxers to improve their overall punching output and combinations, without the presence of someone holding mitts for you.

Basically they almost act as a stationary person with mitts from most punching angles you typical would throw.

Each of the pads are marked with a number which signifies the type of punch it. For example:

  1. Jab
  2. Cross
  3. Left hook

(Opposite for a southpaw)

By adding numbers to the pad mitts it does help you get your head round where you should be throwing a certain type of punch and the location of it which is a big bonus for me. As someone who is boxer and trains will a whole variety of equipment, this is one of the coolest things to use in the gym.

My experience using punch stations

I have to admit, when using the BoxMaster for the first time I really found it to help perfect your technique as you get real targets to strike. Unlike with the heavy bag, you have an open target which can sometimes make you lazy in terms of the location of the punch.

However, that doesn’t mean there are some negatives to the FightMaster and BoxMaster which I can’t ignore as boxer myself. My criticism of them is that first a foremost it is meant to resemble someone holding boxing mitts. In my experience over years, your coach won’t stay in the same location and will encourage footwork and head movement on top of punching mitts which is a big plus for me.

If you are a boxer or in mma, make sure to train defensive head movement while using them or bob in and out with footwork. Also, make sure to train with other defensive equipment so you don’t get lazy in this area of you technique.

If you are someone who doesn’t have any interest in improving your overall boxing skills and just want a piece of equipment to help your fitness to improve punch/striking technique, then this might be perfect for you. This is also a great option for boxing beginners to get their head round punching combinations (just don’t become to reliant on it).

Here is a quick overview of the pros and cons:


  • Very unique piece of equipment.
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Helps improve your overall punching combinations and output.
  • Encourages you to be accurate with punches.
  • Great to use if you don’t have a friend or coach to do mitt work with you.


  • Its not like training with a real coach doing mitt work.
  • Doesn’t improve overall boxing skills – Just punching/striking
  • It stays in a stationary location
  • They are expensive

Hopefully the above has given you an idea of how the these boxing punch stands can help you in your training

Now let’s look at both stands now.

Core Home Fitness FightMaster Overview

Core Fitness FightMaster

Core Home Fitness have created a unique product in The FightMaster punch bag stand which they describe as “The ultimate target striking training station for your home.” The key to their design is the use of the patented reactive rod system attached to each target. These rods have been set up in way to replicate punching a mitt, by offering a slight “give” in the pads on impact that has that lovely ‘pop’ when you connect.

The FightMaster claims to have been set up specifically to replicate different styles of punching, allowing the user to throw any punch, or any combination they wish without difficulty. This will without a doubt give you an opportunity to improve your overall punching output and combinations. See example below:

Who is the FightMaster best for?

The FightMaster is definitely best for those that are looking to add a piece of unique boxing equipment to their home boxing gym due to the features it has been designed with by Core Home Fitness. However, I do think this would be good piece of equipment for a boxing gym or smaller gym studio on a lower budget. The FightMaster is also attached to a stand with wheels which gives you the ability to move out the way after using – a pretty handy feature.

Another main reason is the reasonable price compared to the below BoxMaster which I will go into further below. The FightMaster have made this much more affordable for you to buy and is all in all not that different.

The main difference of the two is the pad mitts arn’t as bulky and has one less punching pad than the BoxMaster. Not a huge difference if you ask me.

They are also very much targeted for those looking have one of these in your home gym and provide access to their Online Workout & Training Courses for the FightMaster through their ‘The Core Home Fitness app’ on iOS and Android devices.

Learn more about the FightMaster below

Stairmaster BoxMaster

Stairmaster Boxmaster trainer review

Stairmaster’s BoxMaster is definitely one of the best training tool for boxing specialists and fitness enthusiasts alike. Designed by professional boxer Rai Fazio, the BoxMaster is great for improving your stamina, punch coordination, agility and cardiovascular health.

Its unique design allows members to throw any punch or combination of punches, with the feel of hitting a real focus mitt. The other great thing about the BoxMaster® is that it caters all boxing level and will encourage greater boxing style fitness participation.

This new form of boxing style conditioning excites and encourage greater participation in group fitness training and will help improve member retention by offering an entirely different way to get in shape or practice boxing.

What makes the BoxMaster better?

Overall the BoxMaster has a far more realistic feel to hitting the mitts due to its spring features on them. The BoxMaster also feel a lot more sturdy when you are using it and also has an additional punching pad to the body.

The look and feel of it over the FightMaster does look very similar but you can immediately tell the difference in quality once you have used them both.

Chris Eubank jr using the BoxMaster
Chris Eubank Jr using the BoxMaster

Who is the BoxMaster best for?

If you are the owner or manager of a boxing or general gym and are looking for something different than you typical “heavy bag” equipment. The BoxMaster will attract gym users of all level to use this to have a go a punching. There is also an option to buy bug these in package deal which give you the ability to do classes with these stands.

You also have the ability to add a kicking pad around the stand base which can make this suitable for those who also practice MMA and which incorporate kicks.

The two big negative around this is the installation requires equipment to bolt the stand to the ground which can be hassle for some people. While the other is the of course price of the product which I think can put a lot of people off. Hopefully one day they can reduce the cost, but I do understand why they charge a lot due to it supreme quality.

Learn more about the BoxMaster on Amazon here: StairMaster BoxMaster Tower

Overall features

FightMaster(Check price here)12 striking pads, Adjustable tower – 5’0″ to 6’10” Optional base and kick pad available(Hard and equipment required) Base needs weights to hold frame in placeSpring arm design
BoxMaster(Check price here)11 striking pads, Adjustable upper and lower shuttle – 5’0″ to 6’6″,(Ok) Comes with ready made frame where pads install required, but need bolted to floorComposite rod arm design

My Verdict and Winner

Overall I would have to give a win to the Core Fitness Homes FightMaster. I do think it is slightly behind in its features in comparison with what you get in the BoxMaster, however when it comes down to it, the price is a major factor to why not enough people would buy the product.

If you are gym owner however and you have a big budget, the BoxMaster is probably the right option for you. It will gather interest in the gym and is fairly straight forward for gym users to know what they will be getting here.

The FightMaster might be just behind in term of quality, but the similar design of what you get makes cost a big impact in your decision to go with this.

(If you are based in the UK or Ireland you will probably have to order the BoxMaster due to delivery restrictions – find out more here on Amazon. The other option is the SparMaster which is slightly more expensive version – find out more on Amazon here.)

Let us know in the comments below your experience of the FightMaster or BoxMaster or if you would consider getting one for your home boxing gym .

You can check out more boxing equipment reviews here or why consider some other boxing training equipment here:

Thanks for reading.

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